The 15 Most Popular Destinations in Autumn: A Monthly Ranking

The 15 Most Popular Destinations in Autumn: A Monthly Ranking

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Want to prolong your summer complexion or a cultural trip, to dive into a turquoise sea... It is the Indian summer in Canada, spring in the southern hemisphere and the blessed time for travel almost everywhere in the world: Africa, Asia, Uzbekistan, Australia, Polynesia. Ideal for planning an urban weekend in Europe, or a seaside holiday in the Indian Ocean.

>> September

In Canada, it's Indian summer, the maples blush. The crowd has left Greece and there are now tables on the terrace again. The Mediterranean is adorned with turquoise tones and reminiscent of the Pacific. Well, why don't you go to Polynesia? In Namibia, it is the end of the dry season, the water points are empty, the animals gather for the happiness of the photographers. And then, it's mild in the desert, it's spring. As in Madagascar where lemurs ensure the survival of their threatened species.


1. Canada 

Poets are often right, especially when they talk about Canada's magnetic beauty in September. The famous Indian summer covers the country with a thousand shades of warm colours. Orange, yellow and red constitutes the main part of the branching of maples and other hardwoods. Temperatures are already declining without reaching the negative abysses of the following months. The traveller, therefore, benefits from ideal conditions, particularly in Quebec and Ontario. From the wilderness to the parks of the major cities of the centre and east, peace and quiet returns and operates a crossover with the many tourists from August who have left to prepare their next school year. A godsend.

picture of banff national park lake

2. Italia

When schoolchildren return to their school bags and the pigmentation of the trees turns golden, it is good to be able to count on the softness of a refuge. September in Italy has everything to play this role. The Mediterranean climate of the boot allows the summer mildness to play overtime. From the northern lakes to the Sicilian olive groves, passing through the alleys of the Trastevere and the bends of the Amalfi coast, the climate is conducive to hedonism.

picture of an old building in venezzia, italy

3. Polynesia

A paradisiacal archipelago at the other end of the world, French Polynesia is a promised land in this often gloomy period. Running away from September to the South Pacific is a brilliant idea. The local climate is ideal for the countless aquatic and natural activities that the islands make possible. The dry season offers mild temperatures which, if they are too hot, will quickly be moderated by a sea bath or the freshness of a trade wind.

picture of a polynesian lagoon with hotel rooms

4. Namibia

The majesty of the landscapes, the play of light and the abundance of wild animals make Namibia a popular destination for mother nature lovers. In September, these three elements form a most favourable combination. At this time of year, the days are as hot and clear as the nights are cool and invigorating. The conditions are ideal for observing and photographing zebras, oryxes or kudu gathering around the last water points. Walking through the vastness of Namibia, often empty of any human activity is the assurance of enjoying a constantly changing panorama that oscillates between the red of the sand dunes, the purple of the mountains and the blue of the ocean, to finally compose a large rainbow.

picture of the desert

5. Indonesia

The Indonesian archipelago is made up of a string of islands as diverse as the ethnic groups and religions that compose it. September allows the pleasant temperatures to keep the lead and the impatient clouds to stay away for a while longer. From Sumatra to Lombok, Bali and Java, the equatorial climate is a delight that the traveller is invited to taste. The tourist hordes have almost deserted the area and leave the field open for more intimate and authentic wilderness exploration.

picture of an ancien temple

>> October

For Uzbekistan, we must hurry. Winter is approaching, the cotton harvest is in full swing and the sun is still burning Khiva's domes. In Nepal, it is difficult to find sherpas. Of course, it's the perfect time to take a tour of Annapurna or use the familiar name of Everest. In Tanzania, the wildebeests return to the Serengeti, the lions will feast. In New Zealand, national parks are blooming again and sheep are being mowed. In the Seychelles, sun, lagoon, idleness...

6. Seychelles

A paradise scattered in the idyllic waters of the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles archipelago is one of those places from which you can return in a permanently relaxed state. And for good reason, the islands rival each other in beauty and enchanting scenery. October in Mahé and Praslin is far from the gloomy clichés of France. The dry season is an extended period, just before the tropical rains take their place. Also, the temperatures are ideal, neither too hot nor too cold by showers. The perfect destination for effortlessly replenishing your vitamin D.

picture of a seychelles beach

7. Japan

Japan's natural beauty is enhanced by the arrival of autumn. With him, the month of October brings a magnificent coppery hue to the Japanese forests, a phenomenon that the Japanese call Koyo. This transformation of Japanese maple leaves gives rise to a respectful contemplation. From the electrifying Tokyo to the imperial Kyoto and the peaks of Mount Fuji, Japan has so much to offer the traveller. With pleasantly mild temperatures, this is a truly ideal time to discover the country.

