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Top 10 Leather Anniversary Gifts

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Are you looking for the perfect anniversary gift for your other half?

Most of us know leather is the material associated with your third wedding anniversary. You may not know it's also associated with your 9th wedding anniversary too.

But with so much choice out there on the market, you might not know where to start, or what leather gifts would be right for the occasion.

Don't worry, we're here to help! Read on for these 10 perfect leather anniversary gifts your other half is sure to love.

1. Leather Backpack

A great practical leather anniversary gift idea is a vintage leather backpack. It's not only useful for travelling, but also in everyday life. If your partner needs to go to work or the store, it's a great reusable storage option for what they take and bring back.

Most available are both stylish and practical in the size and space on offer. Most will cater to carrying A4 or A5 notepads, as well as laptops and notebooks. It'll cover your partner's daily portable storage needs while also looking on-trend.

leather backpack

Leather Backpack For Her

A great choice of a leather backpack for her is the Owaï small leather backpack. It's the perfect, petite backpack for women on the go who don't want a bulky bag weighing them down.

It's versatile and modular in design, great for those who love organisation. And it has a handle or detachable shoulder straps, giving your partner a choice on how she wants to carry it.

small leather backpack

This bag fills many roles, depending on what your partner wants at the time. It can be a laptop bag, work handbag, or a day trip bag. Relaxed or formal, it suits any situation.

There is a zipped front pocket with a clip, and the main section also has a zip and clip combo for extra security. There is also a secret hidden pocket at the back. It's perfect for your partner's valuables like her purse, phone, and keys.

As well as it's functionality and practicality, it's great for students and travellers. It's designed to meet all modern needs. The main storage space and pockets offer perfect organisation space. And there is a built-in pocket to store your laptop, secured with Velcro to keep it safe and steady.

Spacious, lightweight, and with a vintage look to die for it's a great all-rounder. An all in one package. Whether you want a work bag or something to take with you when you're studying or walking, it's a winner every time. Your partner is sure to love this practical, stylish gift.

Here are some more gift ideas for her

Small Leather Backpack


Small Leather Backpack

Ladies Leather Backpack


Ladies Leather Backpack

Leather Rucksack Womens


Leather Rucksack Womens

Leather Backpack for Him

For the perfect leather backpack for him, consider our Åre backpack. It blends the vintage style with the practicality of the modern age. All in a beautiful, striking brown rucksack. It's a tribute to adventurers of days-gone-by while being considerate of modern needs.

Made from full-grain leather, it's solid and reliable in all situations and weather. Whether you're exploring or doing daily activities, you can count on this backpack. It's designed to last. It'll change and evolve alongside your partner through life's journey.

It's not all style and substance either. This is a bag with convenience and function in mind as much as how good it looks. There is a multitude of pockets to choose from.

leather rucksack

There are zipper pockets at the front, two slitted pockets at the side, and a secret pocket at the back. You won't be short of pockets to store stuff! It's perfect for a partner who loves to stay organized and have a home for every item they have when they go out.

Inside there are two large but segregated compartments. The first is for any tech your partner needs to carry. There is a pocket for a laptop to go in, as well as space for the charger, battery, and any accessories like a keyboard.

In the second compartment, there is a zip pocket and two more slitted pockets. Perfect for notepads, books, or anything else your partner wants to carry with them. Even a packed lunch!

Comfort is also at the forefront of this design. It's the sort of backpack you can carry all day, without feeling the strain on your back or shoulder. It won't become a chore to carry.

This is because there is an option of adjustable straps, vital for those spouses who are always on the go. With the addition of shock-absorbing foam and rivets, it's got safety and comfort in mind. You don't need to worry about your partner getting backache with this bag.

It's the perfect upgrade for a spouse that likes style as well as reliability and sturdiness. It's an investment for the future, a bag that will go through life with your partner for them to make memories with. It's a gift they'll thank you for, now and into the future.

Here are some perfect gift ideas for him

Brown Leather Rucksack


Brown Leather Rucksack


Brown Leather Backpack

Black Leather Backpack


Black Leather Backpack

2. Leather Shoulder Bag

As far as anniversary gift ideas go, a shoulder bag is about as functional and classy as it comes. It's a great place to start when looking for anniversary gift inspiration, or even birthday present ideas.

Whether for travel, studying or everyday use, shoulder bags are so versatile. They can hold all your valuables, from lunches to keys to different tech and devices. They're perfect for the busy partner who's always on the go.

Leather makes these bags even more valuable to have around. Beyond looking nice, it improves the durability and strength of the bag. Giving it the longevity to cope with whatever your partner throws at it. And it also means they're easy to keep clean, so they always look their best.

Leather Shoulder Bag for Her

For the perfect third-anniversary leather gift, consider our Vatea leather shoulder back for her. With a spacious interior, it's as functional as it is beautiful to look at.

