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Embrace each moment, capture every memory, with a companion designed for the passionate photographer. Each piece, a perfect blend of vintage style and modern functionality, is crafted to journey with you, safeguarding your cherished camera gear.


    Camera Backpacks: Where Style Meets Functionality for Every Photographer

    Discover our range of camera backpacks, uniquely designed for the photography and travel enthusiast. These aren't just the best camera backpacks; they're a fusion of vintage aesthetics and modern practicality, perfect for those who appreciate both style and substance.

    Our collection breaks the monotony of most camera bags with its timeless vintage charm. From compact cameras to heavy gear, these bags are designed to hold your equipment securely. Available in army green, khaki, and dark grey, and in various sizes, ranging from 15L to 30L, the perfect size for short hikes, they're the best camera backpacks for those who value both looks and functionality.

    close up view of the waterproof heavy duty cotton canvas fabric and oil immersed brown full grain leather of a photography camera backpacks

    Photography Backpacks: Ample Room for Camera Gear and Laptop Storage

    In our collection of photography backpacks, every detail is meticulously designed to enhance your photography experience. Each camera bag offers dedicated pockets for your camera bodies, multiple lenses, batteries, and even a laptop sleeve for your digital workspace.

    The main camera compartment is spacious, providing room for all your photography equipment, including a spare lens or two lenses.

    Thoughtfully Designed Compartments

    Our camera bags feature customizable compartments that can be adjusted to fit various camera bodies and lenses, ensuring that each piece of equipment is snug and secure. Remove them and transform your DSLR bag into a trendy everyday bag.

    This adaptability allows you to tailor the backpack to your specific gear setup, making it perfect for a range of photography styles and requirements.

    Laptop Sleeve for On-the-Go Editing

    Recognizing the importance of mobility in modern photography, each photography backpack includes a padded laptop compartment. This feature allows you to carry your digital workspace with you, enabling on-site editing and immediate sharing of your work.

    The sleeve is designed to accommodate various laptop sizes, providing protection and easy access.

    Accessible and Secure Storage

    With quick-access pockets, you can reach for frequently used items like batteries, memory cards, and cleaning kits without having to dig through the main compartment. These pockets are strategically placed for convenience, while ensuring the security of your valuable gear.

    Unparalleled Comfort and Ergonomic Design

    In our quest to provide the ultimate camera backpack, we have placed a significant emphasis on comfort and ergonomic design.

    Understanding that photographers often carry their gear for extended periods, we've meticulously crafted these camera backpacks to ensure they're not just stylish and functional, but also exceptionally comfortable.

    close up of the main compartment with mesh pocket, zipped pockets, removable inserts and the quilted laptop sleeve of a camera bag

    Ergonomic Features for All-Day Comfort

    • Adjustable Straps: Our backpacks are equipped with fully adjustable, padded straps, allowing you to customize the fit to your body, reducing strain on your shoulders and back.

    • Lumbar Support: Each backpack features a strategically positioned lumbar pad, designed to provide lower back support, making it easier to carry heavier loads without discomfort.

    • Breathable Materials: The back panels are made from breathable materials, ensuring ventilation and reducing sweat, crucial for long photography sessions or hikes.

    • Lightweight Construction: Despite their robust build, these backpacks are surprisingly lightweight, minimizing the overall load and enhancing comfort during long treks.

    Thoughtful Design for Ease of Use

    • Easy Access Compartments: Designed with convenience in mind, our backpacks feature easily accessible compartments, so you can quickly reach your mirrorless camera and accessories without the need to remove the backpack.

    • Balanced Weight Distribution: The internal layout is carefully designed to distribute the weight evenly, reducing the risk of strain or imbalance, even when the backpack is fully loaded.

    • Padded Internal Dividers: Not only do these velcro dividers keep your equipment secure and organized, but they also contribute to the overall comfort by preventing sharp edges or bulky items from pressing against your back.

    Whether you are navigating through urban settings or embarking on off-the-beaten-path adventures, these backpacks ensure that comfort is never compromised.

    The ergonomic features are thoughtfully integrated into the design, so you can focus on capturing the perfect shot, not on the weight of your gear.

    Experience the difference with our ergonomically designed camera backpacks, where comfort meets style, and every adventure becomes a pleasure.

    camera bag's padded back panel, shoulder straps, adjustable chest strap, anti theft zipped pocket and luggage pass through to slide ot over

    Durability Meets Design: Camera and Lens Backpacks with Water-Resistant Features

    Our camera backpacks are a blend of aesthetics and resilience, crafted from two outstanding materials: cotton canvas (sometimes waxed) and crazy horse leather.

