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Your Best Secret Spots to Visit in Las Vegas

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Is Sin City keeping secrets? The answer is clear - yes, and not the only one. Las Vegas is famous for its casinos and excellent ability for a saturated vacation with rich nightlife, various shows, and interesting activities like helicopter rides to the Grand Canyon or numerous parties on the Strip. 

In this article, we collected information about some hidden places and facts which may surprise and diversify your journey. For comfortable moving, pick up a Jeep Wrangler rental in Las Vegas

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Burlesque Hall of Fame

In fact, it is the only collection in the world dedicated to the art of high-technique seductive dance. The exhibitions are presented by Dixie Evans, the woman who worked to document the history of burlesque and find a place to demonstrate it. Exotic World became a house of memories for aging performers and an educational field for visitors.

Want to stay longer? The museum offers a night of Burlesque Revue. Boylesque performs with a great diverse cast, and the show is rich in glamor and humor. Tickets aren't expensive, from $20 to $40 per one. 

Or maybe you want to dance by yourself? Exclusive private and group burlesque classes are available for all. The motto states that all bodies are burlesque bodies. 

woman wearing burlesque clothing

Seven Magic Mountains

Magic mountains are peculiar lighthouses in the desert that color the sky and don't let earth and heaven merge. Tourists are usually oriented toward city sightseeing, casinos, and bars, but this beauty is unequal.

If we omit the fact that it is a sculpture made by Ugo Rondinone, we might believe that mountains are real for a moment. His work and the wildlife around it seem perfectly harmonious. Perhaps you may have a thought, why? Swiss artist used local rocks and chose a specific location to find the right balance between the natural and artificial. The entrance is free.

Seven Magic Mountains


Shopping in Las Vegas couldn't be boring because of the local icons in the mall and shops, which literally shine with luxury with every step. Akhob is situated in the Louis Vuitton boutique on the top floor. 

This color immersive art installation was created by James Turrell and installed in 2013 permanently. Treating yourself with a new purchase and continuing the shopping experience with new photos and impressions makes the day special.

But if you aren't interested in new handbags, call ahead and make arrangements with employees, tell them that you want to visit the magical room, and then come to enjoy the light fields. Always book in advance. 

Mature Couple Enjoying Art Exhibition in Museum

Flamingo Habitat 

A little paradise in the sin city, an awesome point for a family vacation route. Las Vegas brings the best of the world's heritage to the Strip, a piece of different parts of culture, such as the Egyptian sphinx or a replica of the New York City skyline. And the Flamingo Habitat is a live piece of Florida right in the center of a noisy worldwide Entertainment Capital. 

Exotic gardens in the Flamingo Hotel are full of numerous species of flora and green fauna. On the trails, you can meet pelicans, swans, parrots, and other delightful creations. 

Dozens of pink Chilean Flamingos are running about landscapes and perhaps, feel good in well-reproduced conditions of aquatic life. There is a possibility to learn some new information about them in early morning presentations at 8:30 a.m and 11 a.m.

Looking for a way to budget your trip? The best hacks are below. 

flamingo birds in a lake

Travel secrets that locals don't like to share

Take our list of valuable tips and save them for your next trip:

  • Time is money. Traveling in the right months - getting the best deal for everything because the price changes depending on the influx of people. Not only tourists, but Las Vegas also hosts conferences and mostly trade festivals. 
  • Eat out. Buffets are good but expensive and trite. Visiting a dining establishment, you won't ruin your budget. 
  • Days also matter. Cheap flights fall on Wednesdays, Thursdays (same for inexpensive hotel bookings), and Saturdays. 


No matter how much you've been in the sin city, there's always something new and exciting every time. Wish you safe trips and fun.


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