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13 Ways to Earn Some Extra Cash While Traveling in the USA

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Traveling is not always a cheap pleasure, especially if you are in a country like America where life can be expensive. Here, you will be able to find a huge amount of entertainment, activities and sights that will be to the liking of any tourist.

However, not everyone has the opportunity to completely remove themselves from work even while on vacation in the United States.

Without saving enough money, people still find that they need to work in order to be able to use Enterprise Cincinnati airport services, visit desired attractions, and more.

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1. Use Freelance

Arriving in America and needing to have some pocket money, you have the opportunity to use the option of freelance.

What is freelance? This is a form of work when you are a freelancer and have clients who are interested in your services. They can be about translations, web design, programming and much more!

Rent a car to work from anywhere in America, being free and independent of public transport in movement. Just contact the nearest service center and they will provide you with the appropriate services. 

2. Teaching

If you speak a language well, have qualifications in it and certain certificates, then you can also teach the language.

Register on any international language teaching and learning platform, fill in all the fields there, add your photo and get the desired clients from the first minutes!

teacher in front of a black board

3. Share Other People Your Skills

In the event that you can triple earn some money while traveling, we recommend that you find one skill that you can teach other people.

For example, you are good at repairing cabinets or hallways in the kitchen. Use it! Post your resume on the site and they will definitely write to you.Also, you can offer a skill as a dog walker. We are sure that it will also be useful to you.

There is one more option to make some extra money. If you are a travel agent remote, you can work from anywhere in the world. The best part is that you can usually set your own hours. Help people arrange different tours both locally and abroad.

4. Sell Something

While in America, you can even make a sale of some of your belongings.

For example, you mistakenly took a sports suit with you, which was very expensive, but you don't like it and you understand that you will not wear it.

Try to get money for it by placing an ad on the sales site.

women selling second hand clothing

5. Work at the Hostels

Another good option for earning money is working in hostels or hotels.

Here, you can offer your services as an entertainer or just a receptionist.

This work is usually shift work, not full time. In this way, you can earn a good amount of money and have a good trip.

6. Make Some Photos and Sell It

If you are a skilled photographer and have the ability to capture the right shot, you are free to sell your photos!

Many people are true fans of photography and would love to have a picture of a landscape or something similar hanging in their home. 

Traveling and photography. Young woman with a camera is photographed on the sea beach.

7. Drive a Car

Do you like to drive a car? Try to earn extra money by transporting people!

In order to realize this, you can use the US cars for rent service and use the car both for yourself and for other people. app will certainly help you to find a suitable car!

8. Try a Seasonal Work

The next interesting option for making money in America is seasonal work. It can be, for example, work as a farmer.

But in order to move freely between farms, you will need a car. Just compare car rental prices and start using these services.

Young farmer woman working at rural farm picking bio organic peppers - Harvest season concept

9. Do Street Performances

If you know you're good at street dancing and like to stand out from the crowd, this is definitely something you should try. You will be able to earn good money on this.

Choose a crowded spot and a suitable time to make the most of your activities. Don't be shy and trust your skills, you will definitely be rewarded for your talent!

10. Blogging/Vlogging

Many people like to watch bloggers or youtubers. Why not try to make money from it? If you like to write or to film yourself while traveling, you should think about sharing your journey with everyone. 

Publish posts and/or videos about interesting stories, cool hidden spots, tips and advices to help future visitors in their journey. The best way to interest people is to be informative, concise and brief. 

Young Couple Travelling Through City Together Vlogging To Video Camera On Handheld Tripod

11. Fitness

In addition, you can also earn money teaching fitness. If you are a true sports fan, then this activity is for you.

We advise you however to check with the local authorities if any certifications or degrees are needed to teach fitness, it would be a shame to pay a fine while traveling trying to make a few bucks.

12. Volunteer

Volunteering is a good option for you to earn money fast by helping people. You can do several types of small tasks like carrying the goods or packing them, mowing the lawn, fixing furnitures etc.

Some specialized websites allows you to list all your skills and get easily into contact with folks in need.

young volunteers planting trees in green park together

13. Online Course

Opening a course is a great opportunity to earn money. All you need is to think of exactly what you will offer to people (cooking course, Italian language course, etc.).

Creating an online course can seem daunting as it might be time and energy intensive to create the course, requiring lots of time and information, but the main advantages is that once the course is created, it can bring you constant and automatic incomes with only a few hours of work (mainly to promote it and keep it up to date once in a while)

Wrapping up

Do not be afraid to try yourself in different professions. If you travel on your own, it already shows that you're willing to go out of your confort zone.

Just choose the option you like the most, try it, you might not succeed every time, but with time and effort, you'll definitely start making money while traveling..


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