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The 10 Objects You Must Bring While Traveling

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When you set your sights on travelling to a far-off land you have yet to explore, you are going to have to bring several travel essentials. Although you already know about the basics, such as your phone, toiletries, and clothes, there are other items of importance which will make your trip easier and more enjoyable.

In an age where there are so many innovations designed to make life easier, if you are not using what is available to make your travels more enjoyable, why not? You can enjoy your adventures more if you update your packing list with these 10 things.

As an avid traveller, I always look for what I can improve on, save space on, and enjoy more. In years past, I thought I already had everything that made my travels a breeze, yet it seems every year some new innovation comes out that makes some aspect of travelling easier.

The 10 objects I am going to talk about are ones which I have personally found helpful in my travels, as I am sure they will be for you as well. I owe a debt of gratitude, and have a great appreciation, for these things since they have made travelling a breeze. Let's get right into it and look at 10 objects you just have to bring while travelling.

1. Small Liquids Travel Bottle

Airport security has restrictions in place when it comes to how much of a liquid you can bring in your carry-on bags. The current limit is 3.4 ounces (100 ml). Rather than painstakingly looking for a bottle you may have to lay around that will have room for this exact amount of liquid, get some Gotoobs.

A Gotoob is a silicone bottle that is the most popular way to transport liquids of all kinds in your carry-on. These bottles are backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can trust the quality is the highest it can be. These bottles are TSA-approved and I can vouch for them being a leak-proof way to transport soaps, oils, and even honey. 

2. Mini Water Filtration System

If you are backpacking around Southeast Asia, or just want to feel empowered to be able to get fresh water wherever you are, you should bring a water filtration system with you. The last thing you want to be doing is puking your guts out because you drank non-potable water and caught a nasty bug.

The Sawyer water filters are the best ones I have used and have been using them for nearly a decade. The Sawyer mini filter is small enough to put in your pocket. You can even attach it to store-bought water bottles, which you can refill in a stream or questionable tap water.

3. Water Bottle

You need to stay hydrated, no matter how you are getting to your final destination. I have had enough experiences where I thought I was going to have access to water but then, several hours later, my mouth is still dry and I have not been able to quench my thirst. Rather than relying on a vendor or shop carrying water, be sure to have water on you at all times.

A high-quality stainless steel bottle is the way to go and the best I have come across is the Hydro Flask. I have two, which fit perfectly on the sides of my travel leather rucksack. The double-walled vacuum insulation makes sure your hot drinks stay hot and your cold beverages stay cold for hours and hours. To make sure you stay hydrated, get one of these. 

4. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Planes, trains, and automobiles can be noisy places. Rather than expose yourself to all that unpleasant noise, grab a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. The TaoTronicsnoise-canceling Bluetooth headphones are a great pair of affordable headphones which block out much of the noise you would otherwise hear.

You get some really thumping bass with these headphones, which you can listen to without recharging for nearly 30 hours! Get your ears a break from the outside ruckus and get a pair of noise-cancelling headphones.

5. Portable Battery Bank

There are few things more frustrating than having your smartphone die on you when you need it the most. Being on the phone with the credit card company to cancel a credit card I had just lost (while my phone's battery was about to die) was the last straw.

Instead of freaking out about it or scrambling to find an outlet, give yourself some peace of mind by getting an external battery bank. The Anker PowerCore is a powerful 10,000 mAh battery capable of recharging an iPhone X or Galaxy S9 three times over. This is a battery bank small enough to fit in your pocket, so you should have no problem finding a place for it in your luggage or backpack.

6. Solar Charger

Having a portable power bank for your smartphone and other essential devices is great, but what happens when that runs out? What if the nearest outlet is miles away? The solution to this is to get a solar charger. The Anker Solar Charger gives you 21W solar panels which fold up neatly so you can stow them away while you are not using them.

You simply unfold the panels and put them in the sun. Connect your smartphone directly to the panels, or charge your portable battery bank to store the free energy you just harvested from the sun. These panels have saved me more than once.

7. Disinfecting Wipes

Whenever you are taking a mode of transportation, especially a plane, while travelling, you are going to be coming in contact with germs other people have left behind. Armrests, tables, remotes, handles, and other things people touch should be wiped down with disinfecting wipes so you avoid catching something and potentially ruining your trip.

Clorox bleach-free disinfecting wipes kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in less than a minute, so these are a great tool in your arsenal while travelling. When you start wiping down some of those surfaces, you will even see that they are visually more dirty than you had ever thought or hoped they were.

8. Mini First-Aid Kit

You never know when the next scrape, burn, bruise, sting, or cut will happen. That is why you should bring a mini First-Aid kit with you when you go travelling. You don't need anything larger than the palm of your hand since most injuries only require an antiseptic, bandage, and maybe a gauze. All that running you did to catch that flight or train you almost missed?

It probably got you a blister. Treat it with some ointment and slap a bandage on it. This is one of those things which I wish I did not have to bring with me, but which has been a big help many times. Since this mini First-Aid kit takes up hardly any space, it would be irresponsible not to bring it along on your travels.

9. Travel Adapter

Different countries have different prongs in their outlets and for their appliances. Instead of being caught by surprise when you get to another country, bring a travel adapter with you. The Conair all-in-one adapter will work in over 150 countries, You can even plug in your USB cables into it.

You sometimes need to get multiple adapters when dealing with multiple types of prongs, but this adapter makes it easy and provides you with the four most common plug configurations. Wherever you are going in the world, chances are that this adapter will be able to let you use your devices without figuring out how to plug them into quirky foreign outlets.

10. Headlamp

You do not need to be hiking out in the backcountry to find having a headlamp an essential piece of equipment to take while travelling. Having a steady source of light without needing to hold up your phone or maintain your grip on a flashlight can make your life much easier. There are many parts of the world where streetlights are not as common as in Western countries.

Other places are also more prone to blackouts, which makes situations, like needing to use the bathroom, more difficult than they should be. A good and simple headlamp is the Energizer LED headlamp. You may find that having a headlamp can also make you feel safer because you see more of your surroundings in unfamiliar places

Wrapping Up

These are 10 objects you have to bring while travelling. You may already be bringing a few of these with you, but some of these may have been completely new to you. From personal experience, these 10 things have made my travels much easier than they would have been otherwise. Since many of them are inexpensive, you will be able to update your travel packing list without breaking the bank.

The next time you start planning for a trip, reference this list and get as many of these as you can which you don't already have. They will make your life easier and your trip more enjoyable.

And you guys? What are your "must-have" that you take with you in all your journeys? Tell us in the comment!

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