womens and mens vintage travel leather duffle bag

Leather Duffle Bags & Weekender Bags

A shape, a smell, a memory... our collection of leather travel bags transports you back in time & offers you what the modern adventurer is looking for: practicality, solidity, reliability while bringing a unique touch to your style.


    A Refined Selection of Leather Duffle Bags & Leather Travel Bags

    We have selected for you full-grain leather duffle bags with typical retro and bohemian designs and minimalist curves. We seek to offer you quality leather duffle bags, alongside leather backpacks and leather messenger bags, adapted to the various situations of your everyday life. You really can’t go wrong with these.

    We like to think that fewer is better, so we use premium quality products with sturdy carry handles to create the best all-round leather weekender bags and to make every purchase a great investment to transport your gear and meet your needs.

    Inspired from the sleek models of old and classic leather duffel bags, these handcrafted sturdy duffels are however quite modern thanks to their main characteristics and features such as a roomy main compartment with a smart mix of exterior and interior pockets (flap or zipped) to carry all your essentials or dedicated dirty shoes pocket for a easy access. A few models offer a padded interior laptop sleeve for the modern traveler to protect its gear.

    The vintage inspiration of these roomy and rugged duffel bags gives them a unique touch of rustic but still luxurious look and feel. It allows you to have a carry-on bag that is not only functional and practical but also incredibly stylish and eye-catching. You'll be able to move with a light mind, for a weekend getaway or a long haul across the country.

    These garment-bags will add the necessary touch to your style to travel in a unique old-school look. It will set you apart from the crowd with a breezy and altogether low-key vibe. In the same spirit, we also offer other types of luggages: canvas duffle bags. These might be more colorful and lightweight than full leather grain leather bags while being strong and durable enough to withstand plenty of weight.

    mens leather duffel bag detail with sturdy seams and tan leather handles

    Find the Leather Weekender Bag or Leather Overnight Bag that Suits your Needs!

    In this collection, you will find long-lasting and easy to carry leather travel duffel bags in many different shapes and sizes. Going from 30 liters to more than 50 liters with plenty of pockets, you will inevitably find the perfect leather weekender bag for you. Most of them perfectly fit in the overhead bin which makes them the best weekender bags.

    We offer overnight bags for overnight stays, leather weekender bags for business trips or large duffel bags ideal for a weekend trip. We have what you need.

    No need to bother with bulky luggages or suitcases. You'll have all the space needed to store clothes, workwear, outerwear, toiletries, pouches and other gear. If you are an athlete looking for a classy gym bag, these large and roomy sports bags will perfectly do.

    Regarding colors, we wanted to preserve the natural beauty of the real leather, in order to preserve its unique ruggedness. So you will find leather weekend bags in coffee, black, cognac brown and even burgundy red for some models. You will thus have the choice to find the brown leather holdall or the black leather duffle bag most adapted to your needs and favorite outfits.

    mens convertible holdall sizes and color options

    A Selection of Leather Holdall Bags ready for Adventure Built with Durability in Mind

    Our soft leather holdall bags are all true craftsmanship staple, handmade and are built to last over time to follow you in every expedition due to their strong stitching and tough fabric.

    The tanned leather used is a thick full grain cowhide leather (2 to 3 mm thick). It is the leading genuine leather on the market. Lined with a strong but breathable polyester or a natural cotton canvas, it gives the leather duffle bags a resistance to time but also to different weather conditions. They will last many years with proper care. Our vintage bags are perfect for everyday use and traveling.

    You will enjoy an extremely sturdy and waterproof large duffel bag, with doubled stitched zippers, robust gold-tone brass hardware (buckle and protective rivets), providing optimum protection for your belongings and travel accessories.

    Water-repellent and extremely sturdy, will be able to travel in any situation without rip or tear and with peace of mind. The perfect combination of toughness and flexibility make these leather weekender bags some of the finest travel bag options.

    All our well made duffle bags feature double reinforced leather handles and a quilted, detachable and adjustable shoulder strap that sits comfortably on your shoulders. It gives you the choice when it comes to the way you carry them.

