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Globe-trotters, explorers and nature lovers or simple holiday-makers, the entire EIKEN team welcomes you aboard! 

That's it, you're there! You close the door of your house and you are in search of adventures, exposed to the world and its elements.

The movement is underway, nothing can stop you now.

You may not know where you are going, why or how, but you know what you bring with you. 

Our mission is, therefore, to design what connects you to your place and destination, to have a little bit of your home away from home.


We craft waxed canvas bags that are versatile, durable and timeless, combining utility and style to allow you to transition from workday to weekend with ease.

Our most important mission is to allow you to focus on what lies ahead; not what's on your back. 

What is EIKEN? Nature is our providing ground!

EIKEN is born from a love affair with Nature.

We're inspired by the verdant landscape, the history, the culture and the wildlife.

But nature (and the French Alps) is our true home.

We aimed at providing quality and unique travel equipment made with noble materials.

Who is behind this website?

We are like you,  friends... what am I saying... nature lovers. Having grown up in the heart of the French Alps, from a very young age we have been passionate about the beautiful landscapes that surround us. Travellers in our spare time, we decided to go on a road trip altogether in 2014. Not very well equipped, we were looking for a good e-commerce site that combines travel products combining quality and reasonable prices.

After a good hour of searching, we didn't find much we liked that would fit our needs. We are honest with you, we are very allergic to the physical stores, we didn't want to go window-shopping or have time to do so. At that very moment, we thought to ourselves: "Other people have necessarily had the same problem as us, we have to help them..."

Since 2015 we have therefore decided to launch the bet and offer you travel accessories that we have selected in advance with the help of our team, and that will be useful, timeless and of good quality. The goal is for your traveller artillery to become your cuddly toy (like a child who can no longer do without it, it will become essential every time you go somewhere).

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What kind of products are you offering?

Travel is the essence of life; beckoning the soul towards new, unexplored horizons waiting to be discovered by those who dare to step forth and dive into what lies beyond. That is exactly what travel is for us; soaking in the beauty of the present moment as the world stands still in harmony. It’s alright if the path ahead of you is obscure, the world is yours, if you dare to dream and embark on the journey! What you do need, is a steady companion forged in timelessness and reliability.

Eiken stays committed towards making sure you travel with the best travel equipment created with the most noble, efficient materials available. A sturdy travel backpack or rucksack will be your best friend as you gear up to tread into unchartered waters. Courage and adrenaline rush are not the only things you need to start your journey; travel-friendly bags will be your constant companion! What we like to call the ‘Eiken travel artillery’ are uniquely suitable products that will become essential to your travels.

canvas rucksack

Whether it is a short day-trip to nearby vicinity, your daily commute to the workplace or the trip that ticks off your bucket list, Eiken offers a variety of timeless waxed and canvas bags catering to your custom needs. As a team of globetrotters in love with the wilderness, we took inspiration from nature itself. Creating unmatched travel backpacks that reflected the rustic charm of the wild and class of the urbane was the goal. With the ability to transition from workday to weekend, Eiken travel bags blend convenience with style!

Dedicated towards creating ultra-modern, classic pieces that offer no compromise on quality, we handpick the best materials from all around the world. Our range includes a variety of unisex rucksacks and premium crazy horse leather backpacks for men and women that do not break the bank. Quality products oozing with character at affordable prices is what sets us apart! Travel bags hold the power to make or break your journey. The magic lies behind choosing a bag that lets you focus on creating memoirs and looking ahead; not worrying about the weight you carry on your shoulders.

backpack for men and women

Travel/Duffel bags are a must have! The versatile nature of a travel bag makes it a cult favorite for all kinds of travellers. Travel in peace with the uber stylish canvas duffle bag- ‘Qanaaq ‘. This classic travel bag is a vintage dream. This robust overnight bag made with crazy horse leather and waxed canvas has remarkable durability and is lightweight too. A quick overnight trip to kick back with your beloved or a long holidays, this travel bag is a lifetime investment.

For those who cannot be tied down, Eiken backpacks and rucksacks are a classic treat. The ‘Helsinski’ leather and canvas rucksack is the amalgam of ageless, Nordic design created with water-proof, durable materials perfect for trailblazers! Our rucksacks don’t just stand the test of time; they become a part of you, contouring to your shape and character that’s uniquely yours. We are proud to offer a line of hiking backpacks to accompany you on the vast expanse and trail ahead of you. Modern, sensible design, crazy capacity to fit in memories and utilities with waterproof, waxed surface prepare you to take on the world with this weapon on your back!

messenger bag for men and women

For the traveller on the go, our messenger bags prepare you for an easy, well-equipped trip and exciting adventures. The ‘Winnipeg’ messenger bag is practicality, elegance and modernity at its best. Affordable price tag, padded laptop sleeve and zippers with several pockets-what else do you need? Those who cannot part with their tech-devices, our rucksacks and laptop backpacks are an irresistible purchase. 100% water-proof, the ‘Gotebörg’ is the laptop backpack for you! With a range of colors, retro design and space, this unisex laptop backpack is one of our most celebrated designs.

Eiken strives to achieve unparalleled customer satisfaction. We have lovingly crafted a collection of durable, fashionable travel bags for those who believe in the beauty of adventure!

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Why should I trust your brand?

Because we know that it is very difficult to trust an E-Commerce site when we don't know it (don't pretend, we all got screwed one day and we all said to ourselves "This is the last time...").

The entire EIKEN team has shaken its brains and continues to do so to gather all the questions (or almost) for which you need answers and thus make your purchases with complete peace of mind. Our FAQ page contains your most frequently asked questions.

Clémence & Leo being anxious not to have put you completely at ease and in confidence will be happy to answer your questions that you can send her now via the contact form. 

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Yeah... I don't know... Maybe I could buy somewhere else?

We are lovers of travel and have a very strong sense of sharing and community. Coming to us is not just a simple act of buying, it is entering a community that shares the same vision of the world, the same desires and above all the same values.

With a view to developing these same values, we are constantly looking for ideas, advice, opinions and partners (mobile applications, suppliers, bloggers, ordinary travelers, etc.)

We offer quality goods, caring customer service and satisfaction guarantee on all our items!

Because, whoever does not continue to learn is unworthy of teaching; we would like to share with you our passion and knowledge but above all would be very happy, whether you are professionals or just passionate, to receive your sharing!

We hope we have enlightened you about who we are and our ambitions, we wish you an excellent journey on our website. And of course, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at info[at]eikenshop(dot)com or by using the contact form on the site.

Thank you for taking the time to know who we are. To thank you for making this effort, know that we offer you an additional 15% on all your order with the HISTORY15, available exclusively for the readers of this page!