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Canvas Duffle Bags & Weekender Bags

Adventurer at heart and lover of vintage style? Discover our vintage travel bags & let yourself be transported to another era. Carefully designed to last in time, they will become your future travels must have.

Discover our Curated Selection of Vintage Canvas Duffle Bags, Weekend Bags & Overnight Bags

Discover our shop and its collection of handmade and timeless vintage waxed and non waxed canvas duffle bags and go on an adventure to discover the wonders of the world that are opening up to you! Whether you are looking for a high capacity and adventure-ready style weekend bag and need only space to store a few stuff or for a large canvas duffle bag, designed to store more gears, we have everything you need to travel in style with the best travel gear bags that are a symbol of workmanship, always at a fair price, and free delivery!

Our elegant and functional overnight bags (alongside our canvas backpacks and our canvas messenger bags) are made from strong, light but above all top-notch durable materials (namely full-grain leather, heavy duty cotton canvas, sturdy coton stitching and brass hardware) to guarantee you comfort, reliability and optimal durability.

Coton canvas is known to be a breathable, reliable, water-resistant, lightweight, sturdy material that has good resistance to abrasion. Waxed canvas being used for century, you can be sure that your future waterproof travel bag will withstand the test of time and can stand up years of wear and tear. This type of luggage is ideal for a weekend abroad, to keep everything at hand. The adjustable strap will help you carry your duffel over the shoulder.

Build to last, our canvas vintage weekender bags are designed to evolve over time with a maximum attention to details, developing a different patina for each vintage bags, making yours completely unique, a bit like you! Indeed, full grain real leather is known to be an aging material that develop wonderful colors and grain in time. You'll be sure to have a well made stylish duffle bag, with a sleek and minimalist design as unique as you, retracing the sage of your shared adventure! It will quickly become your new best friend and will follow you in your next trip.

These nicely sized and convertible canvas holdall bags are functional and practical, offering great flexibility to accommodate excellently to your different activities: from sports lessons to travelling to the other side of the world through the weekend, our canvas overnight bags adapt perfectly to your desires and your needs, becoming a gym bag or a sports bag in a snap.

Minimalist curves, vintage style and a variety of colours (not only the classic black and grey - what is your favorite colour? ), you're sure to find the travel duffel bag you're looking for, and to make the ultimate versatile choice!

Versatile Canvas Travel Bags & Holdall Bags Handcrafted with Care for Men and Women

As its name suggests, the weekender bag is a must for short day trips or weekends trips away from home, whether your commuting to work, fleeing everyday life with your loved one or prepare a business meeting on the other side of the world. This type of large canvas holdall the best travel ally.

Why is that? First, the dimensions of a canvas weekend bag, smaller than heavier suitcases or bulky wheeled luggage but wider than a canvas rucksack, make it perfect for carrying just what you need for a few days. Second, its flexibility, solidity and versatility allow you to move around with ease and speed while keeping all your valuables at hand. 

Sling the shoulder-strap around your neck or over your shoulder and you're ready to hit the road with your weekender. Hold the doubled and reinforced top leather handle and remove the webbing or detachable and adjustable strap and be sure to walk around with a unique and remarkable casual and sporty yet elegant style. Carrying a holdall bag on a shoulder can be painful at some point so feel free to mix carrying style (crossbody, like a tote bag or by hand) to avoid back pain. It's still more practical than a bulky suitcase.

The big plus of weekend bags is that they are extremely large but packable, making them the perfect carry-all luggages. Speaking of which, it is the ideal ally for travelers because it is accepted as carry-on luggage on airplanes (except for the largest models). With our overnight bags, you can save time packing and not having to check it in when you arrive at the airport. In our era, every seconds count, especially when you travel a lot, so we help you to make the most of it!

Designed to fit everyone's needs and tastes, these large travel bags are not tipically designed as men or women duffel. Even a large duffel bag an be worn as oversized bag so don't worry, just follow your heart, you'll tighten the straps!

A Classic Collection of Old School & Unisex Overnight Bags and Weekender Bags with Aesthetics in Mind

We choose to design unisex duffel bags because we believe that such a product should not be gender labelled. When old-school and ancient duffel were crafted, designers of that time didn't have in mind gendered designs. They created bags that were designed for adventure, no matter who will be their owner. The design of these weekender was pure, minimalist and made to withstand anything while offering maximum capacity. Waxed heavy-duty canvas is known to be water resistant.

We know that certain some forms and shapes might be more suitable for one or the other but that's exactly why we designed our canvas weekend bags with clean shapes, classic forms and lots of colours. They could fit everyone's styles and needs. You'll look great!

Therefore, you can choose what is best for you in a selection of both versatile and fashionable canvas overnight (if you're more a leather lover, we have similar leather duffle bags designs, have a look!).

