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Vintage Rucksack Handbag: Take Hygge on the Go!

Take a lifestyle tip from Copenhagen, the happiest city in the world, and embrace the hygge life with the Copenhague Vintage Rucksack Handbag. Take a hike… on the cosy side of life!

  • ✔ RELAXED UNISEX DESIGN with canvas and leather gives this robust canvas backpack a retro vintage vibe – while providing waterproof protection together with anti-dust and anti-grime coating

  • ✔ MADE FOR EVERYDAY LIVING with plenty of secure compartments to keep you organized. Whether you’re sightseeing, commuting, traveling, or hiking, the comfortable straps and natural contours mold to your body

  • ✔ BE TRUE TO YOURSELF with a vintage canvas rucksack that embraces the relaxed, carefree hygge approach to life without compromising on the things that really matter.


A Vintage Rucksack Handbag Designed with Practicality and Packed with Character

Can you concentrate the spirit of the world’s happiest city into a canvas rucksack? Yes, you can! The Copenhague Vintage Rucksack Handbag has all the hallmarks of Nordic design – with a special nod to hygge, a Danish lifestyle that embraces a sense of cozy peace and relaxed calm.

For those times when you need to do some heavy lifting, this vintage canvas and leather backpack is rugged enough to handle it all. Whether you’re enjoying a Sunday afternoon hike, going to school, or jetting off on your next adventure, the Copenhague is a relaxed companion full of character!

woman wearing Copenhagen Vintage Rucksack Handbag

Enjoy Life’s Simple Pleasures with a Hygge Canvas Handbag

Why stress over the small details, when you can enjoy the bigger picture around you? Get some serious vintage Nordic style points with a robust canvas rucksack that will quickly become an old faithful in your practical outdoor kit.

The Copenhague’s unisex design contours to the shape of your body over time. This is a natural feature of the waterproofed canvas and authentic leather material that creates a real sense of comfort and togetherness.

With plenty of compartments and pockets, this vintage canvas rucksack’s meticulous design means there is a happy little clutter-free space for all your day-to-day essentials – including your laptop. With its classic roll top canvas backpack design, you can also expand this retro canvas backpack in a snap as needed.

Copenhagen Vintage Rucksack Handbag on a tree

Be Happy: Get Your Vintage Rucksack Handbag Today!

Hygge is so much more than just a feeling – it’s a lifestyle and a moment that our designers have encapsulated with the Copenhague’s clean design lines and practical construction. Put a spring in your step wherever you go with this original vintage canvas backpack design!

Order the Copenhague Vintage Rucksack Handbag today for a practical and robust vintage canvas backpack that sends out an effortless hygge vibe. Act today to take advantage of free shipping and our limited-time discount sale pricing!

woman wearing the Copenhagen Vintage Rucksack bag


  •  QUALITY / PRICE RATIOEIKEN has chosen for you the best price to be able to please with a quality product that will follow you on many trips.
  •  LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE: Anti-fouling and anti-dust thanks to its fabric and polyester construction.
  •  RETRO & TRENDY: Copenhagen's design makes it the perfect ally for many occasions.
  •  SPACIOUS: 20 litres with many inside and outside pockets (including a computer pad, but you can put anything you want in it).
  •  PRACTICAL & COMFORTABLE: Its design, especially the Hanses, makes Copenhagen a very comfortable bag to wear.
  •  AIRLINE COMPATIBLE: its dimensions allow it to accompany you in the cabin, a must for travellers!
  •  UNISEX: It fits like a glove to women but also to men.

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🔧Technical features below the pictures 🔧
    Copenhagen Vintage Rucksack Handbag on the floorCopenhagen Vintage Rucksack Handbag on pinewoods
    Copenhagen Vintage Rucksack backpack against a wood pileCopenhagen Vintage Rucksack Handbag on the floordetails of the Copenhagen Vintage Rucksack backpackdetails of the Copenhagen Vintage Rucksack bagstraps of the Copenhagen Vintage Rucksack Handbag

    Features of your Vintage Rucksack Handbag

    Item Type: Backpack 
    Main material: Waxed canvas and Crazy Horse leather
    Lining material: Polyester
    SizeLength: 30 cm, Height: 50 cm, width: 13 cm,
    Gender: Backpack for men and Ladies backpack
    Capacity: 20 litres
    Inside: Smartphone pocket, zippered inside pocket, large space for clothing sets, computers or accessories, a dedicated laptop sleeve.
    Handle/strap type: Soft handle
    Type of closure: Zipper and hasp (looking for a canvas drawstring backpack?)

    Note : Leather may have natural traces or marks, giving the product a unique style

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 51 reviews
    Amazing design, poor execution

    The bag is a looker, that’s for sure.
    However, the materials aren’t great. The leather straps for fastening it shut get wrinkles in a matter of days, and I expect they’ll soon be cracked in places. I’ve used the bag two days so far, and the bottom leather is already greying and scratched. These are marks of low quality "genuine leather" (the worst kind), which does not age well at all. There are also weird spots on the side bottom leather bits, which were already there when I first opened the bag. Most likely from pent-up moisture during delivery.
    As for the craftsmanship, I’m not sure how long it will hold up. So far, so good, but it looks like it's single stitching and at the first sign of stress it'll come off.
    All in all, I’m not sure I would recommend this product, which is a shame. If the same design had been done with quality materials and proper craftsmanship, it’d last a lifetime!

    Excellent quality bag!

    I am a *very* skeptical and cynical person. I am even more so with items like bags that will receive heavy use. I've got a few rucksacks, one that has been with me since about 2006, one that is all leather (and good - but just very heavy) and now this one. And - I love it - apart from one small minor thing, I've noticed (and had to repair to the best of my ability) some nylon thread came loose on the front pocket leather - I just slipped right out. I carefully tied the loose ends together and then carefully used a lighter to tidy the frayed thread.

    I've been using it non-stop for EVERYTHING. I use it as my commute bag on my Vespa every day - rain or shine. I use it for shopping, I use it for going to the coffee shop. It's perfect. If you're looking for a water resistant, roomy, and practical bag (yet incredibly *dare I say it*, trendy!), go for it. It's got thick leather, the magnets are strong, the zip is strong, the canvas fabric is thick and durable - it is truly a bag for adventurers!

    Very beautiful bag and very practical!

    I just used it for a weekend walk to Cancale and Mont Saint-Michel. I was able to store everything I needed (small hot jackets in case of draft, headphones, camera). It turned out to be very practical, it is a robust, aesthetic product with a very original vintage style. I recommend it with no hesitation.


    Very fast delivery. I received the item in just 7 days .




    Thanks ! Love the leather straps and canvas is really solid, perfect for my bike rides!


    Very satisfied with the order, quality and model fire, nice contact with the webiste members and correct delivery


    The bag arrived quickly in 10 days, it is very beautiful, my girlfriends are jealous of it. Spacious, beautiful seams and materials


    The bag is well packed at the reception, received in 7 days. Bought for my husband who never leaves him, could someone tell him it's not Indiana Jones? Thank you, great purchase.


    A little darker than in the picture but I like it just as much. I like the retro/vintage vibe of the bag, I recommend 100%.