how to stay safe in a big crowd of people

10 Useful Tips To Help You Stay Safe In A Big Crowd Of People

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Being around a lot of people can be exciting, but also dangerous. With that being said, it's important to keep in mind that being in a crowd of people isn't extremely dangerous - tragedies happen, but it’s not that often. Still, it's important to know the basic safety precautions, just in case!

People are usually anxious and dislike crowds, especially when hearing about certain tragedies, but there are ways to prevent getting hurt and improve your safety during such events! It's always better to be safe than sorry so here are some useful tips to help you stay safe in a big crowd of people

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1. Know your surrounding

Before going to a place, it’s good to get to know the environment, especially if a crowd of people is expected to be there. This is common for events such as concerts or indoor parties, it’s good to know all the exit points and how to get out of the building as fast as possible.

This can be crucial if there is a fire or something similar, a lot of people might rush to the main exit and cause a stampede - knowing all the exit points will allow you enough time to make the right decision! The best thing to do in these situations is to stay calm and to take a good look at your surroundings and figure out the safest route!

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2. Hydrate and eat beforehand

When going to a festival or a concert where a lot of people are attending, it's good to hydrate and eat beforehand. These kinds of events might take a while, several hours and some might even last the whole day - and if you are in the middle of the crowd it can get hard to go back and forth. The worst thing that can happen is for you to fall unconscious, and that’s never a good thing to experience, especially in a crowded space.

So it can help if you get hydrated, especially during the hot days, and also eat a good meal before attending the event! On the other hand, it’s a good idea to cut down on alcohol and other substances in order to stay focused and alert in the crowd, you don’t want to get sick in the middle of a crowd! 

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3. Be mindful of germs

If there is something we learned from the recent pandemic, it’s to be mindful of all the germs around us! Carrying a hand sanitizer or even a mask in a crowded space is not as foreign as it used to be, and for a good reason! No one likes to get sick, regardless of whether it’s during a pandemic or not - this can minimize the risk of catching something.

So the best tip for this is to avoid touching other people, and with that avoid touching your own face, especially don’t drink from bottles and cups that are passed around! You never know what's truly in them and on top of that if people who drank from them are sick. So in order to stay safe and not catch anything, practice these safety measures and carry sanitizing products with you! 

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4. Wear appropriate clothing

It’s important to remember to wear appropriate clothes to events with lots of people - mainly focus on wearing things that are on a tighter side and less likely to get pulled on in the crowd. This can be a nuisance and you’ll constantly have to check if your outfit is thorn or not.

On the other hand, shoes are also extremely important - shoes with open toes and slippers are the worst thing you can wear in a crowded space, people will definitely step on you and that’s never pleasant! Wear something that will not easily slip off or get lost in the crown - the last thing you want to do is be shoeless the whole time!

solid shoes festival

5. Safety items

Unfortunately, a lot of things can go wrong in a crowded space, you never know what kind of people might be hiding in plain sight. While these kinds of accidents and acts of violence are not common, it’s still a possibility! This is a big reason why lots of people fear going into big crowds and they have all the right to feel that way - it can be dangerous at times, and you never know what could happen!

Adding a protective layer to your wardrobe is optional, nowadays there are plenty of options such as bulletproof vests, there is even a bulletproof backpack that can keep you safe without feeling like you are wearing literal armor! This is definitely something to consider when going to concerts and parties with lots of people - especially in states where gun violence is higher, it's always best to be safe than sorry! You can look up at Bulletproof Zone as they offer high-quality bulletproof clothing and accessories

gun bullets

6. Pack strategically

Pickpocketing can sometimes happen in crowds, so it’s important to pack smart! Carrying important documents and lots of money in an open purse is never a good idea, even placing your phone in the back pocket is a recipe for disaster! There are plenty of useful tips and bags you can use in order to carry the essentials without the fear of getting them stolen!

First of all, pack strategically and only carry the essentials like your ID and credit card - sometimes cash is even better, that way you can place a bit of money in multiple places! Some events and concerts can last for several hours, so instead of going back and forth, carry your important medication and an epi-pen if needed. This can actually save your life - it can be difficult to get out of the crowd in the middle of the concert, so if you are feeling ill you can take something on the spot! 

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7. Have a plan in mind

When going with a group of people to a crowded place, it's a good idea to have a plan of action! A place where you can meet if some of you get separated and lost - this is also extremely important for parents who are bringing kids to theme parks and festivals as well! Getting separated from your child in a big crowd is every parent's nightmare, so coming up with a place to meet up is a must!

Sticking together is much recommended, regardless if you are going with family or with a group of friends, it's just safer and practical to spend the whole event together rather than separating, even voluntarily! This is crucial, especially if there is a safety hazard, the worst thing you want to go through is being without your group in a panicking crowd! 

group of friends at a festival

8. Be quick but calm

If you notice strange smoke or anything out of the ordinary it’s best to stay calm but also act quick! Staying there is never a good idea, even if your suspicions were later proven to be wrong, sometimes it’s best to leave the space than to pay the price!

Deep breathing and calming yourself is the best thing you can do, also trying to calm down people around you - being collectively calm is always better than causing mass chaos! It can be extremely stressful and scary to be stuck in a crowd and have no place to go, but being able to examine the situation while being level-headed is a must! 

man escaping concert chaos

9. Be mindful of yourself and others

If accidents do end up happening and you find yourself in a crowd there are certain things you should remember! Unfortunately, tragedies do happen, and it's all due to bad safety precautions and the mass panic that spreads pretty fast! In these situations, the crowd will definitely start moving - so the best thing to do in this situation is to run diagonally.

A stampede is the worst thing that can happen, as a result of mass panic - try not to be a part of it and look after people who have fallen. Lots of people might fall and get injured, but also they can cause other people to trip over them. So being mindful of yourself and others is key!  

helping others

10. Additional things

There are so many details that can change the whole experience of being in a big crowd - most of them revolve around safety precautions and just having a plan to back on.

  • Charging your phone and turning the sound off and turning the vibration on is a must, especially if you get separated from your group!
  • Wearing easily recognizable clothes, especially recognizable colors in a crowd is a good way to stand out and easily get recognized by your group!  
  • Taking a picture of your child is another important thing, so if you get separated you can ask around the crowd if someone has seen your child! It's the little things like this that can completely change the whole experience and help in the long run! 

Wrapping Up

There are lots of things to consider when going into a crowd - people like to believe that everything will turn out okay, but tragedies and accidents do end up happening. In that case, it's important to stay calm and follow the safety precautions - even if nothing happens, try going into it as something will happen. That way you are prepared for everything, and there is a lesser chance of getting hurt in any way. This can be as little as eating so you don’t collapse from being hungry to wearing a bulletproof west! 

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