Their designs are vintage but timeless and their construction is light but sturdy, thanks to a natural water-repellent fabric, precise seams and well-worked finishes. Your duffle bag will follow you all your life's adventures and expeditions. They offer polyester lining and all have a wide opening main compartment, spacious side-pockets (flap or zipped) and generous and roomy interior so you won't have hard time packing or unpacking.

Some are expandable, some are foldable and some offers a shoe compartment, a padded laptop pouch, and a set a zipped pockets to store accessories.  We offer you large travel bags with just the right amount of space, plenty of storage and zipper pockets to fit any situation. You'll have enough space to carry a some garment, jeans, footwear, sweaters, a dopp kit or toiletry bag etc. 

Enough talking, it's time for you to discover them in detail and choose which carry on size canvas weekend bag will be the new member of your globetrotter luggage collection. See you at checkout!

However, if you're a leather type of guy and you want to deep dive in raw and retro style, you can have a look at our deluxe leather backpacks or our brown leather shoulder bags. They will answer your needs and will enhance your various outfits. If you also need a luggage tag, we can also provide you with some. If you need corporate rates or need personalization (wether embroidered or embosses), please contact us. Don't forget that these items are sometimes on sale and that we offer free shipping and satisfaction guarantee, so you have nothing to be afraid of.

Canvas Duffle Bags Most Frequently Asked Questions


A travel bag is a life companion and a fashion accessory. To buy a pack that suits you, you need to think about its use and your current lifestyle. This will guide you to a bag with the right volume, wether you need a regular bag or a high capacity one..

Next, examine the materials and build quality of the weekend bag. If you travel a lot and tend to abuse your bag, don't skimp on quality and opt for a sturdy and if possible waterproof bag. We offer travel bags made of canvas (sometimes waxed) and full grain leather because these materials are naturally resistant.

You can also choose your weekender bag according to your style and your morphology to have a bag that fits your body to the maximum.

Finally, don't hesitate to take a look at the essential functions of the bag such as the storage spaces, the presence of dedicated compartments for your technology as quilted sleeve are a must now, a padded, adjustable and removable strap or protective rivets. Some holdall offers nice add-ons such as shoes compartment, quick access anti-theft pocket etc...


At Eiken, we offer two kind of five stars canvas fabric, classic coton canvas and waxed coton canvas. The only difference between the two is that one has been waxed, giving it water repellent properties. As a result, an unwaxed canvas travel bag cannot be considered completely water-resistant even though the fine mesh and a polyester lining protect its contents.

In contrast, a waxed canvas weekend bag is water resistant and can be worn in the rain. Beware, however, that they are not completely waterproof in the original sense of the word, so don't throw yourself into the water or the sea with them.


Waxing a bag is very simple. All you need is a block of wax (if possible beeswax - or failing that paraffin) and a hair dryer. If the wax is in the form of a block, you can use a hair dryer to heat the end of the block to melt the wax and then rub the block gently on the canvas to impregnate it with wax.

If the wax is in pellet form, melt it in a bowl and apply it to the canvas with a fine brush.

Once the entire canvas is waxed, let the wax air dry overnight.

We recommend re-waxing a bag every 4-6 months for optimum protection.


You can wash it, but if it is also made of leather, you must be very careful not to put it in the washing machine or soak it in water, as this could seriously damage the leather.

You can simply use clear water with a mild soap and apply it to the fabric with a cloth, taking care not to touch the leather parts. You can repeat this several times before rinsing with clean water and another cloth. Then let the fabric dry in the fresh air.

As our fabrics are dyed, we do not recommend the use of chemicals that could discolour the fabric.


Duffle bags are ideal for the gym because they are spacious, functional and versatile. They can easily hold your gym gear, a change of clothes, and your hygiene kit. Since they don't have a rigid frame, they are compact and can often fit in lockers.

Beware though, a canvas weekend bag is not as easy to wash as a plastic gym bag, which may be its only flaw.


Weekender bags are very frequently used bags by frequent travelers and businessmen because they are practical, light and spacious. Compact and functional, you can easily use all the space available.

If it's not too big, it can be taken as a carry-on, saving you time when boarding and disembarking. However, be sure to check the conditions of each company before booking your flight.


Carrying a duffle bag is easy and doesn't require much preparation. You have 3 ways to carry it (sometimes 4 if the travel bag offers convertible straps).

You can carry it by hand for a casual look, thanks to the top handles. This is the ideal carrying method if you don't want to be too crowded, in hot weather, or if your bag doesn't hold too much stuff.

You can wear it on your shoulder or around your neck using the shoulder strap. This allows you to keep your hands free and move around more easily.

Finally, if the bag is convertible, it sometimes offers two shoulder straps so you can carry it like a backpack.