The Top 10 Best Nike Shoes of All Time

The Top 10 Best Nike Shoes of All Time

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If you are a bonafide sneaker head, it's important to learn about the best offerings that have been released throughout the years. Ever since Michael Jordan stepped on the scene, sneakers have become a cultural phenomenon that hasn't slowed down yet.

The global sneaker market is a close to $79 billion business. The Nike brand holds the largest share by far. So what sneakers paved the path for this shoe giant?

Keep reading to learn more about the 10 best Nikes that have been released throughout the years.

1. Nike Air Force 1

This shoe is a favorite because it's arguably the most universal sneaker of all time. These sneakers are comfortable, sturdy, and long-lasting. They are reasonably priced and come in several different color schemes, so you can collect several of them to mix and match with your wardrobe.

Sites like have inventories that you can explore to learn more about the different colorways that have been released throughout the years.

Nike air force 1

2. Nike Cortez

The rounded slope of these shoes along with the bold check on the side makes the Cortez many people's favorite Nike shoe. It was a sneaker that first came out in 1972.

During this time, America and the world were going through a running craze, and the Cortez became a signature shoe of the movement. This shoe was a collaborative effort of the founder and co-founder, and its longevity is a testimony to their vision.

Nike Cortez shoes

3. Air Jordan 4

While it wasn't the first Air Jordan shoe, the Air Jordan 4 marks a time in history when the sneaker really started hitting its stride.

This is a timeless sneaker that could really fit into any era. There have been several retro releases of these sneakers throughout the years that have come in several different colorways.

Half the fun of collecting sneakers is finding out the history and original releases of Air Jordan sneakers. Many people love finding out which games and eras MJ wore certain shoes.

The Air Jordan 4 is a great option, whether it is your launching point to his Airness' collection or a personal favorite among many.

Air Jordan 4

4. Air Jordan 6

The Air Jordan 6 continued the momentum of the sneakers that came before it and made a show that fits like a glove and stands out in every color.

It's only fitting that this shoe stood the test of time, since the inspiration was Michael Jordan's sports car. These shoes look sleek and like they're meant to go fast while remaining graceful.

They first came out in 1991 and are among many people's favorites.

Air Jordan 6

5. Nike Air Max

These shoes revolutionized the game with compressed gases. They were among the first shoes that had a bubble in the sole in order to provide more cushioning to wearers.

There were some iconic Air Max year releases, such as the Air Max 90, Air Max 95, and Air Max 97.

nike air max shoes

6. Nike Zoom Kobe 6

The late, great Kobe Bryant exhibited the Mamba mentality one game at a time in his signature shoes. The Nike Zoom Kobe 6 might be the best one that was released during this legendary player's career.

This sneaker is an immaculately blended combination of foam and snakeskin, which is an homage to Kobe's alter ego. This show came out in 2010 and was ahead of its time when you take a look at the sneakers that came after it.

7. Nike Air Foamposite

Nike has stood the test of time because the company has never been afraid to go with its gut or make bold artistic decisions. The Nike Air Foamposite sneaker deserves to be on this list for its uniqueness alone.

These shoes, as the name suggests, are heavily clad in pattered foam. They typically come in bold color schemes and styles.

Not only do Foamposites feel as comfortable as they look, but you can also get several good years out of these shoes, whether you wear them strictly for fashion or also on the basketball court.

8. Air Jordan 11

These sneakers came out when MJ was putting the finishing touches on his legendary career, having come back from retirement to attack another championship three-peat.

This shoe came out in the heart of the second dynasty Chicago Bulls' run, and it has remained a sought-after favorite from sports fans and sneakerheads. The black and red colorway Air Jordan 11 sneaker is widely considered the best sneaker of all time by many.

People also love the all-black and all-white versions.

Air Jordan 11

9. Nike Shox

Nike Shox is a sneaker that had a short, yet memorable run when compared to many others before and after it. These sneakers are built sturdily thanks to the Shox technology.

The Nike Shox are great because they look great but are also amazing shoes to play basketball in, inside or outside.

10. Air Jordan 1

This list isn't complete without talking about the shoe that started it all. The Air Jordan 1 is so iconic and memorable that Hollywood has now produced a movie starring Matt Damon and Ben Affleck based on this shoe and how it came to be.

It's a legendary story that built an industry, yet it's the style that is the most memorable part. People love these shoes and all the ones after them that drew from the original influence.

Air Jordan 1 shoes

The Best Nikes in History

When you know which are the best Nikes in history, you can start scouring the sneaker stores and online communities to find some pairs to add to your collection. Use these ten tips to guide you.

Bookmark our site and keep checking back for more information about fashion and sneakers.

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