Leather Shoulder Bags & Messenger Bags

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Brown Leather Messenger Bags & Leather Shoulder Bags

Do you know where leather shoulder bags come from? From a time when cowboys and the Pony Express were the stars of the Wild West. These saddlebags were designed to allow riders to ride their mounts over long distances without being hindered by their packs. As a result, their leather shoulder bags could be attached to the horse's saddle or carried over the shoulder with a strap.

Today, we offer leather shoulder bags that remind us of those beautiful times, a time when the quality of the products, as well as their longevity, was at the heart of the producers' concerns. We have therefore chosen to work only with the best leather on the market, full-grain leather!

Whether you are looking for a brown leather messenger bag to play sports, to accompany you to work, to go for a walk or simply to carry your belongings, we have the leather courier bag you are looking for. Many models offering great flexibility while keeping the vintage spirit that you like so much.

It's time to choose yours and to start exploring!


Style, Durability, Creativity & Design: Elements at the Heart of our Crossbody Leather Bags.

Are you looking for a durable, robust and luxury leather messenger bag? Why look any further? Opt for full-grain leather, a timeless, extremely strong material that goes perfectly with many styles, giving you an incredible touch of class.

Leather is nowadays sought after by many designers because, unlike other materials, it fits any lifestyle. Indeed, whether you are a young dynamic executive, a student or a simple lover of nature, this material adapts to your needs, without false notes. You can look cool, casual or professional with the same leather handbag!

Whether you are looking for a brown leather shoulder bag for work, a brown leather messenger bag for studies or simply a luxury leather handbag for your outings in the city, we have what you need. Indeed, we offer a wide range of premium leather saddlebags made from full-grain leather and rustproof metal buckles and clips. Our leather cases have zip pockets and dedicated compartments for your computers! Didn't we tell you they were functional?


Leather Courier Bags and Travel Shoulder Bags for Men and Women

Quantity is often put forward by many retailers. We have bet on a limited collection of premium bags of different shapes, designs and styles allowing us to constantly improve the quality and design of our luxury leather bags.

Our travel shoulder bags have been designed with taste and care. We know that human life in the 21st century is made up of various and diverse activities, each requiring the carrying of specific objects. That's why our luxury travel handbags are ideal: they allow you to carry only the essentials while leaving you enough storage space to add your daily belongings. So don't leave anything behind and leave with a clear head. Our premium handbags have numerous pockets, inside and outside, zippered or open, so you'll always have what you're looking for close at hand!

Another important point, our vintage leather handbags are unisex. We didn't like to create leather shoulder bags for men or leather shoulder bags for women separately. We like the idea that each of our brown leather handbags goes to both men and women. Plus, it's an advantage for you! Indeed, if you have a companion, you can even share it (or buy two, it's better for us...).

We've talked enough, now it's time for you to start looking for your future adventure companion!