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Weekender vs Overnight vs Duffle Bags [2024 Ultimate Guide]

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Weekender bags, overnight bags, and duffle bags are all words used to describe the same type of bag.

Why make it simple when you can make it complicated, you may ask?

In general, these terms refer to a soft-sided bag with handles and a removable strap that has been a go-to choice for frequent travellers, both workers, students and tourists alike.

While once upon a time these were solid green cylindrical bags, they now come in all types of shapes and colours. The modern-day weekender bag has become a sophisticated child of its duffle bag predecessors.

Wants to know more about these timeless marvels? Let's dive into it!

Canvas Duffle Bag
Canvas Duffle Bag
Weekend Travel Bag
Weekend Travel Bag
Canvas Overnight Bag
Canvas Overnight Bag
Vintage Travel Bag
Vintage Travel Bag

I. The History of the Weekender, Overnight & Duffle Bags

The duffle bag, as we know it today, can be traced back to the early 20th century. However, duffle bags have their roots going even further back.

These bags get their name from the type of cotton used, which has its roots in the late 17th century in Belgium, within a town called Duffel.

This material was so durable that it was used on ships, where the ability to withstand high trade winds was paramount. Any fabric leftover from being used on those ships was made into simple bags for sailors to use for their belongings.

Fast forward to the 19th century, this thick and durable cotton fabric was used for outfits that needed to withstand extreme elements, such as Antarctic expeditions.

The military fell in love with using duffle cotton fabric for bags, given how tough and affordable the material was. It could really take a beating and still hold up for a long time to come. At first, the British and American military members used duffle bags, followed by the rest of the world.

A surplus of military duffle bags made their way into military surplus stores, where the bags were picked up by people, such as surfers, from California all the way down to Australia.

From there, the duffle bag became a fashion statement and picked up greater popularity as the years and decades went on

These days, everyone from high-powered executives to blue-collar workers embrace duffle bags as a great way to haul their belongings.

These bags are made out of a variety of materials besides just a specific type of cotton.There are also variations of its shape, away from the monolithic style of being a large and cylindrical bag, while closed at the top with a zipper or drawstring.

vintage leather weekender bag with visible signs of wear and fine craftsmanship

II. Why Are There Multiple Names for a Duffle Bag?

What started out as one word to describe this type of bag has now turned into a few different names for the same bag.

Why is this the case? Does a weekender bag differ somehow from an overnight bag? Is a duffle bag something different from both of these?

The additional names for essentially the same bag came into being because of a few deviations from the original duffle bag. When you think of what is a duffle bag, you conjure up visions of a cylindrical canvas bag with straps.

When a bag has these elements, it is easy to identify it by calling it a duffle bag. However, what about when there are more accessories and different materials used?

When the design of a bag strays in some way from the original duffle style, it helps to describe it in different ways.

1. Weekender Bags

The Weekender Bag is a name that has been created to define a duffle bag that is designed for use on trips that are a few days long, such as a weekend getaway. Besides having space (which duffle bags also provide) for a longer trip, weekender bags can also be considered versatile pieces of luggage.

The practical design not only has handles but features a shoulder strap as well. You can take it with you as a carry-on when flying somewhere, grabbing it by the handles, and heading out of the airport. You can also throw it over your shoulder when you need your hands free to perform other tasks.

Besides these design elements, there is also lots of variety in regards to the style, colour, and materials. The most typical materials used are canvas, leather, and polyester. The natural materials are part of the charm of duffle bags, which is something weekender bags also have. The interior synthetic polyester lining has a practical purpose as well. It keeps all the contents within the bag free from getting agitated by the rougher cotton canvas of the bag. It also helps keep everything clean on the interior.

modern traveler embarking on a weekend trip casually dressed in contemporary stylish travel attire with a waxed canvas vintage weekender bag

2. Overnight Bags

The Overnight Bag is, as the name suggests, a bag that is suitable for taking with you on an overnight trip. This means it may be slightly smaller in size than a weekender bag, yet still large enough to take all the belongings you would need to stay the night somewhere.

