How to Plan a Fantastic Golf Holiday

How to Plan a Fantastic Golf Holiday

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Planning the perfect golfing holiday is already difficult, and that’s before you factor in golfers with different personalities and preferences.

After all, everyone needs to be satisfied for a holiday to be considered perfect. And that includes the friends and family who may be accompanying you and are not interested in golfing.

Throughout this article, we’ll help you plan a fantastic golf trip that keeps everyone happy, including the kids.

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Plan in Advance

Planning is essential for any holiday. You need to work out who will be attending your trip, what their skill level is, and whether you will be playing casually or competitively. If you’re left to the planning, consider what your needs are and then think about everyone else. 

Once you’ve finalized your holiday party, you can start thinking about what type of weather you’d like, where the most suitable courses are, and which golf courses suit your budget. During the planning phase, be flexible and take a look at everything from package deals to individual bookings.

Send out a questionnaire to everyone invited on the holiday. Find out what their preferences are, how much their budget is, and whether they are bringing partners and kids along for the ride. The needs of a small group of friends will be very different from a group of families with young children. 

multiethnic golf players with golf clubs in bags walking on golf course

Choosing a Location?

There are around 16,752 golf courses in America alone, which is a large chunk of the 38,864 courses worldwide. The enormous choice makes it almost impossible to choose a location that everyone agrees on. 

To help narrow down the search, consider the type of weather your holiday party wants to experience and go from there. For example, if it's sunshine you’re after, there are plenty of fantastic golf courses in Spain. Remember, you don't need perfect weather to enjoy golf, as there are covers for carts and you can always pack a raincoat. 

Although golf is the focal point of your holiday, you’ll need to consider the availability of other activities and sights when picking a location. Do you want to take in local history? Immerse yourself in peaceful walks? Enjoy great food in the city? Ask yourself, and your party, what other adventures you want outside of golf. 

If you are traveling with partners and children, they need to have access to activities that are not golf-related. Booking a holiday in a location where there is a beach nearby or theme parks might be a better bet when you have kids to consider. 

For example, there are several luxurious golfing resorts in Europe if you like the idea of traveling a bit further. There, the whole family can enjoy sporting activities like tennis and cycling, while you and your buddies make the most of the golfing facilities. It’s a win-win for everyone. In the US, there are just as many great options, including the Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina and the Kauai Lagoons Golf Club on Kauai, Honolulu. 

View from the height of the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean and the golf course on the Le

What Type of Course Do You Want to Play?

The course you decide to play needs to complement everyone in the group, and it has to fit within your budget. Unfortunately, this means you might need to leave behind the dream of playing at the most prestigious courses in the world. 

When choosing a golf course, consider the type of terrain, the number of holes, and whether or not the course will introduce a handicap. 

  • Links courses are the best-known type of course. These golf courses are laid out over rolling terrain, typically in coastal locations. 
  • Parkland courses are inland and feature ponds, trees, and man-made features like sand bunkers. These courses are harder to play and more fun if you like a challenge. The Augusta National Golf Club is a great example of a parkland course.
  • Heathland courses are found in the UK. They cover a more uncultivated area of land with natural gorse and heather. 
  • Championship courses are where the big competitions are played. If you want to tick one of these famous courses off your bucket list, plan a holiday close to one of them.
Side vie of man walking past trees across golf course at twilight, pulling golf trolley.

Transporting Your Golf Clubs

Whether you’re going on a road trip across America or you’re flying across the world, you must consider how to transport your golf clubs. If you’re driving, you can easily attach a trailer to your car and use it for excess luggage. However, if you’re traveling by airline, you may face several obstacles when trying to check your clubs in. 

Instead of traveling with your clubs, you can always have a third-party courier deliver them to your destination. For example, My Baggage is a company that will arrange transportation for your luggage, regardless of how awkward it is. 

Italy, Kastelruth, Golfers playing golf on golf course

Reserve Your Tee-Times

While you’re busy arranging travel, booking hotels, and buying all the essential gear for your holiday, don’t forget to book your tee slots. If you leave this until you’re at the resort, you may have to play at odd times and there may be no availability, which would mean all your hard work preparing was for nothing. 

Plan Some Downtime

While the main purpose of a golfing holiday is to enjoy as much golfing as possible, it’s important to plan some downtime too. Include at least one day where you can take in the sights or visit a local attraction or two. It would be a shame to visit somewhere like Kauai and not enjoy everything Honolulu has to offer, such as the iconic crescent beach and fine shopping opportunities. Your family will also appreciate your company if they are invited on the trip with you. 

Kauai beach

Wrapping Up

Organizing a fantastic golf holiday starts with budget planning and consideration for the needs of the whole party, which will help when it comes to choosing a location.

Next, you need to sort out the logistics of the trip, including how to transport golf clubs to your destination. Remember, the earlier you book your tee time, the more choice you will have. 

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