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Sustainable & Eco Friendly Backpacks

Discover our eco friendly & sustainable backpacks, crafted from organic and/or recycled materials. Sturdy, comfortable & equally stylish, they're the perfect adventure companions.


    A Curated Selection of Eco-friendly Backpacks for Men and Women

    Are you an adventurer who loves nature and exploration but doesn't want to compromise on where your next backpack comes from and how it is made? Discover our selection of eco-friendly backpacks for men and women and adopt your future life companion. These sustainable backpacks are ideal for walking, cycling or motorcycling. They will meet all your needs, whether you're traveling to the end of the world, going to work or just strolling around town.

    Our collection is made up of different products, from committed and transparent vegan backpack brands. You'll find vegan backpacks, recycled backpacks, upcycled backpacks and/or ethical backpacks so you can choose what suits you best. Whether you are looking for a recycled material backpack that respects the environment, sain and safe working conditions and/or participates in social programs, we have what you need. If you wish for a smaller option, have a look at our sustainable shoulder bags collection.

    Sustainability and Circularity: Notions at the Core of Ecological Backpacks

    As we all know, the fashion and clothing industry is dominated by "fast-fashion" brands. They offer products that are increasingly cheaper and less durable. This leads to two issues: mass over-consumption of goods and natural resources and an increase in waste production and carbon emissions.

    The only viable solution is to consume differently, by looking at ecological backpacks handcrafted with sustainably sourced materials. These bags offer strong and durable materials. They are sometimes recycled or upcycled (like upcycled leather or recycled polyester) to limit their carbon footprint.

    To do so, brands produce locally, give a second life to ultra durable raw materials, participate in the local economy, increase their lifespan and be carbon neutral, participating in the creation of a sustainable fashion.

    Buy Less but Better: The Long-term Investment of Recycled Backpacks

    We are often told that eco-friendly backpacks are overpriced and therefore impossible to afford. It's true, if your backpack is produced locally, with sustainable materials and in a logic of recycling waste, the initial investment will be a bit higher.

    If you buy poor quality backpacks, they will inevitably wear out and get damaged faster. You will have to change them at regular intervals and see your initial savings melt away. A sustainable laptop backpack made in France, for example, guarantees a unique know-how and therefore an optimal durability of your product over time.

    Trendy & Durable Backpacks made from Recycled Materials

    In order to reduce the waste production but also the environmental impact of their backpacks, our partners have focused on two particular aspects:

    1. the substitution of traditional materials with more natural, less resource-intensive and more sustainable raw materials such as plant based leathers, organic cotton canvas, linen, hemp etc.


    2. the valorization and upcycling of waste and/or production leftover fabric by using them as raw materials for their eco-friendly backpacks (plastic waste, sail, climbing rope, automotive rubber, recycled plastic bottles, recycled nylon etc.).

    The natural fibers most often used are 100% cotton, linen, jute, wool or hemp. The latter offers one of the best yields and optimal durability to craft a trendy & durable backpack.

    The choice depends on the brand's values, its environment (which fibers are available locally) and its market. If the brand wants to develop a vegan backpack, wool will not be chosen. If it wishes to market a lightweight backpack, linen will be preferred.

    Vegan leather backpacks can be produced with bio-sourced alternatives such as pineapple leather, AppleSkin, Mushroom Leather, kraft paper and other eco friendly materials or chemical derivatives such as upcycled or recycled polyester or recycled nylon.

    The production processes are also reworked to be less energy consuming and polluting by using vegetable tanned leather instead of chrome tanned leather which is less polluting (less harmful chemicals) or by recycling leather products. They also prefer natural dyeing agents over toxic dyes that are harmful to the environment or health.

    What is an eco-friendly backpack?

    The particularity of an eco-responsible backpack is that it is manufactured taking into account its impact on the environment. The aim is to reduce it as much as possible. For this, each stage of the product life cycle can be concerned:

    • eco-design: integrating environmental protection in the design of the sustainable backpack (reducing the number of parts, merging features, optimizing material requirements)
    • sourcing of raw materials: using natural, local and eco-friendly fibers or giving a second life to recyclable raw materials
    • production methods: produce locally, create synergies, promote the integration of people in need, do not produce too much stock
    • waste and scrap management: reuse scraps to create new products, make bags from recycled materials, recuperate defective products or products destined for the garbage can to reuse them.
    • repair service: offer commercial warranties or repair services to extend the life of the product. Some brands even offer a lifetime guarantee.

    What is an ethical backpack?

    An ethical backpack, in addition to taking into account the environmental and animal dimensions, is designed and manufactured in full transparency with respect for human beings. This means respecting the working conditions of all the people involved in the manufacture of an ethical backpack, their good treatment and a fair remuneration.

    Some of our partners work with disabled people to help them integrate into the world of work. Others support associations or other types of groups that promote the development of local communities.

    What are the certifications related to eco-friendly backpacks?

    Making an eco friendly backpack meets precise specifications. Even if there is no controlled designation, the presence of labels and certifications can help you make your choice. You can find in our collection of travel backpacks the following labels/certifications:

    • GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard: Global Organic Textile Standard certifies organic textiles, ensuring ecological and social standards from raw material harvesting through manufacturing to labeling. It guarantees products are made sustainably and ethically, with strict compliance at every supply chain stage.
    • GRS - Global Recycle Standard: GRS is an international standard for third-party certification of recycled content, tracking it from source to product. It promotes the use of recycled materials, such as recycled water bottles, and responsible social, environmental, and chemical practices in production.
    • PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal : The PETA label certifies products as cruelty-free, not tested on animals at any stage. It's part of PETA's "Beauty Without Bunnies" program, guiding consumers to ethical, cruelty-free products.
    • Faiwear Foundation : This label represents commitment to fair labor practices and improved workplace conditions in the garment industry. It signifies transparency and accountability in ensuring worker rights and labor standards.
    • Fairtrade: The fair trade certified label indicates products meeting international standards for fair pay, decent working conditions, and sustainable practices. It ensures producers and workers receive fair living wages and premiums for community development.
    • Blue Design: The Blue Design Label denotes products designed and manufactured with minimal environmental impact. It reflects a commitment to sustainability, resource conservation, and responsible business practices.
    • Climate Neutral Certified: The Climate Neutral Certified label indicates that a company has achieved net-zero carbon emissions for its products or services. This involves measuring the company's carbon footprint, taking steps to reduce it, and offsetting the remaining emissions by investing in environmental projects that reduce or remove greenhouse gases.

    Several of these brands are also involved in ecological programs such as planting trees, various carbon removal initiatives or investing in different social projects. You can choose the brand that aligns the most with your personal preferences. Additionally, the B Corp certification is noteworthy for those seeking sustainable backpacks. This label doesn't apply to individual products but to the entire company, signifying a firm commitment to social and environmental responsibility, transparency, and accountability. B Corp-certified companies meet high standards in benefiting their employees, communities, and the planet, making them attractive to consumers who value comprehensive sustainability and ethical business practices.

    From Recycled Polyester to Organic Cotton : Sustainable, but Functional & Stylish Environmentally Friendly Backpacks as well

    An eco backpack is a trendy & timeless accessory that fits perfectly with nearly every outfit, adding a unique & original touch of charm to your style while affirming your personal values.

    An ideal sustainable backpack needs to answer modern adventurers' needs. That is why most of them are tech friendly and feature a spacious main compartment with a dedicated padded laptop sleeve, numerous pockets, adjustable straps, padded back panel and shoulder straps, side pockets for water bottles and an hidden anti theft pocket for your valuables and so on. Ranging from 10L to 40L, they have the perfect size to become your next everyday backpack.

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