An overnight bag does not have to just be used for one-night reprieves. You can take it with you to the gym and the office as well. Its medium size makes it practical to use for transporting your everyday-use belongings, be they for business, pleasure, or exercise.

modern businessman in a taxi on his way to a hotel for an overnight business trip with an overnight bag

3. Duffle Bags

Duffle bags make great carry-on and travel bags, given their soft exterior, can be squashed down to fit according to specific airline baggage restrictions. The rugged and durable exterior means it can also handle getting thrown around, if necessary.

These bags are large enough where they always seem to have room for a few more things you may want to bring with you or bring back home. The versatile and timeless style of the duffle bag is something that has helped cement it as a bag that is as popular as ever, for both everyday uses and for travelling on short trips. It is easy to carry, lightweight, and can take a beating.


    Large Duffle Bag
    Large Duffle Bag
    Waxed Duffle Bag
    Waxed Duffle Bag
    Small Duffle Bag
    Small Duffle Bag
    Weekend Duffle Bag
    Weekend Duffle Bag

    III. Key Features of Duffle Bags, Weekend Bags, and Overnight Bags

    There are some key features that are integral to a bag being considered a weekender, overnighter, or duffle bag.

    You will find these on all the variations of the duffle bag and if you don't, then it's not a true duffle bag. The key features you will want to look out for are the following:

    ✔ Durable Materials

    The most notable, as well as important, feature of a good duffle bag is the material it is made out of. To be a true weekender bag, the material needs to be durable and able to withstand rugged uses.

    The two most common quality materials are canvas and leather. The canvas generally comes waxed, in order to protect the contents of the bag from outside moisture. Canvas is an incredibly durable material, which is why it was used to make these bags for sailors and the military in the first place. Leather is a great material for handles and buckles, so both are great for use in a duffle bag.

    ✔ Strong Stitching

    Staying with the theme of toughness and durability, weekender duffle bags feature strong stitching. The workmanship on the stitching is so good that it will make sure the bag will not tear from heavy use.

    The stitching patterns are done in such a way that no matter what direction you pull at the bag, they will stay in place. Properly-stitched seams can make a big difference between a bag holding up to your needs and a bag that fails at doing so.

    The more you will want to load up the bag, the more important strong stitching becomes. A true quality duffle bag will have seams stitched from the inside in the areas where the load-bearing weight will create the most pressure.

    ✔ Double Stitched Zipper

    A good weekender bag will have a very strong zipper. You want to be able to fill your duffle bag to its maximum capacity without it bursting open. The bigger a zipper is, the stronger it will be and the more likely it will be able to stay closed.

    A durable and well-made zipper will also be implanted right into the seams of the bag. The benefit to you with this is that there will be less potential for fraying.

    While a good zipper will work well for years to come, even the best zippers will be challenged if you consistently over-stuff a bag.

    modern day traveler with a fashionable outfit walking on a bustling city stree carrying a grey waxed canvas duffle bag

    ✔ Strong Shoulder Straps

    As you can tell by now, this type of bag has strong features. This holds true when it comes to the straps. The straps have to be strong enough to handle the considerable weight of the contents within the duffle bag.

    They should make carrying the bag around as effortless and easy as possible. This strap helps you throw the bag over your shoulder. The bag should also have strong handles as well, in case you prefer to hand-carry your weekender bag.

    Both handles and a strap are features on practically all duffle, weekender, and overnight bags. However, most of the time, the strap is removable, so you can stow it away if you do not intend to carry it using that method.

    ✔ Roomy and Lined Interior

    A key feature of a great duffle bag is a roomy interior, which has a lining between your belongings and the rugged material the bag is made out of. This lining should be soft and add to the overall beauty and sophistication of the bag.

    The interior of the bag should be roomy enough for stowing away your gear, supplies, and accessories you will need for the day, weekend, or an overnight stay. If you like order, you can add packing cube to segment your belongings. The soft exterior allows this bag to get compressed for airline flights and other places where it needs to conform to particular size allotments.

    ✔ Multiple Internal and External Pockets

    These bags should also contain a few pockets for items you need to get to quickly, such as your phone. Having pockets of various sizes helps you stow away accessories that are easily accessible.

    They should be on the interior, as well as the exterior of the bag. Smaller accessories should not have to live in the main storage compartment, where they can be difficult to locate.