The storage space has a section for a laptop, as well as two front pockets. Perfect for those spouses who like to take their tech with them on the go. It's not only great for tech though, but it can also carry any kind of items, from small accessories to books.

leather shoulder bag

This bag features a strap your partner can detach or adjust, and a sturdy handle. There is a huge amount of flexibility for how they want to carry their bag. Look like a professional with the handle, or go for something more casual with the strap.

Made with full-grain leather, this provides a premium level of robustness and durability. This isn't a bag your partner will use a few times before it fails them. It's something they can treasure for years to come, and rely on to get their belongings safely from A to B.

Here are some perfect gift ideas for her

Leather Courier Bag


Leather Courier Bag

Brown Leather Handbag


Brown Leather Handbag

Tan Leather Shoulder Bag


Tan Leather Shoulder Bag

Leather Shoulder Bag for Him

Our Manoa leather shoulder bag for him is one of the leather anniversary gifts you can't go wrong with. Also made from top-grain leather, it's a bag that your man can rely on.

The focus remains on functionality and lightweight practicality. Especially given the volume capacity this bag has. Your spouse will have more than enough space for their belongings.

mens leather messenger bag

And like all our bags, there is no compromise on looks and style. With the highest attention paid to detail and quality, your partner is guaranteed a timeless, flawless result. It will complete almost any outfit style, and help your man stand out. He'll be the envy of all his colleagues and friends.

Here are some perfect gift ideas for him

Leather Shoulder Bag


Leather Shoulder Bag

Leather Messenger Bag


Leather Messenger Bag

Black Leather Backpack


Brown Leather Shoulder Bag

3. Leather Travel Bag

If you're looking for something to pair your luggage tag with for a travel-loving partner, then pick a travel bag. With a variety of styles and colours on the market, there's something for everyone.

Leather Travel Bags For Her

As one of the perfect leather gifts for her, consider a style leather traveller rolling travel bag. Your standard travel bag, but with a folding handle to turn it into the perfect piece of hand luggage.

Or a stylish leather travel bag for her like our Rio weekender bag. It has an unbeatable class and refinement. With retro inspiration merging with urban chic, it'll please even the highest-class tastes.

Its sixties vibe is sure to please any fashionista. After all, vintage looks have come back into fashion with a vengeance. So if the special woman in your life is a lover of all things vintage, this is a perfect choice.

Made from full-grain leather, the attention to detail is spot on. This bag will stand the test of time. It'll evolve with your special someone as they grow from their adventures.

It's a great lightweight travel bag. But that doesn't mean you're losing space. It's got the space and versatility to meet all your partner's long and short stay travel needs.

On the outside, there is a large zip running the length of the bag and double leather handles. Stainless steel buckles add that extra bit of durability and strength.

There is also the option of a removable shoulder strap that you can adjust. So whether your partner prefers to carry their bag or sling it across their shoulder, they are covered.

Your partner can store up to two weeks of clothing. And well as a secure space for any computers or devices they need to take to keep in touch while on their travels. That means the long-distance Skype calls are back on the table!

With this bag, you're providing a present that's not only beautiful to look at and carry, but practical too. And everyone loves a practical present...when it's not socks. The quality leather makes the Rio versatile and robust.

But it has that unique kookiness to finish any look to perfection. The eye-catching burgundy also adds a touch of originality, without being too much. Your partner will stand out from the crowd, in the best of ways.

Here are some perfect gift ideas for her

Leather Weekender Bag


Leather Weekender Bag

Leather Holdall


Leather Holdall

Leather Holdall Bag


Leather Holdall Bag

Leather Travel Bags For Him

For one of the perfect leather gifts for him, consider a leather duffel bag style like ours. It's perfect for a weekend bag that appeals to adventure lovers.

Our Panama bag is the perfect leather travel bag for him. It's got aesthetic appeal and it's made with real full-grain leather. This bag is made to stand the test of time.

It'll be a faithful travel companion for your man when he's on his travels. And it's durability and resistance means it'll perform in any weather conditions.

Fashion isn't only for women, it's all-inclusive. And it's important to men that they look good too. The vintage style makes this bag the perfect travelling fashion accessory. It'll blend with any outfit style and complete any look.

The capacity of 34L makes it perfect for both long and short trips. It's a bag that will adapt to your partner's needs and desires for their luggage. What better luggage option can you get? It'll cut down on the clutter of needing more than one bag!

Both inside and outside there are pockets for your partner to keep their items organised. There is a small pocket on the outside too that's perfect for travel valuables like:

  • wallet
  • phone
  • passport
  • plane tickets & boarding pass

Those items your partner may need in a hurry will be close at hand and easy to access.

