Canvas Messenger Bags and Leather Shoulder Bags

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Messenger Bag for Men: For a Light and well-equipped trip! Are looking for a messenger bag to follow you on...
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CINCINNATI: Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag Description: Everyone needs to have a faithful companion every day! A companion that keeps...
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Retro Canvas Handbag Chicago: Italian Class with Vintage Touch Discover our Chicago canvas messenger bag, made for women...
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Cross Shoulder Bag Houston: Enhance your Vintage Style Discover Houston, our beautiful cross shoulder bag for aspiring adventurers. Made...
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Laptop Shoulder Bag: Fashion, Unique, Yours Whether you are looking for a casual handbag for your everyday life...
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Meet the Best Camera Messenger Bag in Town! Washington is one of our favourite camera handbags. It stands out for its unique design...
Canvas Shoulder Bag: Wear Timeless Style Discover our brand new Joplin canvas shoulder bag. Designed with taste and...
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Vintage Leather Messenger Bag for your Various Outings Anchorage is a sober, elegant and practical canvas handbag that is mainly aimed...
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Moscow Camera Shoulder Bag  Meet this marvellous canvas messenger bag, inspired by nature and raw elements, it will follow you...
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Crossbody Bag Tucson: Your Adventure Best Friend Tucson is one our most timeless crossbody messenger bag. Its design is...
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A Ladies Handbag for your Classy Outfits Atlanta is the union of vintage shapes and a rich colours palette that give...
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A Vintage Travel Handbag with a Look of Yesteryear The Phoenix canvas messenger bag is by its unique design a magnificent...

Messenger Bags, Canvas Satchel Bags & Canvas Shoulder Bags

Discover our refined selection of vintage messenger bags and canvas shoulder bags. These unique bags are made from resistant materials such as full-grain leather and waxed cotton canvas. With a variety of styles and colours, there is a retro messenger bag for every taste and style. We strive to provide quality unisex messenger bags that suit men and women alike.

We have selected a series of canvas messenger bags that are light, durable and above all practical and functional. They are ideal canvas messenger bags for students, city workers or simply adventure seekers looking to explore their world. The vast majority of our vintage messenger bags offer removable reinforced strap and compartimented storage spaces. It is perfect if you prefer the retro handbag style.

We tried to design and propose the best collection of durable and sturdy leather messenger bags. We also offer crossbody bags, side bags, courier bags, bandolier bags and canvas shoulder bags. The quality of the final product, but also design and the production phases are important for us. That is why we have chosen carefully selected materials and handcrafted production processes.

These traditional courier bags offer everything you need, especially flexibility and functionality: you can bring them wherever and whenever you want! These timeless marvels will fit all your different styles and outfits.


Explore your world with a Robust Courier Bag or a Crossbody Bag

Adventure rhymes with danger, especially for your messenger bag. That's why we make it a point of honour to build crossbody sling bags that are above all extremely robust and durable.

Cotton canvas is a high-quality material, used since the Middle Ages as a fabric to make the sails of ships. And they had to be robust at the time to withstand important storms. Since then, cotton canvas is known for its strength, water repellent characteristic but also its lightness, which makes it an exceptional material to create unique bags.

Leather has been used since prehistoric times, making it one of the oldest human materials. Over the years, its design has evolved so much that today there are dozens of different types of leather.

At Eiken, we work with full-grain leather, the best part of cowhide to create robust and long-lasting leather messenger bags. This leather is very thick and therefore resistant. It develops a beautiful patina over the years which will give your bag a unique look!

These unique materials allow us to offer you exceptional products with useful functionalities.  Indeed you can find camera messenger bags, in which your cameras are optimally protected. You can also choose waxed canvas messenger bags. Thanks to their waterproof characteristics, they protect your most precious objects from the weather.

Waxed Canvas Messenger Bags with Aesthetics and Functionality in Mind

Fully versatile and functional, our canvas satchel bags will be the best allies of dynamic and adventurous people. If you're looking for sturdy, durable and reliable gears to travel, commute or just have a walk, have a look. It's now time for you to choose yours throughout our refined collection of the best canvas messenger bags around.

Looking for a bicycle bag? Our bags are perfect crossbody bags for men and women and can be worn on the shoulder or you slung across the back. The padded main strap is reinforced and offers doubled stitchings to ensure optimal security while commuting. If you go to work, to college or university, these messenger bags can hold 13" laptops (several can hold up to 15" laptops) so you'll have everything you need to pass this academic year without a hitch!

After having presented the main features of our products, it's now time for you to choose your unique leather messenger bag!