    These pockets will save time and eliminate frustration when you need to access something, such as your phone or a plane ticket.

    ✔ Higher Price for Quality and Craftsmanship

    Given the high quality of the materials used in duffle bags, weekender bags, and overnight bags, the price will be higher than the average bag you can find mass-produced.

    The general rule is that the cheaper a bag is, the lower the quality will be. While it may look rugged and tough, after putting it through stress tests, you will come to notice that a seam or two starts ripping or the zipper starts getting stuck.

    For quality bags, you need to put out a little extra money. This does not mean it has to be some exorbitant amount just because there is a name brand slapped onto the bag. The quality of the materials and the craftsmanship of the bag are the legitimate reasons for a duffle ba

    Military Duffle Bag
    Military Duffle Bag
    Gym Duffle Bag
    Gym Duffle Bag
    Weekend Holdall
    Weekend Holdall
    Mens Duffle Bag
    Mens Duffle Bag

    IV. How to Choose Between a Weekender and Duffle Bag?

    Choosing the right travel bag can be the difference between a trip filled with peace of mind and one that's a logistical nightmare. Let's break down the process into simple steps to ensure your bag aligns perfectly with your travel needs.

    1. Assessing Your Travel Needs

    Duration of Stay and Nature of Trip

    • Short Trips: For trips lasting a few days, the compact nature of a weekender bag is ideal. It's designed to hold enough clothes, a toiletry bag, and perhaps a book or tablet.
    • Longer Journeys: If your journey is longer or you need more items, such as sports equipment or bulky clothing, a duffle bag offers the additional space required.

    Assessing Packing Habits and Requirements

    • Minimalist Packers: If you pride yourself on packing light, a weekender bag with designated compartments helps keep those few items well-organized.
    • Heavy Packers: For those who tend to pack extra "just in case" items, a duffle bag gives you the flexibility to pack more generously.

    2. Considering Your Personal Style

    Style Compatibility with Wardrobe

    • Business Travelers: A leather weekender may suit those with a business-oriented wardrobe, providing an air of professionalism.
    • Casual Travelers: If your wardrobe leans towards casual or sporty, a canvas duffle bag might be more in line with your look.

    Weekender and Duffle Bags in Fashion Context

    • Fashion-Forward: Consider a weekender bag in a bold print or a trendy material to make a statement.
    • Classic and Timeless: For a classic look that never goes out of style, choose a duffle in a neutral color like black, navy, or brown.

    3. Practical Considerations

    Ease of Transport and Handling

    • Portability: Weekend bags often feature a strap that slides over the handle of a rolling suitcase, making them a breeze to transport in conjunction with other luggage.
    • Maneuverability: Duffle bags typically come with a shoulder strap, allowing for hands-free movement which is invaluable when navigating crowded spaces.

    Storage Considerations When Not in Use

    • Space-Saving: If you’re short on storage space, a soft-sided duffle bag can be easily folded and tucked away.
    • Shape Retention: For those who prefer their bags to maintain their shape, a weekender with a structured design is ideal, although it will require more storage space.

    By considering the length and nature of your travels, your packing style, and the practicalities of transport and storage, you can make a well-informed decision. Whether you value organization and style, or flexibility and space, there's a bag out there that's the perfect travel partner for you. Remember, the best choice is one that not only serves your needs but also feels right. Safe travels and happy packing!

    hiker in vintage clothing on a mountain forest trail during a strong storm wearing a duffle bag

    V. How Do You Carry a Duffle Bag?

    Navigating the best way to carry a duffle bag can be almost as challenging as choosing what to pack in it. Here's a little guide to help you carry your duffle with ease, whether you're crossing the street or crossing continents.

    1. Utilizing Handles for Quick Transits

    For those times when you're just grabbing your bag out of the car or off the baggage carousel, the handles are your best friends. Clasped firmly in your hand, they're designed for quick and easy lifting. Just imagine you’re a weightlifter at the gym—only this time, your prize is getting out the door faster.

    2. Embracing the Shoulder Strap

    When you're meandering through a train station or pacing through the airport, slinging the shoulder strap over one shoulder is the way to go. It keeps the bag by your side, accessible, yet out of the way of bustling crowds. Keep in mind, though, this method is best for short intervals—unless you fancy a lopsided workout!

