How To Pack The Whole Caboodle For Your Next Adventure

How To Pack The Whole Caboodle For Your Next Adventure

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You are tired of your desk job. It is time to disconnect, step away from your everyday life. A great adventure is what you need. Yes, you are ready to try something new. What shall it be? Skydiving, swimming with the sharks, kayaking, or all the time favorite, hitchhiking. We will leave that to your imagination. You have got your route set. You have got your plan in place. All you need to do now is pack your things and get going.

And then the dilemma lands upon you. What do you need to take to make this trip stress-free? You don’t want to be left wondering what could have happened if only you had packed that one essential you left behind. Imagine climbing uphill for hours, only to reach the beautiful vintage-looking church and realize that you have forgotten your glasses. The blurry vision of the beautiful ceilings of the ‘must-see architecture’ will just bear an unhappy memory for you.

Whether you are a rookie or an experienced traveler, the questions remain: what to pack and what not to pack?

Here are a few commandments that are an absolute must when you start organizing your adventure packing list.

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Dress Like an Adventurer!

Indiana Jones, the great adventurer of all time, is most recognized by his khaki pants and shirt. It wasn’t just a style statement. The khaki color not only repels heat but also masks the dust of travel. No wonder he looked so fresh all the time in the movie, “Young Indiana Jones and the Daredevils of the Desert”.

Do your research to check what the weather is going to be on given dates. Yes, it does sometimes rain in the Sahara. Bad weather cannot be changed but how you feel in the weather can be under your control. As the old and wise said, “There is no such thing as bad weather but only inappropriate clothing”.

Never take clothes that you think you might wear but rather those absolute basics that you must have. Clothes that don’t need to be ironed, dry quickly, and can be easily patched up. Also, the chances of meeting new people are not frequent as you are always moving when on an adventure, you can practically go for a week in the same clothes. 

Shoulder Your Weight Well!

Imagine rolling your precious suitcase around on a hill-climbing trip. Backpacks today are designed by activity to carry your essentials with ease without tiring your back easily and leaving your hands unoccupied. Saying that every adventure allows you to carry a certain weight limit. Soft adventures like fishing require a BackPack Tackle bag which is lightweight but at the same time large enough to carry all equipment needed. At the same time, hard adventures like mountain climbing require one to carry a lightweight backpack that doesn’t interfere with your harness or head. 

The main idea is to find a backpack that is not only fashionable ( Yes, we still have Indian Jones in our minds) but also to check its functionality. It should have the capacity to hold your necessities as well as maybe fit in a few impulsive things you find on your way. Maybe that rock is rare, maybe not. Who knows? Might as well take it back with your to get it checked. If worthless, at least it will make a good souvenir. 

No Man Can Be Wise on an Empty Stomach

camping cooking in the wild

When traveling food is not just for nourishment and enjoyment but also about entering new authenticity and experience of the place. While restaurants and food vendors are always a common sight, it is always a good idea to carry some food with you. Trust me, you will thank me later after you could go to a dodgy-looking place at the end of the road and enjoy your crackers with cheese instead.

With a wide variety of food choices available right from Granola ready-to-eat gourmet food in a can, your adventure trips now can be enjoyed with a good meal. Unless of course, your adventure is a part of the ‘Surviving in the wild’ series. Well then, I am sure those roots look healthy. After all, Tarzan didn’t have gourmet food now, did he? While we are on the topic of food and Tarzan, unless you are using leaves as plates, remember to throw away your garbage properly when outdoors. Leave no trace wherever you go.

Keep Wandering but Do Not Get Lost

The deer you have been following for hours, the beautiful sunset that has caught your gaze, or the long lazy nap you decided to take late in the afternoon while you were on a trail; all can lead to you being lost in an unknown place. Outdoor adventure locations are not the best place to be lost, especially after dark. Remember those owl hooting at night in the forest movie scenes?!). Being in such places could mean losing the network on your phone. A proper navigation tool and a map are always handy. 

Make Your Own Little Haven

camping session at sunrise

Pitch that tent and lay in your sleeping bag to get yourself a good rest. A small blanket will not only provide that little extra warmth but also help you enjoy a perfect picnic spot in case you find one. A neck supporting pillow will make sure you get your comfortable 40 winks not just while traveling but also your resting times. Neck support pillows help you sleep easily anywhere, even while sitting without causing a sore or stiff neck allowing you to wake up a happy, bright-eyed, and excited bunny instead of a gnarly grizzly bear. 

Be it for reading, going to the bathroom or, just trying to cook a meal with no bugs in it, a headlamp and flashlights are a must for overnight outdoor trips. A good book is also a good treat for yourself if you like to enjoy reading in peace.

Take Along Some TLC (Tender, Loving, Care) Items

Just because you are on a rowing adventure, it doesn’t mean you have to be a dirtbag! A wet wipe can help you clean, moisture, soothe irritated skin as well as replace a shower in the woods. 3-in-1 bath gels can work wonders to wash your hair, body, and some things, even your clothes. Other necessities are basic toiletries like toothpaste and toothbrush, toilet paper, and sanitizers. A good sunscreen will protect you from the hot sun as while you are on a move your face and shoulders will be constantly exposed. 

This brings to mind another old and wise saying, ‘Precaution is better than cure’. A small first aid kit can always come in handy. If not for you maybe for someone who might need help. Make sure to carry first aid items as per your health conditions on those that you can perceive on your trip. A throbbing headache or allergy cold won’t bring a halt to your trip. 

Equip Yourself With the Right Gizmos

Gone are the days when you used to travel without electronics. (Good ol’ times yeah?!). With the digital age, one must make sure to carry at least your phone. If you still want to be connected make sure to take along your kindle, tablet, or even your game boy. Make sure to put them away in secure bags to prevent them from getting wet or breaking easily as you shove all your things in your backpack.  

Not to be too critical of all the new gadgets, some gizmos capable of providing quick-drying, warming, or cooling can make an important impact on your adventure trip. 

Identify Yourself!

The nightmare of reaching the airport on time yet forgetting your passport or tickets at home can be haunting. Identification with one or two forms is mandatory for most of the destinations now. This could cost you to lose a flight, a day, or even cancel the entire trip. Gives us the chills!

The good thing is that many of us have IDs now which are pocket size and fit in the smallest of wallets. Make sure to make some photocopies and waterproof bags to keep in all your important documents. Wet identification documents will not be looked at favorably in most places.

Last but Not the Least, Enjoy Yourself!

a hiker looking at a mountain

Cast your inhibitions aside and plunge into the unknown discoveries of mystery and excitement. Adventure holidays today are an option for solo travelers, couples, or even families. Your experience can only be limited by your appetite for adventure. An adventure is for your mind, health and body.

We don’t want to sound like your mom but yes definitely being well prepared will make sure your adventure goes in a smooth flow. However, there will be times that you will feel a little helpless. Push forward through those limits of yours and you will find yourself more courageous. At the same time, a few surprises, a few challenges, a few unexpected turns of events, aren’t these all part of a good adventure too?

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