Canvas Duffle Bags & Weekender Bags

Adventurer at heart and lover of vintage style? Discover our vintage travel bags & let yourself be transported to another era. Carefully designed to last in time, they will become your future travels must have.

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                      SPORTS DUFFLE BAG Meet Kaori, one of the sturdiest and stylish canvas & leather overnight bags on the market....
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                      Discover our Curated Selection of Vintage Canvas Duffle Bags, Weekend Bags & Overnight Bags

                      Discover our collection of timeless vintage canvas duffle bags and go on an adventure to discover the wonders of the world that are opening up to you! Whether you are looking for an adventure-ready style weekend bag and need only space to store a few stuff or for a large canvas duffle bag, designed to store more gears, we have everything you need!

                      Our elegant and functional canvas duffle bags (alongside our canvas backpack and our canvas messenger bags) are made from strong, light but above all top-notch durable materials (namely full-grain leather and cotton canvas) to guarantee you comfort, reliability and optimal durability. Coton canvas is known to be a breathable, reliable, water resistant and lightweight yet sturdy materials. Used for century, you can be sure that your future travel bag will withstand the test of time and can stand up years of wear and tear.

                      Build to last, our canvas vintage weekender bags are designed to evolve over time, developing a different patina for each travel bag, making yours completely unique, a bit like you! Indeed, full grain leather is known to be an aging material that develop wonderful colors and grain in time. You'll be sure to have a stylish duffle bag as unique as you, retracing the sage of your shared adventure!

                      These nicely sized canvas holdall bags are functional and practical, offering great flexibility to accommodate excellently to your different activities: from sports lessons to travelling to the other side of the world through the weekend, our canvas overnight bags adapt perfectly to your desires and your needs.

                      Minimalist curves, vintage style and a variety of colours, you're sure to find the travel duffel bag you're looking for, and to make the ultimate versatile choice!

                      Versatile Canvas Travel Bags & Holdall Bags Handcrafted with Care for Men and Women

                      As its name suggests, the weekend bag is a must for short trips and weekends away from home, whether your commuting to work, fleeing everyday life with your loved one or prepare a business meeting on the other side of the world.

                      Why is that? First, its dimensions, smaller than a suitcase but wider than a canvas rucksack, make it perfect for carrying just what you need for a few days. Second, its flexibility, solidity and versatility allow you to move around with ease and speed. Put the strap around your neck or over your shoulder and you're ready to hit the road. Hold the doubled and reinforced top handle and be sure to walk around with a unique and remarkable casual and sporty yet elegant style.

                      The big plus of weekend bags is that they are extremely compact, making them the perfect carry-all luggages. Speaking of which, it is the ideal ally for travelers because it is accepted as carry-on baggage on airplanes (except for the largest models). With our overnight bags, you can save time packing and not having to check it in when you arrive at the airport. In our era, every seconds count so we help you to make the most of it!

                      A Classic Collection of Old School & Unisex Overnight Bags and Weekender Bags with Aesthetics in Mind

                      We choose to design unisex duffle bags because we believe that objects should not be gender labelled. When old-school and ancient duffel were crafted, designers of that time didn't have in mind gendered designs. They created bags that were designed for adventure, no matter who will be their owner.

                      We know that certain some forms and shapes might be more suitable for one or the other but that's exactly why we designed our weekend bags with clean shapes and classic forms. They could fit everyone's styles and needs.

                      Therefore, you can choose what is best for you in a selection of both versatile and fashionable canvas duffle bag (if you're more a leather lover, we have similar leather duffle bags designs, have a look!).

                      Their designs are vintage but timeless and their construction is light but sturdy. Your duffle bag will all your life's adventures. They all have a wide opening main compartment and generous and roomy interior so you won't have hard time packing or unpacking. We offer you travel bags with just the right amount of space, plenty of storage and pockets to fit any situation.

                      Enough talking, it's time for you to discover them in detail and choose which cabin-sized canvas weekend bag will be the new member of your globetrotter luggage collection.

                      However, if you're a leather type of guy and you want to deep dive in raw and vintage style, you can have a look at our leather backpacks or our leather shoulder bags. They will answer your needs and will enhance your various outfits.