    3. Cross-Body: The Traveler's Choice

    For longer treks or when you need your hands free for a coffee or a phone call, the cross-body method is your ally. The strap goes over your head and rests on the opposite shoulder, letting the bag sit comfortably at your hip. This balanced approach not only gives you freedom of movement but also distributes the weight, making your load feel lighter.

    4. A Note on Bag Fitness

    And here's a quirky thought: in a pinch, your duffle bag can double as an impromptu gym weight. While I wouldn't recommend a full workout mid-journey, a few arm lifts with your bag can be a fun way to lighten the mood and sneak in some exercise.

    Remember, the right carrying style can make all the difference in your travel comfort. So next time you grab that duffle bag, think about your journey and choose the method that matches your pace and your purpose. Safe travels and happy carrying!

    VI. Can You Use a Duffle Bag as Carry-on Luggage?

    1. The Allure of Duffle Bags in Transit

    The cinematic image of travelers gracefully navigating airports with duffle bags in tow isn't just for show. It's a reflection of a practical reality: the duffle bag is an exemplary carry-on option. Not only do these bags fit neatly into the narrative of sleek travel, but they also offer varied forms and functionalities that cater to the modern traveler's needs.

    2. Functionality and Ease of Access

    A duffle bag's functional design is its standout feature. Unlike the rigid structure of a suitcase, a duffle bag is malleable, allowing for quick access to travel necessities like laptops, personal belongings, and transport documents. When you're moving through the security line, this ease of access becomes invaluable, transforming a typically stressful process into a breeze.

    3. Adhering to Airline Dimensions

    While a duffle bag's flexibility is beneficial, it's crucial to ensure it fits within the airline's carry-on dimensions. These restrictions vary but commonly adhere to the sizes:

    • Traditional airlines: 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm (22' x 14' x 9')
    • Low-cost airlines: 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm (22' x 16' x 8')

    These dimensions are designed to guarantee that your bag will nestle perfectly in the overhead bins, making a duffle bag an ideal choice as long as it respects these size constraints.

    4. When Size Matters: Flexibility and Adaptation

    What if your duffle bag is slightly oversized? The beauty of a soft duffle bag lies in its adaptability. If your bag exceeds the dimensions by a small margin, its soft sides can be gently folded or compressed to fit the overhead compartment's confines, a feat not possible with hard-sided luggage.

    5. The Case Against Wheeled Duffle Bags

    Wheeled duffle bags may seem convenient, but they come with drawbacks. The added weight and bulk can be a disadvantage, especially since some airlines have strict weight limits for carry-on luggage. A traditional, non-wheeled duffle bag is lighter, which can help ensure you stay within the airline's weight restrictions and avoid additional fees.

    6. Checking Airline Policies: A Must-Do Step

    Before you head to the airport, confirm your airline's carry-on policies. This step cannot be overstated—knowing the size and weight restrictions will help prevent any last-minute surprises. While major airlines might not scrutinize your carry-on's weight too closely, budget airlines often have stringent policies for security and efficiency reasons.

    In conclusion, the duffle bag can indeed be your go-to carry-on luggage. It’s functional, lightweight, and, with a bit of savvy packing, adaptable to most airlines' requirements. Just remember, the key to a seamless journey with a duffle bag is in the preparation—check those dimensions, pack conscientiously, and travel with the confidence of a well-informed jet setter.

    VII. How Do You Pack a Duffle Bag?

    Going on holiday should be an exciting prelude to rest and relaxation, not a headache-inducing ordeal. The right travel bag, whether it's a weekender or a duffle, becomes an ideal ally in this process. Below are some nuanced tips to help optimize your packing experience, ensuring that everything you need fits neatly and is ready for your adventure.

    1. Packing Your Travel Bag: Where to Begin

    Before you begin packing, let's set the stage for a hassle-free experience. Place your empty travel bag on a flat surface like your bed or dining table, giving you a clear view and easy access. I've found that starting with an organized space allows for a smoother packing process.

    2. Layering Essentials: From Heavy to Light

    Begin with the heaviest items, like shoes, placing them heel to wall at the bottom of the bag. This provides a sturdy base and prevents lighter items from getting crushed. Shoes can also double as storage for small items like socks or chargers, maximizing every inch of space.

