Leathers Guide

what is latigo leather
Different leathers are sometimes distinguished by their origin, their composition or the tanning & finishing methods used.  This is the case of latigo leather, a cowhide that is distinguished by its particularity of undergoing two successive tannings, first a mineral tanning...
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Lambskin vs Sheepskin Leather
Sheepskin is a type of leather with numerous applications but little used today, whose origins date back several centuries. Sheepskin, also known as "shearling", refers to leather made from sheepskin, provided that the skin and wool are intact. If the...
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Flannel vs Plaid Pattern | The Definitive Guide
Flannel and plaid, that's a long story. Often confused, these two terms designate two very different realities. The confusion comes from the fact that these two notions are very often associated: flannel shirts often have a plaid pattern and clothes...
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