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Leather backpack

Was sceptical at first about leather quality, but it feels really great. It came stiff and with wrinkles. It will soften with usage but don't know about wrinkles. Maybe too tight packaging. I think it will last and endure day to day usage. Size is enough for daily use and not to big. I'm thinking to buy another, maybe messenger bag. But also made from leather .

Review of UPPSALA backpack

The backback is just as expected. It is of very high quality and the leather is absolutely phenomenal. Be aware that the camvas i probably stiffer then you think though

Cool and Functional

I really like this backpack! I got the Light Grey, and it's a little darker and more purple-toned than I was expecting, but that could just be because of the waxing. I like the spacious pockets and the magnetic clasps feel really sturdy. The hardware in general is gorgeous. My favourite part is the hidden pocket on the strap side, for your phone or wallet. It's accessible without being obvious. The only surprise to me was that the zippered internal pocket is on the opposite side as what's shown - rather than against your back, it's on the same side as the pen pockets. So far it hasn't caused me any problems, but it was unexpected compared to the product photos.

Thanks for a great bag!! Looking forward to using it for many years.

Roll Top Rucksack | COPENHAGUE EIKEN.

I’m very very satisfied !! The Rucksack travel with me now everywhere ;)
And the shipping to Germany was fluid. Thank you :)

Fantastic Quality

Could not be happier with this bag. I have taken it to a wedding and it did great, highly recommended, This bag will last me a lifetime, can't speak highly enough of it.

Great travel bag

In my line of work I'm required to travel a lot for training courses. I bought this bag for the purpose of staying away from home for anything from 1 day to 1 week. As I write this in my hotel room I can tell you that the bag is great for what I described above. It's spacious, easy to carry, it can be taken as on-board luggage on flights (UK) and it is built with a firmness that won't crease your clothes as much as a gym-style bag would for example.

I would have given a 5* rating had the zips articulated better - I feel that if you're paying this much for a bag the zips should be a higher quality - I often find my self having to take multiple attempts to close the zips. Apart from that, the bag is great. I can see it lasting a long time... maybe not the zips though.

It was a little larger than I thought. Still the best quality I could find. Also, I love how fast I've got it.

Great purchase

A good quality canvas back has been on my wish list for a while and I am very happy with the variety that was available on the site. The one I chose has proven to be very versatile and I'm very happy with my choice. The bag was packaged and sent securely. I received adequate notifications regarding the shipping and tracking status. The bag is of very good quality. And though it is advertised as small, it has a very sizable capacity. I presently use it to take to work and will be using it also for light travel needs. On the whole, very happy and will be recommending it.

Parfait, de merveilleuse qualité


Je suis ravie de mon achat. Le sac est très beau et peut contenir énormément de choses. La qualité des matériaux fait qu'il devrait tenir longtemps dans le temps.


Ca fait ses années que je cherchais un sac comme celui-ci! Intemporel,original,costaud,pratique! Je l'adore😉

Canvas Camera Bag | VILNIUS
Pauline Boulenger

Everything about this bag is amazing: the quality, the design, how the intire bag is arranged (the inside, all the pockets, ...).
11 out of 10 for me !

Great bag - and yes, it fits water bottles.

Having scoured the Eiken site for 3 days, I was concerned (as reviews of their other bags repeatedly flag up) that the side pockets wouldn't fit a water bottle. However, having taken a punt on the Orso, I'm relieved to find it fits my large water bottle and coffee flask with no probs (see photo). The bag is great, looks fantastic, feels really well made, and has a ton of space inside. I can fit my 15" laptop in its soft case comfortably in the laptop compartment, and the inside pouches are great for pens, snacks, passport, anything you don't want rolling around in the bottom. Yes, if you need to get something out, it's harder to do this on the move than with some other bags, without stopping and putting the bag down, but the roll top and the clips definitely keep your content safe if you're somewhere busy, and waterproof if it rains (and it looks awesome). The outside pockets are handy and the zips feel like they're gonna last. The only thing I'd say is that the front zip pocket isn't as deep as it could have been (spans just over half the width of the bag) - fine for keys, wallet, receipts, etc, but not much more - would have been nice to fit a little more in here, but that's my only very minor recommendation. In a nutshell, I'd definitely buy another Eiken bag.

Very happy with the bag!

Beautiful bag of very high quality. Also customer service has been extraodinarily eager to help with anything as well as just generally imrpove the experience

Canvas Leather Backpack | MALMÖ
In love with the product

The product is as advertised and feels very original 😊

Tan Leather Tote Bag IWONA
Great backpack and tote

This is a genuine high-five! Extremely pleased with my purchase the quality of the leather and the bag is great. I’ve had several compliments from guys as well as girls. The duffle bag had a baptism as It rained heavily when I first used it. I’m pleased to say that the contents inside were dry at the end of trip. I’m also very pleased with my leather tote-bag too! Which I purchased at the same time. Lovely thick soft leather quality and well made. Being in the UK I was concerned about how long it would take to get here but it was delivered in good time.

Good Quality Backpack

This is my first canvas backpack and I wasn't disappointed with this one. It is spacious and has good amount of pockets. The leather is genuine but this type scratches easily, hope it will look good over time. They are also very responsive to my concerns. Got it after 5 weeks tho, but I think it's the local courier's fault.

Coffee Copenhague

I'm amazed of quality this backpack so far! Seems to be solid but it's a bit heavy. Can't wait to use it more during academic year :)


I've been looking for the perfect canvas backpack for ages is feels like and I think I've finally found it! It's roomy (fits my 15,6 inch laptop along with packing for a weekend away), it's sturdy, it's comfortable to carry and it's absolutely gorgeous and will look great with almost any outfit whether I'm going to a medieval festival or simply back and forth to work. My only complaint which isn't really a complaint is that I would've preferred a more traditional solution rather than the magnetic clasps to keep the bag closed just to make it feel more secure. I can't deny that the magnetic clasps are very convenient though. All in all I'm super happy with my new bag and judging by the look and feel of its quality it'll go on adventures with me for many years to come!

In love

I am in love with this bag. I wanted it for more than 6 months and finally decided to buy it. It is super beatiful and I like to bring it everywhere (even if I only need my wallet and phone...).

Gotland rucksack - beautiful but small

In terms of material and design, this backpack is exactly what I was hoping for. Nice thick canvas sides, solid clips and zippers. The build quality, from what I can tell, is good. The look of the backpack is unique and recognizably historically inspired.

For the not so great however - it is smaller than I expected. Primarily the smaller outside pockets. As an average size man, I can just barely fit my hand in the back pockets, making smaller items difficult to retrieve (monkey trap). The side pockets though are just puzzling. They are very narrow - they do not fit a typical 0.5L bottle - and quite deep. I have not yet figured out a practical use for them. There are certainly long thin items one could put in there (piece of pipe, ruler, knife?), but none of which I typically carry around in my daypack.

In short - I love how it looks and feels, I just wish it was a little bigger.

Vintage Vibes

Love my new vintage card holder. Good quality leather, nicely made. Quite minimalistic but it's perfect for my cards and a few bucks! Cheers guys!

Wonderful Duffle Bag

I received my duffle bag this morrning and it's a very well made piece. Materials are very robust and of great quality. You have too warm the fabric with a hair-dryer to melt the wax and give the bag the form you want. It's a great purchase, thank you :)

Perfect Wallet

Had the chance to get it before they released it so I bought a few of them for my local store. I don't regret it, they are really cool & stylish. Thanks again!

Great Vintage Vibes

Bought this cool card holder for a birthday. Came into a cool giftbox with the wallet inside wrapped in paper. Very nice quality and cool design