    3. Rolling Your Way to More Space

    Next, move on to trousers and shirts. Opt for fabrics like denim that resist wrinkling and are durable. The secret to efficient packing in a rounded duffle bag is to roll rather than fold. Roll your jeans, shirts, and other clothing tightly, aligning them with the bag's length to fit the curved shape snugly.

    4. T-Shirts, Sportswear, and Undergarments

    Continue with T-shirts, which should also be rolled for optimal space usage. Choose versatile colors and styles that can adapt to various settings. If staying active is part of your holiday routine, include your sports gear by rolling it neatly on top of the other layers.

    And let's not forget the essentials: underwear and socks. These are the items you absolutely can't afford to leave behind.

    5. Final Touches: Electronics, Toiletries, and Personal Items

    For your electronics, like an iPad, and a good read or two, utilize the side pockets of your bag for easy access. Your toiletry bag, containing only the essentials such as a toothbrush, deodorant, perfume, and basic medications, should be placed where it's easily reachable but secure.

    Finally, your travel documents, keys, wallet, and phone should occupy the prime real estate of your bag: the top or zip pockets. This ensures they are not only safe but also readily available when you need them.

    6. Maintaining Your Bag's Shape

    When not in use, a useful tip is to fill your travel bag with one or two pillows. This helps maintain the bag's shape and protects the materials from potential damage, keeping it in prime condition for your next trip.

    Additional Tips for Masterful Packing

    • Compartment Utilization: Make the most of built-in pockets to separate items and keep your bag organized.
    • Color Coordination: Stick to a color palette for your clothes to mix and match, reducing the need to overpack.
    • Weather Check: Tailor your clothing selection to the weather forecast of your destination.
    • Travel Checklist: Create a checklist to ensure you don’t forget any essentials or overpack unnecessary items.
    • Balance: Distribute weight evenly to make carrying the bag more comfortable.
    • Last-Minute Items: Designate a space for items that need to be packed last minute, like chargers or snacks.

    By following these steps, you're not just tossing items into a bag; you're carefully considering each element of your travel wardrobe and accessories. This not only makes the packing process smoother but also ensures that you can find what you need when you reach your destination. It's all set—you're ready to embark on your weekend escape with everything neatly packed and at your fingertips. Safe travels!

    VIII. What Is The Best Travel Duffle Bag?

    The best travel duffel bag you can find on the market must meet certain essential requirements. It must be lightweight, durable, functional, robust and stylish.

    Out of a wide range of duffle bags to choose from these days, EIKEN stands out as producing high-quality bags, made out of durable and premium materials.

    The following are the 5 best EIKEN duffle bags you can get right now. What we especially enjoy with our travel bags is that they are in between the canvas backpack and the hard case, making them very practical and functional accessories.

    QAANAQ - Waxed Canvas Duffle Bag 🥇

    The QAANAQ is a duffle bag made out of waxed canvas. This is a solid duffle bag that gives a nod to the traditional style of this kind of bag.

    Available in either khaki, black, army green, or dark grey, this vintage-looking bag is great for people who have an adventurous spirit.

    The materials are high-quality waxed canvas, which was created out of hand-picked cotton. The leather is top-grain, so you know you are getting the most durable leather you can get on a duffle bag.

    Weighing only 1.6 Kg, this is a lightweight bag, even though it is built tough. A key aspect of durability is the reinforced double stitching on the zipper.

    One of the features demonstrating its versatility is the zippered pocket on the outside, which can stow away items you need to access quickly. The pockets continue on the interior, which are also zippered.

    For items you want to avoid fiddling with a zipper to get to, there are also open pockets on the inside. Besides these pockets, there is a roomy storage space that hearkens back to the simplicity of classic duffle bags.

    This is a versatile bag, able to be used for a number of outings and occasions, including weekend trips, vacations, and everyday life.

    Since this is a retro-inspired duffle bag, it has fewer pockets than some other bags, but this is something that can be a preference for some.


