vintage travel full grain leather and cotton canvas rucksack backpacks for men and women laying on the floor

Canvas Backpacks & Canvas Rucksacks

Inspired by old retro designs and natural colors, our canvas backpacks are sturdy, functional and incredibly stylish. Handmade with care in canvas and full grain leather, it will be your day-to-day best friend.


    A Curated & Retro Collection of Canvas Backpacks, Canvas Rucksacks & Vintage Backpacks

    Discover our selection of travel canvas backpacks for men and women and let yourself be tempted by the wild spirit of exploration!

    These high capacity backpacks are made of carefully selected luxurious and natural high-quality materials:

    • heavy-duty woven cotton canvas, waxed or not depending on the model,
    • crazy horse leather, an oil immersed full grain leather,
    • brass hardware (rivets, buckles, zippers).

    These natural materials are known in the fashion industry to be strong, light, reliable and durable: the perfect combination for a rugged vintage daypack, resilient to use, and handy as it is fashionable. They will last and withstand the test of time in both urban and natural environments, effectively protecting your belongings.

    EIKEN is a french based company, operating since 2018 and one of the leading suppliers of vintage bags, but also leather duffle bags and canvas duffle bags all over the world. Our motto lies on a staple of quality and attention to detail.

    We love nature and its original, vibrant and lively colors, that's why all our vintage backpacks offer iconic and classic designs with visually appealing colors. In this collection of outdoor hiking packs, you will find a wide range of natural colors and cutting edge designs to suit both your requirements, styles and needs! We have a retro backpack for everyone. 

    two hikers wearing vintage stylish canvas backpack with spacious main compartment  and padded straps in a field of wild flowers

    Classic & Old School Design Backpacks Shaped by Retro Heritage with Modern Functionalities

    Our canvas rucksacks have been designed for different occasions and to withstand the test of time. They are perfect as vintage backpacks for students, workers, sports lovers or adventurers who are nostalgia-driven or who enjoy outings in the forest, mountains or camping.

    We believe that adventure is not reduced to long journeys and that it is essential to always have a well-equipped travel companion when you decide to plan your next escapade whether you hike, wander in city streets or do some shopping.

    That's why our packs offers a roomy and comfortable interior storage capacity of 20 to 40L with a spacious internal organizer, but also adjustable padded shoulder straps (and sometimes detachable), perfect to take what you need with you depending on your needs (whereas it is commuting supplies, travel accessories, essentials or hiking gears).

    We are aware that in the 21st-century, technology is an integral part of many people's lives. This is why we have decided to integrate into the vast majority of our well-built and convertible canvas backpacks:

    • hardware closures made of zinc-alloy (whether it is magnetic clips, buckles or clasps),
    • a large main compartment with a secure dedicated padded laptop sleeve, from 13 inches to 15 inches depending on the model (the laptop compartment being secured with a velcro strap),
    • reinforced adjustable shoulder straps,
    • front pockets, side pockets or back zippered pockets and slot pockets (can be used as a phone pocket). Multiple pockets option and enough storage space so that you have the possibility to take your technology with you, enjoy easy access and keep your valuables safe. Some even offer a small back anti-theft pocket!

    These packs will exceed your expectations and change your way to do backpacking. Sturdy, waterproof and ergonomic, some of your adventurers use them as outdoor camera backpacks to store and carry their DSLR, other essentials and small items in the various compartments (zip pocket allow secure storage). You can also use the laptop pocket to store a tablet or some notebooks.

    You'll also find lots of exterior storage to keep some items close at hand and some packs have expandable storage thanks to their drawstring closure or foldable roll top openings. Our trend travel rucksack backpacks are therefore just as useful for a day at work as they are for a hiking outing.

    Attention to detail is crucial, that is why some of our bags also feature padding sleeves, metal brass zippers (some features a YKK zipper), glasses hook and card slot on a padded shoulder strap or genuine leather trim.

    Embrace natural materials. Poor quality plastic bags are becoming a real ecological problem. Our vintage-looking backpacks are designed to last, but also to fit into the landscape in which you live for comfortable miles on the trail. You'll have a robust, durable and weatherproof bag made of high-density canvas material that is breathable and scratch-resistant.

    close up view of the full grain leather adjustable shoulder strap and waxed canvas fabric of a canvas rucksack

    High-Quality Vintage Bags Handcrafted with Natural & Noble Materials for Urban Landscapes & Wilderness

    We believe that quality and sturdiness are one of the main expectations of our adventurers. Our canvas travel backpacks perfectly meet these expectations, down to the smallest detail. The materials used are of premium quality (quilted back panel, zinc alloy buckle, polyester or nylon lining, leather belts) resistant to wear and time while guaranteeing your comfort, optimum safety and timeless style!

    We tested them in the rain, on trails at an altitude of nearly 3500 meters and even on the wild coasts of western France, where iodized winds were blowing strong: nothing could spoil the robustness of our canvas bags.

    The lightweight washed canvas and thoughtful, sleek and ergonomic design of our vintage bags allow them to adapt to your body morphology to offer a perfect backside shape, and distribute the weight ideally to relieve carrying stress, reducing pain and injury.