picture of a lake in front of fudji mount

8. Australia

To mourn your summer, there is nothing like extending it to other latitudes. Australian October offers quite pleasant temperatures, despite the persistence of a few showers in places. But this mainland island is so vast that it offers very contrasting climates, from north to south through the desert Red Center where, on hot days, cold nights follow. Melbourne, the country's cultural capital, is taking its role to heart this October with the International Arts Festival, which celebrates music, dance, theatre and the visual arts.

picture of an australian sea town with the beach

9. Chile

In October, the Chilean summer is held in the starting blocks, ready to flood this long stretch of land along the Pacific Ocean with sunlight. The climatic conditions are therefore favourable, particularly in the centre of the country and around Santiago. But, because of its slender shape, Chile is above all a land of contrasts, from the Atacama desert, the driest region in the world, to the island of Chiloé, the wettest place on the planet. This wild beauty and the mystical aura of Easter Island leave such a lasting impression on the traveller that he then returns to the thread of his hexagonal autumn with stars in his eyes.

Picture of chilean andes mountains

10. Tanzania

Straddling between an arid dry season by definition and a wet season with life-saving rains, October is a fantastic time to visit Tanzania. At this time of year, wildebeests return to the heart of Serengeti Park after a migration northwards to nearby Kenya. Lions lick their lips and photographers prepare their lenses. The wild splendour of African lands does not reach that of the traveller's imagination, it happily outperforms it.

Picture of tanzania wildlife

>> November

In Chile, summer begins. Patagonia is once again becoming hospitable, it is time for long walks in the national parks. The smart guys are in Guatemala to watch the coffee being picked and to celebrate the dead. Summer brings extraordinary flowers to Reunion Island and there is also dancing, but on the beaches. In Cambodia, it is the dry season, you can visit Angkor without the help of an umbrella. What about Ethiopia? Coffee is also picked and it is also the dry season. Go and visit the monolithic churches of Lalibela.

11. Myanmar

November offers Burma an emerald green face. This Asian jewel, long withdrawn into itself, has indeed emerged from a wet season that is vital to the luxuriance of its forests. As a result, temperatures are now mild and the sky is clear. The setting is ideal for discovering this original civilization with its many cultural legacies. Moreover, the hospitality and kindness of the Burmese people are second to none.

picture of the sunset above Myanmar


12. New-Zealand

The beginning of summer in Kiwi country marks the great return of the sun on the country's two main islands. If a few drops can humidify the stay, the period is nevertheless ideal since the constant wind coming from the west clearly calms its gusts. An archipelago with such a generous natural environment, New Zealand is covered in green as much as it is populated by sheep. The All-Black Nation enchants with its high snow-capped peaks, white sandy beaches, volcanoes and lakes.

New zealand mountain

13. Argentina

If there is an ideal month to visit Argentina, it is November. The autumn gives way, a few hours later, to a very pleasant summer. This beautiful climatic balance makes it possible to avoid the fiery heat of the north as well as the cold southern temperatures. The discovery of the Haussmann avenues of Buenos Aires and the hinterland of the Pampa is particularly successful at this time of year. While Patagonia enjoys a stable climate over the months, November marks the beginning of a period favourable to long horse rides.

picture of a snowy argentinian landscape

14. India

Untiringly, the monsoon has just brought life to lands that will no longer be overflown by clouds for a few months. Thus, November marks the beginning of a period favourable to Indian escape, between the end of the showers and the beginning of the oppressive heat. Of course, such a vast country cannot be reduced to a single climate and the southeast often sees the eleventh month of the year covered with torrential rains. In Diwali, on the other hand, it is the light that sets the sky ablaze with a festival celebrating the return of the Râma God and a new year, all candles out. In Pushkar, Rajasthan, it is the camel that is in the spotlight during a large fair attracting hundreds of thousands of people.

picture of an indian temple (taj mahal)

15. Brasil

Brazil, a vast expanse of South America, has fascinated pioneers and adventurers for more than five centuries. It is this desire for the unknown that will drive August's travellers to discover the interior, which seems infinite. Brasilia surprises with its unique architecture when Manaus sits in the middle of the Amazon and allows you to shine in this mythical region, as green as it is wild. But Brazil also attracts lovers of idleness and offers them magnificent sandy gifts. As such, the month of August remains a highlight for those travelling to Rio de Janeiro and to scour the beaches of the Nordeste, from Fortaleza to Recife via Natal.

picture of rio de janeiro bay

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