    So you can choose to wear them by hand or over the shoulder or as a crossbody according to your needs and preferences. This clever design can pull together any look and make it easily portable in any situation.

    mens leather bags ideal for a weekend away with exterior pocket and luggage handle

    Handy & Versatile Duffle Bags for Men & Women

    We opted for minimalist but packable and unisex leather overnight bags that perfectly match the desires of both men and women. A good duffel bag is built to hold stuff. We offer leather travel carry-all in rectangular or more rounded shapes (not bulky wheeled duffel) with or without side-pockets to suit your different silhouettes and morphologies. In fact, we offer three types of shapes:

    • Leather travel bags in trapezoidal shape for everyday situations, given it’s a hybrid between suitcase and duffel. Ideal whether you're going to work or on weekend trips.
    • Cylindrical shaped leather duffle bags, reminiscent of ancient carryall, more suitable for extended stays or sports sessions, ideal to store sweaters, footwear or a toiletry bag. Some sporty duffle bags even feature a shoes compartment alongside internal pockets which makes packing easy. They are the best men's leather duffle bags with their strong construction, they will retain their shape.
    • Rectangular shaped leather travel bags, clean and streamlined to satisfy lovers of elegant, refined and vintage aesthetic.

    If a leather bag is too much for you and you want something a bit more colorful, lightweight but as stylish and vintage, you can have a look at our canvas backpacks and canvas shoulder bags. These marvels will light up your style and will definitely make you stand out from the crowd with their professional yet cool looking style. It's time to swap your go-to backpack for its duffel equivalent

    mens leather travel bag with removable shoulder strap to ensure the bag holds up an heavy load

    How to Choose Your Leather Duffle Bag?

    Choosing the perfect leather duffle bag is not just about style, but also about recognizing your needs and how the bag can complement your daily routine. Leather duffle bags are renowned for their durability, elegance, and versatility, and we offer a diverse range of bags that can perfectly suit your needs, for a day in town or a longer journey. Follow this guide to determine which leather duffle bag suits you best.


    What will be the primary use of your bag? If you're a frequent traveler and an airport lover, go for a larger bag that can hold clothes for several days and has specific compartments for your travel essentials. For gym goers, a smaller bag with dedicated pockets for shoes and gym gear would be more suitable to keep your stuff dry.


    Consider the size that best fits your needs. Our leather duffle bags range from small and compact, perfect for an overnight trip, to large and spacious, designed for long-haul travel.

    Type of Leather

    All our bags are crafted from high-quality leather, but the type of leather can affect both the look and feel of the bag. Full-grain leather is the most durable and will develop a unique patina over time, while top-grain leather has a more uniform look and is slightly more resistant to stains.

    Compartments and Features

    Do you carry a lot of small items that need organizing? Look for a bag with multiple compartments. If you're planning to carry tech devices like a laptop or tablet, make sure the bag has padded compartments to pack them safely.

    Carrying Options

    Check for bags that offer multiple carrying options. Some come with detachable shoulder straps, which can be helpful when carrying heavy items, while others have handles for a quick grab-and-go option. Adjustable shoulder strap makes it fit on every body type and morphology.


    Our collection offers leather duffle bags in a variety of colors, from classic blacks and browns to bold, unique hues. Pick a color that complements your personal style and wardrobe.

    Quality of Hardware

    The quality of zippers, buckles, and other hardware can greatly affect the bag's durability. Check the product description for details on the hardware used. Some duffels feature protective rivet to protect the leather when the bag is in the trunk of your car or on sharp surfaces.

    Our carefully curated collection of luxury leather duffle bags aims to provide you with a bag that's not just a carrier, but an extension of your style and personality. Dive in, discover, and find your perfect companion in our selection today with a unique class to make heads turn!

    We offer free shipping worldwide on our entire leather duffel bags collection! Our stock is limited. Don't wait any longer and start your adventure today with the leather weekend bag of your dreams!