    These materials are not just chosen for their appearance but for their durability and practicality, especially for photographers who encounter diverse environments.

    Cotton Canvas: The Rugged Yet Refined Choice

    • What is Cotton Canvas?: Cotton canvas is a heavy-duty fabric known for its durability and sturdiness. It is made from cotton fibers woven tightly to create a thick, reliable material.

    • Main Characteristics: This material is renowned for its strength and ability to withstand wear and tear. It's also relatively lightweight, making it an ideal choice for backpacks.

    • Advantages:

      • Durability: Resists tearing and wearing down, ensuring the backpack lasts through countless adventures.

      • Natural Look and Feel: Adds an earthy, natural aesthetic that complements the vintage style of the backpack.

      • Breathability: Keeps the contents of the backpack cool and dry.

    water resistant heavy duty 12 oz waxed cotton canvas fabric

    Crazy Horse Leather: A Touch of Elegance and Strength

    • What is Crazy Horse Leather?: Crazy horse leather is a high-quality leather made from full-grain cowhide, primarily known for its rugged appearance and durability. It is treated with special oils and waxes to give it a unique look and feel.

    • Main Characteristics: This leather is tough and ages beautifully, developing a patina over time that enhances its character.

    • Advantages:

      • Long-lasting Durability: Offers exceptional toughness, making the backpack capable of withstanding rough handling.

      • Unique Aesthetic Appeal: Each backpack has a distinctive look, as the leather develops a rich patina over time.

      • Water Resistance: Offers a degree of water resistance, protecting your camera and lenses from the elements.

    vintage oiled immersed full grain crazy horse cowhide leather

    Enhanced Protection with Waxed Cotton Canvas

    For added protection, some of our backpacks feature waxed cotton canvas. This treatment enhances the canvas's water-resistant properties, making it an ideal choice for photographers who might find themselves caught in unexpected weather conditions. The waxed finish adds another layer of durability while maintaining the fabric's breathability and flexibility.

    By choosing these high-quality materials, we ensure that each everyday backpack is not just an accessory, but a reliable tool for street photographers.

    The combination of cotton canvas and crazy horse leather offers a perfect balance between durability, style, and practicality, providing you with a small camera backpack that's as ready for adventure as you are.

    two canvas leather camera backpacks for hiking in a forest

    Versatility at Its Best: Backpacks with Dedicated Pockets and Ample Features

    Our camera backpacks redefine versatility, blending innovative design with an array of features tailored for photographers on the move.

    These are more than just regular backpacks; they're a photographer's trusty companion, equipped to handle every need.

    Innovative Design for Ultimate Convenience

    • Roll-Top Closures: For adaptable storage space and easy camera access, some backpacks feature roll-top closures. This design allows you to expand or compress the storage space as needed, allowing you to carry extra lenses and other gear.

    • Extra Lens Compartments: Dedicated compartments for lenses ensure your valuable gear is well-organized and protected. These sections are padded and customizable, fitting lenses of different sizes securely.

    • Water Bottle Pockets: Essential for long days out in the field, the backpacks include convenient pockets for water bottles, keeping you hydrated during your adventures.

    Ergonomic Comfort for Heavy Loads

    • Shoulder and Waist Straps: Understanding that camera gear can be heavy, our DSLR backpacks are equipped with quilted shoulder straps and supportive waist straps. These features distribute weight evenly, ensuring comfort even when the camera backpack is fully loaded.

    • Breathable Back Panels: The back panels are crafted from breathable materials, providing ventilation and reducing fatigue during extended use.

    Camera Gear Organization: Quick Access for Efficient Photography

    • Main Compartment with Quick Access: Designed for both spontaneous shoots and deliberate excursions, the backpacks offer rapid access to your camera. This feature ensures you're always ready to capture the moment, without delays.

    • Versatile Storage for Camera Types: The main compartment is thoughtfully designed to stuff various camera types, from compact mirrorless models to professional DSLRs. Additional lenses and accessories also find their place, with the layout ensuring everything is within easy reach.

    In summary, our backpacks offer an unmatched combination of versatility, comfort, and organization.

    They're not just about carrying your gear; they're about enhancing your photography experience, ensuring you're prepared, comfortable, and ready for any photographic opportunity that comes your way.

    versatile camera backpack with removable inserts customized compartment lenses camera bodies canon nikon dslr

    Understanding the Advantages: The Benefits of a Camera Backpack

    Camera backpacks are more than just a carrying solution; they are an essential part of a photographer's toolkit. Here’s why:

    1. Optimal Protection for Gear: Camera backpacks are designed with padded compartments to safeguard your camera, lenses, and accessories against bumps, scratches, and the elements. This means your valuable equipment stays safe, whether you're navigating crowded streets or rugged outdoor trails.

