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Canvas Messenger Bags & Shoulder Bags

The adventure is reaching out to you! It's time to put on your vintage messenger bag and discover your world. Solid, reliable and original, they bring a colorful touch to your daily life.


    A Unique Collection of Vintage Canvas Messenger Bags, Crossbody Bags & Shoulder Bags

    Discover our refined and curated selection of rugged-looking vintage messenger bags and shoulder bags for men and women. These unique crossbody bags are made of noble, natural and extremely sturdy high quality material such as full-grain brown leather and (waxed) cotton canvas fabric. These natural and tough materials give them a vintage saddle-bag-style and an authentic and luxurious look while ensuring they stand the test of time. If you're looking for the perfect gift, you are sure to find the best canvas shoulder bag in town.

    With a wide variety of styles, designs and lively colours, there is a multifunctional shoulder bag for every taste and style (vintage, biker, urban, bohemian). We strive to provide quality unisex crossbody messenger bags that suit men and women needs and desire alike. That is why we created minimalist but roomy, textured and sleek designs with a diversified color palette (brown, khaki, blue, green, etc).

    Theses vintage bags will offer you the space needed throughout well thought organizer compartments to store all the items that couldn't fit in your travel bag or suitcase (you'll be surprise by how much actually fits inside). They can fit laptops, sunglasses, wallets, pouch, pens, coin purses, clutches - and sometimes bigger accessories such as small jackets, hats. All of it securely stored thanks to leather straps and magnetic buckles.

    We believe that there is no such thing as a men's or women's bag, which is why our products, whether our leather and canvas backpacks, canvas duffle bags or our canvas shoulder bags can be easily carried by everyone. Our elegant cotton canvas sling bags will fit you perfectly, whether you are a men or a women, a young human or a more experienced adult, a student or a dynamic executive offering a versatile wear. These cotton tote or shoulder bags are perfect for school or the office as most of them fit works accessories and smaller devices, and feature a snug laptop pocket for 13" to 15" laptops.

    We have selected a series of utilitarian handmade cotton canvas messenger bags that are light, durable and above all practical and functional with well organized compartments (interior pockets and exterior pockets). They are the ideal over the shoulder school bags for students, city workers or simply adventure seekers looking to explore their world with a sturdy, durable and functional companion.

    The vast majority of our fashionable vintage messenger bags offer adjustable and removable reinforced padded shoulder straps, leather handles and compartmented storage spaces, including dedicated padded laptop sleeve and two side pockets offering extra room for your essentials. It is perfect if you prefer the satchel bag style as they all feature strong grip handles.

    With spacious well-stitched and secured external anti-theft pockets, whether front pockets, side pockets and secret back pocket will be able to safely store a wide selection of everyday essentials: water bottle and flask, magazines, books, set of clothes, nightwear, jumpsuits, laptops, a power bank, a phone, charging cables, a set of keys, a wallet, jewelry, a smartphone and other accessories.

    We tried to design and propose the best collection of durable and sturdy tan leather messenger bags, to match your silhouette and increase your retro vibes for everyday use. We also offer crossbody bags, side bags, courier bags, bandolier bags and canvas shoulder bags. The quality of the final product, but also design and the production phases are important for us. That is why we have chosen carefully selected materials and handcrafted production processes offering more resilience to the final product.

    These traditional courier bags offer everything you need, especially flexibility, versatility and functionality: you can bring them wherever and whenever you want! These timeless marvels will match all your different outfits and step up your style, keeping you on top of your fashion game.

    best woven canvas shoulder bag with quilted compartment, metallic brass hardware and nylon liner

    Explore your World with a Robust, Reliable & Weather-proof Satchel

    Adventure rhymes with danger, especially for your messenger bag. You'll have to deal with the vagaries of Mother Nature, exposing your bag to less than optimal weather conditions. Rain, shine or snow, these sturdy carry-all bags allow you to travel with a light heart. That's why we make it a point of honor to build crossbody sling bags that are above all robust and extremely durable.

    Cotton canvas is a high-quality material, used since the Middle Ages as a fabric to make the sails of ships. And they had to be robust at the time to withstand important storms. Since then, cotton canvas is known for its strength, water resistant characteristic but also its lightness, which makes it an exceptional material to create unique bags.

    Cotton canvas is also a trendy fabric, opposing creations made of polyester and other plastic derivatives and offering your courier bag a natural look with a wide range of colors. Resistant to time, you can be sure that it will follow you in all your adventures..

    Leather has been used since prehistoric times, making it one of the oldest materials used by humans. Over the years, its slim design has evolved so much that today there are dozens of different types of leather.

    At Eiken, we selected full-grain leather, the best part of cowhide to offer the best messenger bags. This soft leather is very thick and therefore resistant. It develops a beautiful patina over the years which will give your bag a unique look!

    Nowadays, many brands opt for leather derivatives, composites or artificial leathers. This leads to the production of bags with average durability and strength and less attention to details. Full grain vintage leather is the best guarantee of solidity, longevity but also of sumptuous class. You will see, to try it is to adopt it.

