EIKEN is now taking a stand for the environment. Indeed, we are extremely proud to be part of the 1% for the Planet ecosystem since April 2020.

What is 1% for the Planet?

1% for the Planet is a global movement that aims to promote ecological and energy transition while fighting against climate change. It allows companies and individuals wishing to get involved, through annual subscriptions, to finance projects validated and certified by the 1% for the planet team.

With this in mind, EIKEN has therefore decided to donate 1% of its total sales to 5 nonprofit partners, whose values are the most in line with our own.

We are a young company, far from being perfect from an ecological point of view, but we try to improve day after day, to develop a model that will be tomorrow better than yesterday.

Who are our partners?

As announced above, we have decided to fund 5 projects that are important to us. At EIKEN, we promote travel, adventure and the discovery of our beautiful planet. Therefore, we have carefully studied the several associations that are part of the 1% for the Planet ecosystem to select 5 that encompass different sustainable development objectives and resonate with us, but also with you.  

1. Mountain Wilderness

"By wilderness we mean that high altitude environment, where anyone who wishes to can still experience a direct encounter with the great outdoors, where they can freely experience loneliness, silence, rhythm, dimensions, natural laws and dangers." - Biella's theses

Open to all mountain lovers, mountain wilderness supports a different relationship with the mountains, based on respect for people and nature. To this end, the association's actions aim to :

  • Ensure the maintenance of natural balances,
  • Challenge unreasonable practices,
  • Propose gentle approaches to the mountain,
  • Support a diversified mountain economy.

2. Plastic Odyssey

Plastic Odyseey is a magnificent adventure, which takes place aboard a unique catamaran. Propelled solely by renewable energy, this boat travels the seas and oceans of the world, raising awareness, relaying local innovations and helping to set up small waste recycling plants. 

Their mission is to hatch local initiatives in the regions most affected by plastic pollution. The objectives are to:

  • study cultures, relationships to plastics and local needs
  • initiate the creation of small recycling plants and waste reduction initiatives

3. Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd is an international, non-profit marine conservation organization that engages in direct action campaigns to defend wildlife, and conserve and protect the world’s oceans from illegal exploitation and environmental destruction.

Sea Shepherd aims to defend, conserve and protect our oceans. They are the keepers of our rich and unique biodiversity, jeopardized by non-compliance with a number of laws, in an environment where compliance with regulations is difficult to enforce

Why do they fight?

Our oceans and its inhabitants are dying from overfishing and habitat destruction. Poachers plunder marine life sanctuaries with impunity, and illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing goes unchecked in the high seas far from public scrutiny.

4. Fondation GoodPlanet

The Fondation GoodPlanet is committed to the respect of the environment and its inhabitants through two axes of intervention: awareness and action on the ground, the GoodPlanet Foundation refuses any form of moralism, guilt and proselytism.

Its messages are based on factual elements that it disseminates in complete neutrality. It gives everyone the opportunity to form their own opinion and to act with full knowledge of the facts. The GoodPlanet Foundation deploys various awareness and field programs in favor of ecology and living together.

  • Carbon Solidarity Action supports both environmental and solidarity projects (agro-ecology, sustainable energy, waste recovery, etc.) throughout the world through carbon offsetting and donations.
  • The GoodPlanet School is a 400m2 pavilion entirely renovated and dedicated to awareness workshops for the general public, schoolchildren, companies and associations.
  • GoodPlanet Fondation, the first place dedicated to ecology and humanism in Paris, is a sounding board for all those who wish to build a more sustainable and united world in a spirit of sharing and benevolence.

5. Lifetime Projects

LifeTime Projects is an association of international cooperation and solidarity. It aims at the co-development of international humanitarian and ecological missions, driven by local initiatives. The association is involved in themes such as:

  • Women's rights;
  • The gender approach;
  • The solidarity economy;
  • Eco-citizenship;
  • Animal protection.

In order to carry out its social purpose, the association ensures the realization of the missions and their sustainability by sending volunteers on site.

What is your role?

We believe that it is not up to us to choose alone to whom these donations will go. This is why we have decided to let you choose, according to your personal preferences and sensitivities, to donate the 1% of your order to the association of your choice.

After validating your order, you will receive shortly afterwards an email which will direct you to a questionnaire allowing you to choose the nonprofit of your choice.

At the end of each fiscal year, when we make the distribution of the donations between our different partners, we will collect the answers of the questionnaire and make a percentage to distribute the sums according to our customers wishes.

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