    2. Organized and Accessible: With various compartments and extra pockets, these backpacks keep your camera gear organized. No more rummaging around for a lens or memory card; everything has its place, making it easy to access what you need quickly.

    3. Comfort and Convenience: Ergonomically designed, camera backpacks distribute weight evenly, making them comfortable to carry, even when loaded with heavy gear. This is crucial for photographers who spend long hours on their feet.

    4. Versatility and Flexibility: Whether you're a professional photographer or an enthusiast, these backpacks cater to diverse needs. From compact designs for day trips to larger ones for extensive equipment, there's a camera backpack for every type of shoot.

    5. Stylish and Professional: Our collection offers backpacks that aren’t just functional but also stylish. The vintage design adds a professional and sophisticated touch, making you stand out and express your unique style.

    6. Added Features for Modern Needs: Understanding the needs of contemporary photographers, many of our backpacks come with additional features like a laptop sleeve or a luggage pass through, making it easier to edit on the go and keep all your essential gear in one place.

    7. Durability for Long-Term Use: Made with high-quality materials like waxed cotton canvas and crazy horse leather, these backpacks are built to last. They withstand the rigors of travel and outdoor use, ensuring that they are a long-term investment for your photography adventures.

    8. Enhanced Mobility for Active Shoots: Camera backpacks allow you to move freely, keeping your hands free when you’re on the move. This mobility is vital for capturing those spontaneous, once-in-a-lifetime shots.

    By choosing the right camera backpack, you not only protect and organize your gear but also enhance your overall photography experience.

    Our collection promises to deliver these benefits, wrapped in a package of vintage elegance and modern functionality.

    different photography camera backpack setup with small tripod holder, a front pouch and external pockets

    How to Choose the Right Camera Backpack: A Guide for Every Photographer

    Selecting the best camera backpack is crucial for photographers, whether you're a street photographer, a nature enthusiast, or someone who shoots various subjects.

    Here’s a guide to help you choose the right camera bag, considering factors like gear, comfort, and style.

    1. Assess Your Gear Needs

    • Camera Types: Whether you use DSLR, mirrorless cameras, or compact cameras, ensure the main camera compartment of your camera bag has dedicated pockets for your camera bodies.

    • Lenses: If you carry multiple lenses, look for a camera bag with padded sections. For those with an extra lens or two, a smaller bag might suffice.

    • Laptop Sleeve: For photographers who edit on the go, a laptop sleeve for secure laptop storage is essential.

    • Other Accessories: Consider space for camera batteries, SD cards, camera cube, zippered pouch and tripods. Mesh pouches and side pockets are great for quick access to small accessories.

    2. Comfort and Convenience

    • Grab Handles, Shoulder Straps and Waist Straps: Ensure the backpack has adjustable shoulder straps and a sternum strap for balanced weight distribution, especially if you carry heavy gear.

    • Size and Fit: The camera backpack shouldn't be too large or small for your frame. It should have enough room without being cumbersome. Consider expandable roll top opening if you like to have a day-to-day backpack with optional extra storage and more room for your camera gear.

    • Quick Access Features: For short trips or street photography, a quick access point to your camera is key. Look for handy camera bags with roll-top or side access.

    3. Durability and Protection

    • Material: High-quality materials like leather, nylon, and waxed canvas offer durability. Water-resistant or waterproof backpacks protect gear in different weather conditions.

    • Padding: Decent padding in the main compartment and pockets helps protect cameras and lenses from bumps.

    4. Versatility and Style

    • Regular Backpack Conversion: Some photography backpacks come with the ability to convert into a normal backpack, which is great for casual use.

    • Aesthetics: Whether you prefer the classic look of leather or the modern and appeal of nylon, choose a style that reflects your personality.

    How to Wear a Camera Backpack?

    Wearing a canvas camera bag correctly not only adds to your comfort but also ensures quick access to your equipment and enhances the longevity of the bag. Here are some tips on how to wear vintage camera bags effectively:

    1. Adjust the Straps for a Perfect Fit:

    • Shoulder Straps: Before loading your bag, adjust the straps so that the camera bag sits comfortably on your back. The bag should be high enough on your back to not pull downwards but not so high that it restricts movement.