    These unique materials allow us to offer you exceptional products with useful functionalities. Indeed you can find camera messenger bags, in which your cameras are optimally protected. You can also choose a waxed canvas messenger bag. Thanks to their waterproof characteristics, they protect your most precious objects from the weather.

    handcrafted oversized carryall waxed canvas messenger bag for school, work or travel

    Get a Unisex Canvas Shoulder Bags, Handcrafted for Men & Women Alike with Aesthetics and Functionality in Mind

    Fully versatile and functional, our canvas satchel bags will be the best allies of dynamic and adventurous people. If you're looking for sturdy, durable and reliable gear to travel, commute or just have a walk, have a look. It's now time for you to choose yours throughout our refined collection of the best canvas messenger bag around.

    Looking for a bicycle side bag? Our large bags are perfect crossbody bags for men and for women and can be worn on the shoulder or slung across the back thanks to removable/detachable, adjustable shoulder-strap and a stylish top handle.

    The padded main adjustable strap is reinforced and offers doubled stitchings to ensure optimal security while commuting or riding your bike. If you go to work, to college or university, these laptop bags offer enough room to hold 13' laptops (several can hold up to 15' laptops) and other essentials so you'll have everything you need to pass this academic year without a hitch!

    best canvas cross shoulder bag to store underwear, footwear or swimwear

    From Small Courier Bags to Large Cross-body Bags: There is a Bag for Everyone

    It is often said that size doesn't matter. When it comes to crossbody bags, we're not kidding about that. Indeed, the size of your satchel is important because you can opt for a small, lightweight shoulder bag for your occasional outings or a larger classic messenger bag that will give you the opportunity to store your laptop for example.

    It is therefore essential to offer you a wide range of convertible large courier bags, in different sizes and volumes to give you the possibility to find the right shoe for your feet.

    Get a Shoulder Bag that will make you Stand Out from the Crowd

    It's time for you to explore your world with a timeless design cotton shoulder crossbody bag, side bag or tote-bag for men and women, masterfully handcrafted that will be the right balance between casual style and functionality. Your ageless elegance satchel will bring a refined touch of sophistication (with well-built and precise zipper, flap and buckle) while freeing up your hands to enjoy your travels. It will quickly become your everyday friends, whether at school, work or on your daily activities.

    Enjoy the best price, an efficient 5 stars customer care service, free shipping and exclusive sale to claim your men or women's cotton canvas shoulder bag today. If you don't like your bag, you have 14 days after receipt to return it, no questions asked. If you like a shoulder bag and would like to know our wholesale price, let us know, we'll provide you with all the needed details.

    If you're more into luxurious backpacks, we have unique leather backpacks available. If you want to travel with ease and class, please have a look at our leather duffle bag collection. 

    After having presented the main features of our packs, it's now time for you to choose the best messenger bag for you!

    Most Frequently Asked Questions


    Messenger bags are practical and functional bags that have been used for centuries to carry various objects with ease. Introduced at the time of the Pony Express, the riders used saddle bags to carry the mail.

    These shoulder bags were then generalized to all letter carriers and then integrated into everyday life. We find many professionals, teachers, students or blue collar workers wearing this type of canvas messenger bag, as a school bag or travel briefcase, because they allow them to move easily handsfree while being able to take with them the necessary, while offering timeless style thanks to a classic design pattern.


    Canvas messenger bags are making a comeback as a "hot product", taking advantage of their incredible versatility to meet the needs of a dynamic modern life, and surfing on the vintage and retro trend.

    Indeed, these bags with their vintage designs, classic shapes, bright colors, a mix of small and large pockets offer extra space and bring a unique and refined touch to your style, making bags both sturdy and reliable everyday allies and timeless fashion accessories.

    They are also the best fashion accessory as a canvas messenger bag fits with nearly all styles nowadays.


    Messenger bags were originally used by letter carriers to deliver mail and travel across the country. Whether on a bicycle or on horseback, this type of crossbody bag was practical thanks to its shoulder strap and made it easy to move and carry the mail. They are also called courier bags, for the same reason.


    Laptop messenger bags are coveted because they allow you to transport a fairly heavy load while allowing easy access to your items, even while on the go thanks to an organizer pockets complemented by a padded main compartment and multiple pockets offering enough space for personal items.

    They are now widely used by professionals to carry their various tools, but also by students, workers, travelers and teachers at school, to transport a laptop, notebooks, magazines with style and ease. It's a great bag for day-to-day activities, daily commute or if you just want to wander around.


    A crossbody bag is a bag with a strap that can be passed around the shoulder (we can then speak of shoulder bag or sling bag), or around the neck. From this category come sub-categories such as satchels, which are small crossbody bags generally of modest shape, with a top handle and allowing to carry some everyday objects.

    The canvas messenger bag is a wider rectangular bag that can handle books or computers for example. It is often said that the messenger bag has a flap but this is not for us a criterion of differentiation.

    You'll also find the briefcase name, which refers to a professional hard handbag, usually made of leather and widely used at work to carry around all the paperwork and work stuff.


    You generally have three ways to wear a messenger bag. You can wear it on your shoulder, with the strap simply resting on your shoulder. You can wear it around your neck, with the strap running diagonally across your body so that you can have your hands free.

    Finally, if the canvas messenger bag offers a handle, you can carry it by hand, for a professional style.