women's and men's vintage brown leather backpacks and rucksacks

Leather Backpacks & Leather Rucksacks

Discover a unique & refined selection of vintage & sturdy backpacks for adventurous men & women. Crafted with care in full grain leather, this bags are built to last and to follow you in all your adventures.

Leather Backpacks & Rucksacks: Luxury Men's and Women's Bags

A shape, a smell, a memory, it is all about you and history. A these backpacks remind us of an old era, of simpler time. An epoch when durability, precise craftsmanship and strict premium quality were at the order of the day and when leather rucksacks were made to endure life's trials and tribulations. These large travel bags were made to last and therefore were rugged satchels designed with care with best quality materials.

Nowadays, many cheap fashion backpacks are available at more than affordable prices to meet the requirements of today's consumer society. It is the case for most nylon or polyester backpacks, available at unbeatable prices .

But on what terms?

Are you really willing to save a few dozen euros/dollars for a fragile daypack that won't last over time? After all, it's your choice and we fully respect it. At Eiken shop, we strive to take a different path and try to offer premium vintage real leather travel backpacks, but also high-end 5 stars tanned leather canvas backpacks, a laptop bag that is always in vogue with high-quality natural materials that will satisfy your needs and desires, for a long time to come thanks to our longest lasting leather!

Our refined selection of handmade brown leather bags features luxury backpacks made of premium real leather, more precisely full grain leather, the best cowhide leather on the market, lined with cotton canvas and/or polyester at an affordable price. Whereas the vast majority of deluxe leather bags for women are nowadays made of genuine leather (or in the wort cases faux-leather like PU leather), we decided to only work with high-quality and luxurious natural full grain brown or black leather, to offer you only the best travel bags for your off-duty adventures.

a travel brown backpack purse for men

Robust, Waterproof and Reliable: Ideal Partners for your Everyday Life

All the backpacks we feature are therefore of excellent quality, sturdy and rugged yet lightweight and smooth to offer great flexibility and versatility, making them ideal women's travel backpacks, work or school vintage backpacks.

Whether you're a dynamic adventurer or a school student, you'll find what you are looking for in our collection as these vintage bags are designed to be a daily companion, the perfect accompaniment to any outfit.

Indeed, they will suit students looking for practicality to store all their belongings during morning commutes (adjustable shoulder straps, sometime detachable, sturdy flap, sturdy zip, dedicated padded laptop sleeve, reinforced leather top handle, robust zippers and numerous zippered side pockets to store wallets, clutches, pouches, magazines but also front pocket for sunglasses, keys, watches, hats ect, hands-free), as well as nature lovers looking for sturdiness, hardwearing, waterproofness and protection for their mountain gears.

As we often say, a classic backpack is a home away from home and it will carries your most precious items. It is therefore crucial to trust your ladies rucksack and its functionality, to be able to travel with a light mind.

As we said earlier, there is a backpack for everyone and there is someone for every backpack. If you are looking for a compact and lightweight companion, we have small backpacks for you, offering minimalist and waterproof design and sleek curves, ideal to add a touch of polish to your work ensemble.

If you are looking for a wider and more spacious hiking ally with handy pockets and roomy compartments, we also offer many premium hardware large leather travel backpacks, with uncomplicated large main compartment for quick access and the space needed to store a week of clothe and some technology.

We also provide bigger, medium or large, unisex travel bags such as canvas duffle bags and leather duffle bags if you're looking for larger compartments because you will travel for a longer time period or because you like to take all your essentials with you and your laptop bag to fit all your needs.

classic women's leather pack with padded shoulder straps with casual style

Modern & Vintage Spirit with a Modern Twist: From Mini Daypacks to Large Travel Backpacks

We're in the 21st century, and we are well aware that you are looking for modern functionality, produced for the contemporary explorer especially when it comes to carrying your laptop and other tech such as an ipad tablet.

That is why the vast majority of our handcrafted leather laptop backpacks have a dedicated quick access padded laptop compartment and zipped pockets to keep your valuables safe. These leather laptop bags are compatible for 13" laptops to 15" laptops. They are simply the best when it comes to technology and style.

We also offer canvas messenger bags and leather shoulder bags if you're up to a more casual and "on the go" option.

With our unique quality leather laptop bags, you'll have enough room to hold your laptops, chargers, notebooks and diaries, and be able to carry your gear and heavy loads without worrying about their well-being and safety.

You will be able to showcase a stylish leather|rucksack that will suit your hectic student life and add stellar retro and bohemian style to your next escapade. In sort, the perfect and irresistible accessory to solicit looks from other lovers of good leather and beautiful products.

But don't worry, these modern touches don't hurt the vintage and classic style of our leather laptop bags so that you can have an old-school look and a retro street credibility while walking and commuting stress-free.

Today, everything is going too fast, fashions are changing and "fast fashion" is taking control of our wardrobes. We take the opposite approach and offer tried-and-true designs of rucksacks, which have been admired and coveted for centuries to provide pieces that will turn heads no matter what the fashion.

There's no chance they'll go out of style anytime soon with look's that just can't be matched. You can be sure that, wether you're seeking casual or smart style, you'll be in style for decades, as your backpack will age and evolve with you, developing and incredible and unique patina and even obtain a unique color tone that vary from bag to bag. Built for the shoulders, our backpacks are unmistakable to others thanks to their premium look and their distinct aged look obtained with time.

best men's travel backpack with canvas lining

A Refined & Trendy Collection of Leather Rucksacks for Both Men & Women

Crafted from the best soft leather material in town, these iconic designs offer sage and secure transportation and quality construction and are the perfect mix between polished details, artisanal craftsmanship, meticulous stitching and modern aesthetic. They all fit the tan & cognac monochromatic theme, colors that match perfectly with the high-quality gold-tone brass hardware and buckle closure.

These pure and refined lines make these coffee & dark brown leather bags the perfect backpacks for women and men alike. Each piece is one-of-a-kind original to achieve real high quality feel to even the most basis of items that can't be classified as a pure women's or men's backpack.

Whether you are a lover of antiques leather goods who is looking for a vintage leather traditional build, a student looking for a casual style for your next knapsack or simply an adventurer looking for a sturdy and durable ladies backpack, we have what you are looking for.

Long favoured by adventurers, a leather daypack is the pinnacle of throwback backpacks designed to withstand the elements. Listen to your inner voice which is a symbolic representation of the excitement of the journey, the call to adventure.

Don't hesitate to reach our 5 stars customer service if you have any question or need an advice on a product! We'd be happy to help you. We also offer free shipping and delivery to all our customers.