Canvas Care Bee Wax

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taille Size: 10 cm x 8 cm x 5 cm volume Volume: 0.4 L
weight Weight: 90 gr laptopLaptop size: /
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Canvas Care Bee Wax: Increase your Bag's Durability & Strengh

Discover WAKA, our wax bar designed to help you protect your bags and preserve their cotton canvas

Composed of parafin and beeswax, this protective wax has nourishing properties, enhancing the durability but also the beauty of your bag. 

Whether you want to wax a classic cotton canvas backpack (Helsinki, Reykjavik, Manitoba ect), or care for your waxed canvas bag (Goteborg, Lund, Copenhagen ect), this block of wax will bring you protection and peace of mind. 

Easy to use, simply heat your block and/or canvas with a hair dryer for a few seconds and then apply your wax on it. Next, heat again the canvas so that the wax penetrates optimally into the fibers. Let it dry and you will get a water resistant bag.

Characteristics of your protective wax

Main materials: Beeswax and parafine
Weight: 200 gr.
Packaging: Recycled/recyclable cardboard box

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