10 Secret Studying Tips To Travel Efficiently

10 Secret Studying Tips to Travel Efficiently

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Education is global, and is now more accessible than ever before. This is partly as a result of the digital revolution, which has created the option of having a virtual learning platform almost anywhere in the world. 

Yet, it is also to do with the fact that, as borders begin to gradually reopen, the planet is available to explore once again. Thus, it is now possible once more to traverse Earth in search of the best possible study opportunities.

With that in mind, below are ten of the best studying tips for travel, in order to maximise both of these opportunities simultaneously!

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1. Get Certified in Spain 

Located just a couple of hours away from the other European countries, Spain offers the ideal platform to begin the adventure of studying and traveling abroad. As a fellow Western European nation, the culture shares many similar aspects to that of life in those countries, albeit with much better weather much of the time.

With cultural charms galore in Barcelona, such as the Sagrada Familia and of course the Camp Nou stadium where FC Barcelona entertain the masses, as well as the Fallas festival in Valencia, and the world-renowned bull run in Pamplona, one is simply spoilt for choice on the travel front. For study, Spain offers a climate and environment that is great for young people, especially those looking to enhance their study base.

2. Learn how to fly solo

In many societies, there is a large focus on the importance of family and local community, and understandably so. From the very earliest times, there has been a kind of safety in numbers, whether that be protection from predators such as wild animals, or just having enough manpower to take care of all the jobs needed to get through the winter.

However, in more recent times, it has been shown that it is possible to achieve incredible things alone, like sailing solo around the world, to inventing a device that changes people’s lives for the better. In fact, being able to survive and indeed thrive by one’s self is a wonderful tool for getting by in the long run, as well as a hugely saleable asset in the job market moving forward.

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3. Find others in the same boat

Although it is essential to be able to study independently (see above), humans are by their very nature social animals. So, having the chance to find like minded people, who are also combining study and travel, is a fantastic way to meet new people, make new friends, as well as combat any potential signs of loneliness before they arrive.

Luckily, the data suggests that studying and traveling abroad is a growing trend, with all the signs pointing to this progression continuing apace in the years to come. Obviously, with all of these global international students dotted around the world, the chances are more than likely that any budding traveler will find the fit that is right for them.

4. Be open to saying yes

One of the many positive facets and studying overseas is the possibility of getting to do new and exciting things. This could be chipping in at a local family run vineyard, or starting events at a pig race (believe it or not, such things do exist!).

Either way, there is a chance to do things that simply aren’t accessible at home, and this should be embraced. So, if a study buddy does decide to invite you out to enjoy a local event, don’t be afraid to accept the offer!

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5. Become more open to others

As individuals, we usually grow up in a city or town that is especially well-known and familiar, and that makes it safe, if a little dull at times. Studying and traveling abroad can be an unbelievably effective way to leave that comfort zone, if approached with the right mindset.

For instance, one hotbed of teaching TEFL is the Middle East, in countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar. It might be easy to listen to those who focus on the aspects of their societies which are different from the West, but the reality is that there is a superb opportunity to embrace another culture and learn from it, good and bad. By doing this, everybody can take the first steps to becoming more compassionate citizens.

6. Discover new things about oneself

Not everybody is a fearless travel daredevil, and that is okay. For some, just taking the leap to studying and traveling abroad is good enough.

However, by doing exactly this, many find that they learn things about themselves that they never knew. 

This could take the form of acquiring a new-found confidence that didn’t exist before, or finding out that they have a hidden talent in a new hobby. Studying and traveling abroad provides the ideal avenue to experiment and become more comfortable in one’s own skin.

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7. Make a broad plan

Many travelers set off on their time abroad without any real clue of what they are going to face. Indeed, the biggest culture shock will come to those who have not done at least some research to set them on the right track to thrive abroad.

An optimal plan before setting out would be to get some basic info on the country being visited, such as the clothes the people wear, the food they eat, or any festivals or traditions that are held there. Even this simple approach should help to avoid any misunderstandings or awkward moments on the road.

8. Learn the local lingo

Of course, between seeing all the sights, and mastering the study side of life overseas, there might not be much time for learning the language fully. Having said that, getting a handle on some fundamentals, as well as one or two local idioms, can go a long way to helping the adaptation process go smoothly.

Portrait asian woman traveler looking the amulet with bell with china language in lijiang old town

9. Touch base with loved ones back home

While the temptations of studying abroad are many and ever present, it is essential to keep checking in on friends and family as often as possible. They will always be happy to hear the latest stories, and see a smiling face on the other side of the video camera (or hear a familiar voice, on a voice call). It will make all the difference to know that their thoughts and feelings have been considered too.

10. Find balance

After all is said and done, though, all humans operate best from a position of balance. Doing all of the above is useful, but there also needs to be brief periods of reflection, recharging, and getting ready to go again.

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