Everything is decided; now that you know where you want to go, let's pack up! Simple to say but less easy to do. Who has never experienced the stress of not knowing what to put in your bag or suitcase? Besides, what am I going to choose, a bag or a suitcase? So many questions arise when it comes time to pack his things for his travels.

Depending on the type of trip you have chosen, you will have the choice between taking a large bag, a suitcase (with or without wheels), a backpack or even a saddlebag. You will find here a non-exhaustive list of the most appropriate types of luggage for your travels.

Suitcase and Handbags

The suitcase is really one of the most practical types of luggage. At least, the suitcases with wheels! And yes, a suitcase, contrary to what we think, does not necessarily have wheels, although nowadays this is the most common. The suitcase is the best luggage to use for so-called "cool" trips and in places where they will be easy to use (flat floors for wheels, not too much travel for those without wheels).

Certainly very practical, it can, however, become hell if you travel to unsuitable places such as in the middle of nature for example. We, therefore, recommend it exclusively for urban travel and is therefore not recommended for hiking.

We will recommend a rigid suitcase for things that can be fragile, the shell of the suitcase absorbs all shocks. It will also withstand time better and may be a good way to carry a computer. A fabric suitcase, for example, can wear out and tear more easily, its flexibility will protect its contents less well.

You can also complete the use of a suitcase with a bag that is usually easily transportable on the suitcases. This type of bag is also important when travelling by plane.

Indeed, it is a good alternative to be able to have things in the cabin, especially your computer (it is important to avoid putting your computer or other electronic objects in the hold at the risk of finding them in very poor condition after the trip). Reusable in all situations of everyday life, the Eiken team has selected a few of them for you 

Duffle & Travel type bags

Like the suitcase, the large handbag is very practical in simple situations such as travelling with little travel. The risk of taking this type of luggage for long walking trips would be to quickly tire your arm and back.

Very aesthetic and sometimes a better-organized interior than a suitcase, it can be a good alternative between style and practicality. Its large size makes it suitable for many things and its weight is generally much lighter than that of a suitcase. Once again Eiken has taken the time to select several products of this type for you


Whatever the context, the backpack is ALWAYS the right ally, you will always need it. Very practical to move around without hurting yourself, its basic concept with two straps allows you to wear it with as little fatigue as possible. The backpack also makes it possible to have empty hands, which can be a real advantage in many situations.

A good backpack has small compartments that allow you to store all your belongings in an organized way and avoid having a lot of things lying around in your pockets. It is the essential accessory for the hiker because of its practicality and its size, which is generally ideal for not disturbing. Here is the complete selection of backpacks offered by the Eiken team

Now that you have selected the best container for your trip, whatever type of luggage you choose, it is very important to choose luggage that is comfortable, of good quality to resist shocks and especially that can withstand climate such as rain, snow, humidity and cold. Poor quality luggage will put its contents to the test.

Another important question is now available to you, what should you bring with you in your luggage?

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Adventurously yours,

The Eiken Team

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