On the inside, there is a large main storage area that has standard and secured zip pockets. It also has a padded laptop sleeve that closes using Velcro. Handy for keeping your partner's tech safe and secure on their travels. The last thing you need is to buy a replacement laptop as an extra anniversary surprise!

For travelling, function and versatility have to come first. The Panama bag offers an adjustable and removable leather strap to carry it on the shoulder. Your partner can carry their bag either by the double leather handles or shoulder strap. Whichever is more comfortable and practical.

On the bottom of the bag there are rivets to keep the leather off any surfaces it's placed on. This will keep the leather clean and safe from any damage. Not only is it practical and versatile, but give your partner many happy travelling years' worth of service.

Here are some perfect gift ideas for him

Leather Travel Bag


Leather Travel Bag

Leather Weekend Bag


Leather Weekend Bag

Mens Leather Holdall


Mens Leather Holdall

4. Leather Tote Bag

Whether it's for travelling, going away to relatives, or to stay organized, a tote bag is a must-have! Once your partner has one, they'll never want to go back to the days where they didn't.

It helps your partner keep their essential items organised. Especially when on the go. Leather is often protected and waterproofed too, making it durable and great for every environments.

A leather tote bag brings a classic charm. Making it one of the leather gifts for women that appeals to men too. Made from full-grain leather, you can be sure that it's made to withstand the test of time and use.

This is an item that any vintage lover will want to own. And will be the perfect accompaniment to finish off a vintage luggage set too. Their square shape is sturdy and spacious with around 10L capacity. 

These leather totes will stand out from the crowd, as you can be sure no one else on your partner's trip will have one. It gives a unique touch of class that fellow travellers will envy.

Here are some perfect gift ideas for both of you

Brown Leather Tote Bag


Brown Leather Tote Bag

Vintage Leather Tote Bag


Vintage Leather Tote Bag

Coffee Leather Tote Bag


Coffee Leather Tote Bag

5. Leather Make Up Bag

Another one of the most perfect leather anniversary gifts for her is a brand new make up bag. Or it's perfect for any spouse that's a make up lover.

One thing you'll know by now, if your spouse is into make up they'll have tonnes of it. And most of the time, it's scattered across the bathroom shelves and units. Or it spills over into the bedroom.

To help them keep their beauty products organised (and your surfaces tidy), a make up bag is a must. But make sure you get one suited for the wear and tear of bathroom life. It should be waterproof, and able to cope with moisture and spills.

Consider our Davao leather make up bag. Made from full-grain leather, it combines vintage retro style with everyday practicality. It's waterproof to protect against water and make up, and it's easy to clean.

With 6L of space to offer, it's got plenty of room for all your partner's favourite staple items. It's also a more sophisticated choice compared to the usual girlish choices on the market.

With an outside zipped pocket, there's room to keep items (like brushes) separate. Inside there are zippered and slitted pockets, adding that extra touch of organization.

6. Leather Card Holder

As much as love is important, so is money. And what better way to show your love than combining the two? This is one of the best 3rd anniversary leather gifts. A beautiful leather wallet or card hold is practical, as well as attractive.

You can help them keep their cards and money organized, as well as other valuables they carry with them. And it's all organized with a rustic, natural flair that other materials can't match.

Our Löra leather card holder is the perfect way to help your partner organize their payment options. It's a combination of minimalist modern design with timeless, classic style.

Made with the best full-grain leather on the market, it's a high-quality piece of leatherwork. Full-grain leather evolves and changes over time, and develops with you. The result is a unique piece that you can treasure for years to come.

Our card holder can hold your cards, and double up as a wallet too. The two compartments will help your other half keep their cards organized. Or they can use one for cards and one for money.

With its small and practical size, you don't need to worry about carrying it around. It'll fit in your pocket or your bag with ease. So, wherever you go, it's a hassle-free, easy to carry option.

The rounded, sleek, modern design and rich Cognac colour make it's the perfect wallet for men. The gold foil embossing contrasts for that perfect statement pop of colour. But it's high-quality, stylish finish isn't only for men. This is a gift that will appeal to all leather lovers, men, and women alike.

mens credit card holder

7. Customisable Leather Luggage Tag

When choosing leather wedding anniversary gifts you're choosing, go with something they'll like. It's got to suit your partner's personality and be something they'd love to receive. Remember, this is a show of your love so make it count.

If your partner travels a lot for business, or you both enjoy travelling for pleasure this is the gift for you both. Consider getting them a luggage tag. It adds personality and charm to your partner's suitcase.

It'll also help them think of you when they're travelling. They can take a little something of you away with them wherever they go. It's a gift that both men and women will love, and with customisable options, you can even get a matching set for you both.

Luggage tags are making a comeback in a big way. There is an ever-growing trend of customisable, personalised travel accessories. Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd, and feel special when going on their travels.