    • Vintage-inspired style
    • Durable reinforced double stitching on the zipper
    • Roomy storage spaces
    • Lightweight and versatile
    • Top grain leather


    • Fewer pockets than other duffle bags

      OAXAKA - Travel Duffle Bag 🥈

      The OAXAKA is a travel duffle bag that is a homage to canvas bags of yesteryear. This bag is the perfect match for the sophisticated explorer within you.

      The bag is made out of genuine leather, as well as waterproof hand-oiled canvas. These materials ensure the bag is resistant to water and can take a beating. The colours this bag comes in are khaki, grey, black, and army green.

      A key defining feature of the OAXAKA is its spaciousness. It features 45 litres of space, which is more than enough for an entire weekend getaway.

      The many zippered pockets on the bag's interior provide plenty of room for your accessories, where they can be stored securely. Also on the interior is a soft polyester lining, which is a pleasing juxtaposition to the rugged canvas exterior.

      An external and zippered side pocket makes it easy to access something in a second. The main zipper is both large and reinforced with double stitching.

      This is one bag that does not run the risk of busting open on you. The total weight of this duffle bag is 1.45 Kg, which is exceptionally light given its tough materials and roomy interior.

      The removable shoulder strap provides you with the option of either carrying it around like a briefcase or slinging it over your shoulder.

      One issue some may have is that the images you see of this bag may not reflect exactly on the bag they get. This is because the bag has genuine leather, which automatically makes every bag unique.

      Whether you are a student, modern business traveller, or a casual adventurer, this bag is a great choice.


      • Waterproof waxed-cotton design
      • 45 litres of spacious room
      • Soft interior lining
      • Lightweight and roomy
      • External frontside zippered pocket


      • Genuine leather construction results in a different look than promotional images

        PELAKA- Large Duffle Bag 🥉

        The PELAKA is a weekender bag that makes for a bold statement. This stylish bag is roomy while staying relatively lightweight. It is not the lightest weekender bag you can get, but that extra weight comes with a nice perk.

        The materials this bag is made out of are ultra-resistant waxed cotton canvas and genuine top grain leather. The end result of these two materials coming together to form this bag is something that is high-quality and elegant.

        There are four tasteful colours you can get this bag in. The khaki, green, dark grey, and black versions look great while being discreet. The bag's inner contents are protected by a reinforced double-stitched zipper, ensuring your belongings are protected.

        The interior has a large main compartment, to store all your large items, such as clothes and computer equipment. There are also open pockets, along with a zippered pocket.

        Lining this interior is a soft polyester material that will keep your belongings clean and free of any abrasions.

        The leather handles on the PELAKA are exquisite, offering a professional look to an already-sophisticated bag. A great feature of this weekender bag is the two external pockets, one on each side of the bag.

        One pocket is zippered while the other snaps closed with a magnetic clip. With both types of pockets provided on this bag, you have the option of keeping something tucked away and hermetically sealed, or placing something in a pocket which provides easier access.


        • Premium waxed canvas and genuine top grain leather materials
        • Reinforced double-stitched zipper
        • Soft internal lining
        • Elegant leather handles
        • Two external pockets, one zippered and one with a snap closure


        • Slightly heavier than other bags in its class

          NEMASKA - Canvas Overnight Bag 🏅

          The NEMASKA is an overnight bag that caters to people who are on the go or are involved in sports. This is a practical and ergonomic bag that has a slim body that stretches out and provides plenty of space while being easy to carry.

          As with the other bags looked at earlier, the NEMASKA is also made out of canvas and leather. The canvas on this bag is waxed, protecting it from the elements.

          The leather is top-grain vintage crazy horse leather, offering the highest quality of leather for a luxurious look.

          Weighing around 1.7 Kg, this is a light bag that you can throw over your shoulder and be out the door. The included detachable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry around when you need your hands free.

          When you would prefer to carry it, the beautiful and comfortable leather handles will make holding it inviting.

          The quality of the materials used for this bag is exceptional. Each corner of this weekender bag is reinforced with leather, ensuring the bag holds up for a long time to come.

          Beyond just the corners being reinforced, the wrists and hip are also fortified with genuine leather.

          There are even more premium features, including two external pockets. One of these is zippered while the other is flapped with a buckle. These make it easier to get to the essential accessories you need to get readily and often.