    • Waist Straps: If your bag includes waist straps, use them to distribute the weight more evenly. This is especially important if you are carrying heavy gear. The waist strap should sit snugly above your hips.

    2. Pack Smartly for Balance and Accessibility:

    • Even Weight Distribution: Place heavier items like camera bodies and large lenses towards the center of the camera bag and close to your back and the smaller items at the top. This helps in maintaining balance.

    • Accessibility: Keep frequently used items such as extra batteries, memory cards, chargers or a lens cloth in the outer zippered pockets (with a spacious front pocket) or at the top of the main compartment for easy access. Some packs feature a side strap to attach and secrure your tripod, either on the side by converting the bottle pocket or beneath the bag, that can also hold trekking poles. With YKK zippers, you can wander to your next shooting with a light mind.

    3. Wearing the Bag:

    • One-Shoulder Carry: For quick access, sling a shoulder strap over one shoulder and wear it like a shoulder bag. This method is ideal for situations where you need to frequently reach your gear.

    • Two-Shoulder Carry: For longer treks or when carrying heavier loads, use both straps and wear it as a normal bag. This provides better support and reduces strain on your shoulders and back.

    How to Style Canvas & Leather Camera Backpacks?

    Styling a canvas camera backpack is about more than just functionality; it's about making a fashion statement that complements your personal style and the adventures you embark upon.

    Here are some tips on how to style these versatile, vintage-inspired backpacks:

    1. Pair with Casual or Outdoor Attire:

    • Adventure-Ready Look: Match your backpack with outdoor clothing like cargo pants, hiking boots, and a durable jacket. This look is perfect for outdoor photography sessions or nature hikes.

    • Urban Explorer Style: For city dwellers, combine the backpack with casual urban wear. Think jeans, a comfortable t-shirt, and sneakers or casual boots. You can also look at messenger bags to complement your style. This pairing is ideal for street photography or casual day trips.

    2. Accessorize Thoughtfully:

    • Scarves and Hats: Add a scarf or a wide-brimmed hat to your outfit for a touch of elegance that complements the backpack’s vintage vibe.

    • Camera Straps: Consider a camera strap that matches or contrasts with your backpack. Leather straps can especially enhance the vintage aesthetic.

    3. Color Coordination:

    • Complementary Colors: Since these backpacks come in natural, earthy tones, wear clothes in colors that complement these hues. Olive greens, browns, and beiges work well.

    • Contrast with Bold Colors: For a more striking look, contrast the natural colors of the backpack with bold clothing choices like bright blues, reds, or yellows.

    4. Seasonal Considerations:

    • Summer and Spring: Pair the camera backpack with light-colored linens and cotton for a fresh, airy look.

    • Fall and Winter: Combine it with heavier fabrics like wool and denim. Layering clothes, such as wearing a sweater over a collared shirt, can also complement your camera bag's style.

    5. Mix and Match with Footwear:

    • Boots for Rugged Terrains: Wear sturdy boots for rough terrains, which pair well with the ruggedness of the canvas.

    • Casual Shoes for Urban Areas: Opt for loafers, casual sneakers, or even sandals for a more laid-back, urban look.

    How to Care for and Maintain a Camera Backpack?

    Your camera backpack, crafted from premium waxed cotton canvas and crazy horse leather, is designed not only to carry your camera gear but to journey with you through countless adventures. To maintain its pristine condition and functionality, here are some essential care and maintenance tips:

    1. Regular Cleaning:

      • Canvas: Gently brush off any dirt or debris. For stains, use a damp cloth with mild soap and spot clean. Avoid using harsh detergents, as they can damage the fabric.

      • Leather: Use a soft, dry cloth to dust off the surface. For deeper cleaning, apply a leather conditioner with a soft cloth in a circular motion. This not only cleans but also keeps the leather supple.

    2. Waxing the Canvas:

      • To maintain water resistance and durability, re-wax the canvas every year or as needed. Use a quality fabric wax and apply it evenly, then use a hairdryer to evenly distribute the wax.

    3. Storing Properly:

      • When not in use, store your small camera backpack in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods, which can fade the fabric and leather.

    4. Avoiding Overloading:

      • While our bags are designed to carry your camera, lenses, laptop, and other accessories, be mindful of the weight. Overloading can strain the straps and seams.

    5. Dealing with Moisture:

      • If your camera backpack gets wet, empty it and let it dry naturally away from direct heat. For the laptop sleeve and other sensitive areas, ensure they are completely dry before storing your gear.

    6. Regular Checks:

      • Periodically check for any signs of wear, particularly around seams, straps, and pockets. Early detection of minor issues can prevent them from turning into major problems.