Our stunning, customisable leather luggage tag is a great way to let your luggage stand out from the rest. Made from genuine leather, this travel accessory will make a real statement.

It's a great, refined way to bring that little touch of vintage class to your luggage. They have all the information you need to include, and you can ditch those ugly, sticky labels.

Each tag comes in a beautiful gift box, put together with anti-shock foam. It's one of the best unique leather anniversary gifts for him and her. Leather gifts are a way to go that extra mile, as they provide longevity and durability. Your partner will get to enjoy them for years.

No gift is complete without customization, which is why our luggage tags are unique to you. You can get your other half's initials printed on in beautiful contrasting gold. A matching pair for you and them would make a real, classy impact.

personalisable leather luggage tag

8. Leather Jacket

Another retro blast from the past that's made a comeback is the leather jacket. But did it ever actually go out of fashion? It's the very definition of cool since the days of Grease.

You won't find anything cooler to top them either in style or functionality. They look sleek and modern when paired with the right outfit, and won't look like you've stepped right out of the '50s. Unless that's the look your partner wants of course.

Not only do they look great, but their practicality is outstanding. They can protect you from the elements as well as keep you safe from injuries. A high-quality leather jacket could protect bikers if they're in an accident.

That's only one example though. No matter if your partner loves their motorcycle, hunting or they only want to look cool, they're great. A high-quality leather jacket is the perfect third anniversary gift.

leather jacket

There are lots of options to choose from too when it comes to leather jackets. You can get so many different colours and styles, ranging from classic to modern and daring. There's something to suit any style.

You can't go wrong with a classic brown or black. But if your partner is more daring, colours range from bright reds and oranges to lime green. And pretty much every other colour in the rainbow.

Remember to pick quality though. The strength and quality of the material are going to make all the difference in a leather jacket. You don't want something that looks like the bees-knees but falls apart in a few wears. You want something that will age well, is durable, and lasts your partner a lifetime, like your love for them.

9. Matching Leather Bracelets

This is a great choice for those love birds looking for leather anniversary gifts for a couple. And it's especially sweet and full of sentiment as it's a gift that you and your partner can wear all the time.

You'll always have something on you to remind you of each other. As long as you're both wearing it, you'll always think of each other and your love. This is also one of the main ideas behind your wedding rings.

Whether you went for wedding rings or not, matching leather bracelets are a more casual item. They'll go with most everyday looks. They're a great accessory to use to spice up your wardrobe if you're looking for that extra, stylish touch.

Unlike a jacket or a shirt, you can also wear them pretty much daily. They'll act as a constant reminder of your love.

Given their wider, large size you can have them embossed and personalised in more detail. You can have your initials, your partner's name, or even a personalised message or image. This adds extra, personal meaning and makes for the perfect, unique gift.

There are also a variety of leather types, styles, designs, colours, and patterns too. You'll be sure to find options to suit every taste and personal preference.

You may want something bold and ornate that stands out from the crowd. Or, you might want something strong, plain, and simple. Something timeless, classic and won't ever look too much or out of fashion.

You could even go for a leather cuff to add a touch of historical, fantasy flare if that is your partner's passion. They're thicker can go over a long-sleeved shirt, or around bare wrists. It's sure to add some personality to any attire. So, let your creative, wild side out to make the perfect gift that sums up your love for each other.

10. Leather Earrings

Third-anniversary gifts should be as special as any other anniversary. One of the best leather anniversary gifts for her is a gorgeous pair of leather earrings.

It's sure to be a surprise, as most people don't associate leather with earrings. What better way is there to show her the depth of your love, without being predictable.

Leather isn't the typical material used for making earrings. You're more likely to see it used for bracelets and necklaces. The fact it isn't often used is a reason to pick it though; these earrings will be a real statement piece for your partner. They're sure to start a conversation and earn compliments wherever your partner goes.

There are plenty of options to choose from too, to suit any style. If your partner prefers a natural, rustic look then stick with a classic brown. Using a simple pattern will show off the leather's natural beauty.

For those who love something bolder, there is a variety of colour choices out there - reds, pinks, greens, blues and yellows, any colour you can think of. Paired with fine metalwork in silvers and golds, these earrings are as bold as they are beautiful. This is a gift that will warm the heart of any jewellery lover.

Leather Anniversary Gifts to Make Your Partner Fall in Love all Over Again

So, there you have it! Now you know these 10 ideas for leather anniversary gifts, you're sure to pick a winner.

Your gift should be meaningful and appeal to the likes and tastes of your partner. Think about their lifestyle and their hobbies so you can use this to inform your choice. This way you'll be sure to pick a present they will not only love but use for a long time to come.

If you're looking for the perfect leather anniversary gift, check out our collections or contact us so we can help you find the perfect gift for your partner. At Eiken, we're here to help with all your anniversary gift needs.

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