          Given this bag is built for durability, it feels harder than some others, although this may be preferable for those who need a more rugged overnight bag.


          • Ergonomic design
          • High-quality waxed canvas and vintage crazy horse leather
          • Lightweight and easy to carry
          • Comfortable handles and shoulder strap
          • Reinforced corners for extra durability


          • The greater hardness of material than other bags

          MAIKA - Canvas Overnight Bag 🏅

          The MAIKA is a weekender bag that holds that retro look of canvas bags from times passed. The vintage canvas and leather bag come in either green army, khaki, black or grey, which keep will have you taking trips with class and subtlety.

          Differing from other duffle-style bags looked at so far, this one is offered in two different sizes. For everyday use, the smaller iteration of this bag will be ideal, whereas the larger version will hold enough gear and belongings for long weekend trips.

          Whether you are using it as a bag to carry your things on a daily basis or trekking off somewhere for a few days, this bag will hold up to the task. The materials are ultra-resistant waxed cotton canvas and genuine crazy horse leather.

          Both quality and comfort will be yours thanks to these materials being used in the design of the MAIKA.

          There is a zippered pocket on the outside of the bag. Although this pocket may be cumbersome to use for certain items, there is another extra top-facing pocket on this bag that is quite large and makes placing and retrieving items easy and effortless.

          Overall, this bag provides a discrete and sober look, marking an ode to retro duffle bags. With the non-imposing style of this bag, you can use it for various activities without it feeling out of place.


          • Vintage look and feel
          • Two different sizes
          • Premium cotton canvas and crazy horse leather
          • Dual-buckle straps
          • Large top-facing external pocket


          Whether it's called the weekender, overnight, or duffle bag, it offers the same durability, style, and versatility.

          From its unexpected beginnings as something made out of the remnants of materials for ships, the duffle bag has matured and evolved, while keeping to its roots with the elements of canvas and a sober look

          There are key features this type of bag has, which make is an iconic and timeless classic.

          This is a bag that is appreciated for its rugged sophistication and practicality by people all over the world.

          These days, there are many different styles a duffle or weekender bag comes in. For a classy look to carry your belongings, either for every day or use a weekend trip, a duffle bag is a great choice.


          What is the ideal size for a weekender bag?

          The ideal size for a weekender bag is generally around 20 inches in length. This size ensures it's large enough to fit a few outfits and essentials, yet compact enough to fit in overhead compartments on planes, under train seats, or in car trunks.

          Can duffle bags be used for formal events?

          Yes, duffle bags can be used for formal events, especially if they are made of high-end materials like leather. Choose a sleek, minimalist design in a dark color to maintain formality.

          How to determine the best material for a travel bag?

          The best material for a travel bag depends on your needs. For durability and water resistance, opt for nylon or polyester. For a classic look that ages well, go for leather. For lightweight and casual bags, consider canvas.

          Are weekender bags suitable for carry-on luggage?

          Most weekender bags are designed to comply with carry-on luggage size restrictions, making them an excellent choice for short trips where you don’t want to check luggage.

          How to pack a duffle bag without wrinkles?

          To pack a duffle bag without wrinkles, roll your clothes instead of folding them, use packing cubes to organize and compress items, and pack heavier items at the bottom to prevent them from squashing lighter garments.

          What features to look for in a high-quality weekender bag?

          Look for durable materials, sturdy zippers, comfortable straps, a variety of compartments for organization, and a style that matches your personal taste.

          How to maintain the shape of a duffle bag during travel?

          Use packing cubes and fill the bag adequately to support its shape. Also, store it properly during travel, ensuring it's not squashed under heavy items.

          Weekender vs duffle bag: which is better for international travel?

          For international travel, a duffle bag might be better due to its larger size, flexibility, and ability to handle an extended range of items.

          How to decide between a leather or canvas bag?

          Choose leather for durability, a professional look, and longevity. Opt for canvas for a lightweight, easy-to-clean option that’s often more affordable.


          Leather Travel Bag
          Leather Travel Bag
          Large Leather Holdall
          Large Leather Holdall
          Leather Weekend Bag
          Leather Weekend Bag
          Leather Duffle Bag
          Leather Duffle Bag

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