    7. Leather Care:

      • If the leather parts get wet, let them dry naturally. Apply a leather conditioner periodically to prevent cracking and maintain the leather's natural oils.

    Your Journey Awaits: Explore with Our Camera and Lens Backpacks

    Discover the perfect blend of functionality and style in our camera backpack collection. Embrace the freedom to explore and capture the world in your unique way with the best camera bags.

    We stand behind our products with a 2-year warranty, free shipping options, and a 14-day return policy. Our responsive customer support is available 7 days a week, ensuring that your experience is as flawless as your adventures.

    With secure payment methods, your journey with is completely secure.

    Don't wait – your next great adventure deserves an equally great backpack. Browse our collection now and find your perfect companion.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Our bags are crafted with high-quality materials like waxed canvas and crazy horse leather, specifically chosen for outdoor photography. Waxed canvas is renowned for its durability and ability to repel water, making it ideal for protecting your gear in unpredictable weather. Crazy horse leather, known for its rugged appearance and strength, enhances the backpack's durability and aesthetic appeal. These materials age beautifully, acquiring a unique patina over time, adding character to your photography journey.


    Our backpacks offer substantial protection against various weather conditions, featuring water-resistant fabrics and secure closures. However, for extreme scenarios like heavy rain, snowstorms, or dusty environments, we recommend using additional protective gear to safeguard your camera equipment, such as a rain cover. The bags provide a solid first line of defense but are not designed for prolonged exposure to severe weather without extra protection.


    The dimensions of the laptop compartments vary across our range of backpacks. Most of our bags are designed to comfortably fit 15.6" laptops, but we recommend reviewing the product descriptions for each model to find the exact sizing. This ensures that you choose a small camera backpack that provides a perfect fit for your specific laptop size and needs.


    The storage compartments in our bags are highly customizable to suit various photography needs. They feature adjustable and padded dividers, allowing you to configure the space according to the size and type of your cameras, lenses, and accessories. This flexibility ensures that your equipment stays secure and organized, making it easy to access and protect your gear.


    For returns or exchanges, please refer to our return policy on the website. It outlines the steps and conditions for a smooth process. Generally, you need to ensure the camera bag is in its original condition, with tags and packaging intact. Contact our customer service team for guidance and to initiate the return or exchange process. We're committed to ensuring a hassle-free experience for our customers.


    Our camera backpacks are engineered to support a weight that comfortably accommodates standard camera equipment and accessories. The exact weight capacity depends on the specific backpack model. Please refer to the individual product details for precise information. Our packs are designed with both durability and ergonomics in mind, ensuring they can carry your gear without compromising on comfort.


    Yes, our bags are designed with international travel in mind. Most of our models comply with standard carry-on size requirements for international flights, making them a convenient choice for photographers on the move. They are compact yet spacious, providing ample room for your photography equipment while meeting airline regulations.


    Delivery times vary based on your location and the shipping option you select at checkout. We provide estimated delivery times on each product page under the "Shipping information" section. These estimates give you a general idea of when to expect your order, allowing you to plan accordingly. We strive to process and ship orders promptly to ensure you receive your camera backpack as soon as possible.

    Customer Testimonials


    Having recently bought several other backpacks, I purchased this camera backpack for my daughter. The quality is first class. The camera insert design works extremely well and allows her to put her camera in the pack for hikes and remove the insert with the camera when she uses the pack for college. The leather flap top is very flexible and easier to access than my canvas flap top backpack. She loves the complete design.

    Ivan C.

    Fits all my camera needs perfectly. It looks gorgeous and not like a camera bag at all. Very comfortable, but the straps keep getting loose.

    Lorena Z.

    I bought the Algonquin Backpack to be able to explore a bit this summer and be able to take some shoots. I wanted a sturdy & functional backpack to carry my canon but I wantd it stylish as many of the camera bag nowadays are boring and generic. I'm more than happy with the style and the features. The leather is awesome, the waxed canvas fabric is very stiff and easy to wash. I already went through hell with my backpack and it protected my belongings perfectly. Thanks guys !

    Stacy C.

    I love it - it’s so versatile and all of my camera kit fits with plenty more space for other essentials! Perfectly secure with the back fasteners - even handier than one which opens in the normal way. I’m super pleased with this purchase.

    Morna S.

    I wanted a canvas and leather cool looking not to big camera bag and a rucksack version. I needed one that could hold one camera, a lens and tripod. This bag fit the bill. Looks awesome and is so well made. It really is perfect.

    Ahmed H.