    The canvas fabric, waxed or not, is the perfect ally for your urban or natural outdoors adventures because it is lightweight but sturdy and quite easy to clean. If you rub the waxed canvas against objects, a simple blow dry will give your travel rucksack a brand new look. Furthermore, waxed canvas is waterproof so it can withstand Mother Nature's assaults.

    Regarding the style of our sturdy canvas backpack bags, we wanted it to be universal, unisex, timeless and above all colorful! Nature is an incredible source of creativity, why not be inspired by it.

    We aimed to keep a touch of vintage, retro or classic style, but this will give you an unique, timeless and remarkable style throughout your journey, whether in town or at the bottom of a mountain valley as these travel rugged-looking pack bags are remarkably versatile.

    women sitting on a rock near a mountain lake wearing a vintage light blue canvas and leather backpack with padded shoulder straps

    Travel with Ease and a Peace of Mind with Reliable, Functional & Versatile Travel Backpacks

    We have already mentioned this, but why deprive yourself of an ally who will accompany you in all your activities? Whether you need to go to school, on holiday, camping, on a weekend or at work, our quick access canvas and leather backpacks are the solution you need for daily use.

    You will be able to discover a wide range of bags, from roll-top to drawstring bags, some perfect as school bags (could fit a notebook, purse, laptop and other smaller items) , others more fitted as hiking backpack or outdoor related pack.

    With them, you can finally combine usefulness with vintage style and pleasure. What more could you ask for? Our rucksacks, whether school backpacks or travel backpacks can be adapted to your various desires and needs with no shortage of organizational options.

    You won't need to buy a rucksack backpack, a satchel and a travel bag: opt for the all-in-one carry-on with our selection and find the classic pack that really suits you. A sports rucksack can quickly become a university bag and your work pack can turn into a weekend bag in a few seconds. Everything you need for your outdoor activities or your next adventure.

    vintage rugged heavy duty canvas and brown full grain leather backpack with padded adjustable shoulder straps laying on a grass floor in front of a bush

    Unique & Original Heavy-Duty Vintage Bookbags for Women and Men Alike

    Different tones, different shapes, different styles: all our retro cloth backpacks are suitable for every genders. We believe that everyone is free to put on what they like.

    That's why, among our wide range of stylish and well-made rucksacks, you're bound to find the right shoe for you! If you're an army object lover, you'll find the military vibes in some of our heavy-duty rucksacks.

    We prefer to focus and emphasize on the creative style, functionality and durability of our unisex backpacks so that everyone, man or woman, who is interested in our rucksacks, can find what he or she is looking for!

    Our travel canvas backpacks can be worn in any environment, bringing classy style, elegance and originality to your outfits. A bag is not only a practical object of your daily life, it's also a fashion accessory that can step up your brighten your style. With a vintage canvas laptop backpack, you're sure to bring a timeless and vintage touch to your style.

    What are you waiting for to be the adventurer of your life? Claim your bag now. Benefit from our free shipping and satisfaction guarantee policy. Return your item for a full refund within 14 days after receipt. It's the perfect gift for a friend or a loved one.

    If you are more of a messenger bags guy, we have wonderful canvas shoulder bags and leather shoulder bags. They will be the perfect fit to a hectic lifestyle. You can also opt for a stylish combination of a vintage backpack and a vintage shoulder bag or travel bag for example, they fit perfectly together. Get ready to stand out from the crowds and purchase yours today!

    Most Frequently Asked Questions


    Cotton cloth is a strong, durable and breathable natural material. It is used in many designs in different industries. It's ideal for messenger bags, duffle bags and backpacks.

    Waxed, it was used by ship owners to create sails, demonstrating its optimal resistance to time but also to the tensions that could be applied to the sail.

    Waxed canvas backpacks therefore offer optimal resistance to time, use and abrasion, and are easy to clean, making it the perfect choice if you're looking for a reliable companion for everyday life.


    We offer two kinds of canvas materials, classic washed cotton and waxed cotton. The only difference between the two is that one has been waxed, giving it water repellent properties.

    As a result, an unwaxed backpack cannot be considered completely water-resistant even though the fine mesh and a polyester lining protect its contents. In contrast, a waxed backpack is water resistant and can be worn in the rain. It's the perfect canvas backpack for weekend trips or outdoor adventures, protecting all your belongings.

    Beware, however, that they are not completely waterproof in the original sense of the word, so don't throw yourself into the water or the sea with them.


    Waterproofing a canvas bag is very simple. All you need is a block of wax (if possible beeswax - or failing that paraffin) a hair dryer, and your backpack of course. If the wax is in the form of a block, you can use a hair dryer to heat the end of the block to melt the wax and then rub the block gently on the cloth to impregnate it with wax.

    If the wax is in pellet form, melt it in a bowl and apply it with a fine brush.

    Once the entire cloth is waxed, let the wax air dry overnight.

    We recommend re-waxing a bag every 4-6 months for optimum protection.


    You can wash a a canvas backpack, but if it is also made of leather, you must be very careful not to put it in the washing machine or soak it in water, as this could seriously damage the leather.

    You can simply use clear water with a mild soap and apply it to the material with a cloth, taking care not to touch the leather parts. You can repeat this several times before rinsing with clean water and another cloth. Then let the textile dry in the fresh air.

    As our fabrics are dyed, we do not recommend the use of chemicals on the canvas backpack that could discolor the cloth.